HIS PERSONAL MAID … (18+) … Part 1

🌈🎲His personal maid🎲🌈

Genres: Hatred, romance, action


Grayraud Skoll is the heir to Cruisers Enterprise but he doesn’t like engaging in family business or meddling with the family’s affair because of his closest enemy, instead he sets up his own company that goes by the name Gray’s Empire the best and richest tech industry. He’s an introvert, fierce and strict demi god. Girls drool over him and ask if he’s human, never has he been seen with a lady, which made people believe he’s gay.
Maids never last long in his house, so when he visited his parents for the first time in 6 years sees his mum personal maid and decided that she will be his own personal maid, so she has to move into his house.

Oprah Hewitt, is a maid not just any maid but the most beautiful, favored and industrious maid in the Skoll’s Mansion. Oprah has experienced several heart breaks in the past and has closed her heart to love and men, which made her some sort of introvert. No one knows her true identity.

Who will the maid be?😒
What is Oprah’s true identity?😏
Will they fall in love? and if they do will there be any obstacle.

❄ ( Fierce and cold ) ❄

🔥Grayraud’s POV🔥
Good morning sir” all the maids in my mansion bowed and greeted me

I just ignored them because I don’t answer filthy greetings. I walked majestically to the dinning to have breakfast, while the maids dished out my food and the one with a cute face, wait did I just said that ?oh no what I meant was ugly face. No girl is beautiful they all live fake lifestyle in order to please men. She handed me my coffee, I spat it out because of too much milk and sugar.

All my servants are dumb, they can’t prepare my coffee the way I want. Though I have never told them what’s wrong with the coffee but I expect them to know at least with common sense

Butler Dennis, fire the fool that prepared this coffee.” I commanded and left for the office.

I arrived at my company, while one the guards opened the door for me, I stepped down from my car and headed to the reception for something when I caught one girl starring at me, should I say lustfully or she was just drooling.

I signaled for her to come, the staffs were surprised but still faced their work. The girl was behaving like a clown with her spaghetti leg

You work here? I asked with a stern face

Yes sir” she answered like a submissive wife at the same time smiling sheeplessly

Manager Nero” I Called. Immediately he was standing next to me

Fire this idiot” I commanded and went to my office.

One of my rules is that no female staff both at work and home should drool at my looks, because I detest it.

Despite the way I sack my staffs, people continue to apply because of the salary I pay them.

💂 Oprah’s POV 💂
Mum I have to do this, its for my good” I said frowning

I know you’ve passed a lot but that shouldn’t make you work as maid. If you insist on working, you can just work in any mall” my mum said

Mum, I appreciate but I don’t go back on my words. so I have to go, bye” I said and left for the Skoll’s mansion.

I arrived there, the mansion was huge but I don’t admire people’s properties that much. The bodyguards were just drooling, but with the way I loathe men, I don’t think I can even get married. I walked in and was introduced to a beautiful woman.

Good morning ma’am” I greeted

Good morning Oprah, I hope you didn’t have any trouble locating here? she asked

No ma’am” I replied

I was introduced to the other maids.

In just one day Grayraud has fired two of his workers 😂😂


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