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HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 62



⌚His Popular
Demand 💓💞
(Just us against the world)


Prudence’s pov:
I ran around the room packing the baby stuff.
There were two bags on the bed, one pink and the other blue and the maid helped me pull the things together.

I was about to apply lip gloss on my lips when I heard my babies – Aaron and Anna crying in unison.

They’re fu-king stubborn and pesky.
I can’t believe I ended up giving birth to two children. My first pregnancy resulted to two beautiful kids.

They’re just three months old though but their healthy and chubby.
Rodney walked in and carried Anna while I took Aaron.

“You look gorgeous” He beamed as he rocked Anna in his arms.

I smiled.

“You too” I muttered.

“Alright. Everything’s ready. Let’s go” he said and I nodded leaving the room with him.
We arrived at the church just in time to see Winter walk down the aisle in her beautiful dress.

Angelo looked a bit nervous but it all went well and soon, we moved over to the wedding reception.

The whole place was crowded with staffs from the hospital.
Winter and Angelo danced wonderfully while mom carried her little baby for her.

Isn’t it amazing??

Winter is just happy with the least person I imagined her to be with.

Lexi’s pov:.
I sat on the floor with bruises all over my face. It’s been hell in here. We’re been fed once in a day and it’s barely enough.
My big mouth got me into trouble and I was given the beating of my life.

I don’t want to experience such pains again.

I really just want to die that stay here with the unending thoughts that I’ll never see the beautiful world again nor enjoy it.

“Lexi…I came with the poison” I heard and I lifted my head to see the guard I had pleaded to get me poison.

I stood up feeling aches and pains all over my skin. My feet were wobbly but I managed to go to him.

“Do you really want to do this?” The guard asked and I nodded.

“My sister has abandoned me. What more do I have to live for?” I asked with a chuckle before taking the poison from him.

I drank all and waited for the toxic liquid to destroy my entire system.

It didn’t take long and I felt excruciating pains below my abdomen. I held onto my tummy and fell to the ground growing week. The prison guard left and I kept growling and panting.

I felt death knocking on my door and I accepted it with open arms.
Darkness over shadowed me.

Mr Michael’s pov
I walked around the prison yard full of regret and hurt.
This is the end of the road for me.

I’ve lost a good wife, daughters and friend.

Mr Carlson was a good friend but I let hatred consume me and I did the unspeakable to his son.

I sighed.
This life is meaningless for sure.

“Happy married life Prudence and Winter” I breathed with a burden deep at the depth if my soul.

I lost everything!!!

😍Author’s pov:
Prudence and Rodney raised their children with all the love they could offer and divorce was never an option.
Winter and Angelo’s romance was deeper and Winter by the Grace of God conquered Drug addiction.
Mrs Ruby tried to pull her life together and be happy again.
The cruel scientists who made the urge poison for mr Michael were all locked up.
And this is the end of this story.
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