HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 1

👑His Popular
Demand 🔞 💦
(Obsessed and addicted)

By:Faith Lucky

Rodney’s POV:
“Enough. I can’t take it anymore.. “Mandice groaned as I pump into her giving her the ride of her life.

Am ruthless when it comes to mating but I can’t help it. I end up leaving the lady unable to walk for days.
I wasn’t born like this. It’s not a course or anything. It just suddenly happened and I couldn’t control it.

I’ve been struggling with this quick horniness problem for about five years now. Since I was in high school.
It started a day after my 17th birthday and I could say that was the worst day of my life.

It was blur and I still couldn’t recall what really happened day. It was like the memory was buried somewhere in my mind.

After that day, I deflowered my girlfriend and many other girls at school. I was a complete playboy.
One minute am okay, the next my joystick gets hard and my eyes darkens. And the only thing to satisfy me is a p***y at a golden platter.

The more Mandice cried, the more I screwed the life out of her. The only support she had was the bed cause I was f*cking her from behind.
I don’t do missionaries. Doggy was quicker and gave me pleasure more.

She began grunting holding in the pain and pleasure. I hated that.
I pulled out a bit and went back into her, this time trusting and pounding with everything in me.

She burst out crying and yelling for me to stop.
“Oh God, please Rodney! I can’t die like this. “She cried as she sent her hands to her butt cheeks.

I smirked.

I felt my c*m building up.
Oh shit! Not now. H

I increased my tempo times hundred and at the last hit. I released the whole thing in her helplessly as the pleasure that followed was breathtaking.

Mandice moaned out slowly falling on the bed. She groaned holding her ass.
Her eyes were shut and she was acting like she was convulsing a bit.

I reached for my top and out in on before zipping up my pants.

“Rod… Rodney. “Mandice called softly still on the bed.

I glanced at her exposed v and felt irritated immediately. I felt like I was staring at something gross and disgusting.

I better get her out of here.

“Mandice stand up… Pull yourself together! “I jibed picking her thongs from the floor.

I threw it at her.

“Be quick. I want you out of here in 10 minutes! “I said coldly leaving the room.

Prudence’s pov:
I drove down the alley reaching for my house which was just a block away. I pulled over and got down fixing my hair.

Another stressful day at the hospital as a nurse. Well it’s worth it cause the Salary was enough and perfect.

Am Prudence. 21 and the sister to a pretty messed up girl. I live with my mom who had divorced my dad years ago. We were doing just fine without him.
We aren’t poor at all. More like a middle class family.

I walked into the house shutting the door.
The house was quiet and I could only hear our neighbor’s dog barking.

But then, I noticed the house wasn’t quiet at all.
I walked to my room and opened the door.

My eyes widened at what I saw.
Oh God.
What’s the meaning of this?

My sister was on the bed strip naked while some guy I’ve never seen before fed on her exposed v brutally.
The mindblowing part of it was, they were doing it on my bed for heaven’s sake!

My sister, Winter was holding onto my pillow as she moaned hysterically.
I held my chest in fright.

What happened to her room?

Anyways, I really didn’t blame her.
She’s a drug addict and does alot of crazy things.

I left the room shutting the door behind me.

It still marveled me. The shock was still there.
Am going to start locking my room before going to work from now on.

I sighed as I shut my eyes in shame.
My sister is pretty messed up.

Rodney’s pov:
After having a cold shower, I heard the door bell ring from downstairs and I had to go see with my towel tied round from my waistline.

I opened the door looking at mom as she wore a weird smiling face.

“Mom? What are you doing here? “I asked looking intently at her.

“Shut up you spoilt son of mine. You can’t even let me in! “She squealed walking past me into the penthouse.

I shut the door and turned to her.

“Have you ever looked at the side of your bed and ask; why am I so lonely? Or why isn’t there someone here with me? “She asked looking jittery.

I scoffed.
“No, i’ve never. “I replied coldly.

She chortled for a while.
“Don’t lie Rodney. “She said and laughed again.

“What’s this about mom? “I asked fed up with her company.

“Joke apart, we’ve found you a wife son!. “She announced.

What did she just say?
A wife?
Wife, wife??

She nodded.
“Prudence Sanchez… ”

Who else pities Prudence already? 🙆


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