HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 8



😈 Monica’s POV😈
I ran out of the hospital as fast as I could. I removed all the costume I wore, I threw the chemical in a far bush from the hospital.
The chemical is just to make Donald unconscious for 8 hours. Tho it would have side effects, I don’t care. He insulted me and he must suffer it.
I went to the back of the hospital to wash my hands and dispose my nose mask. I walked into the hospital triumphantly.
I will see how the Almighty Sharon won’t be chased out of this company after messing with the only heir of Mr king Smith.
Then I Monica will finally but the appointed nurse. I can’t wait to see Sharon in tears for what she did to me.Thanks to Don who gave me that Chemical.
I got to the passage of the hospital and saw the senior nurses running around looking really scared.
“What is going on?” I asked a senior nurse that was runnung towards me.
“Nurse Sharon’s parents have been poisoned with a deadly spray.” She said running away. I smriked wickedly.
I walked to Donald’s ward and I saw Sharon in tears close to Donald. She was restricted from coming close to him.
The doctor’s that operated on him looked like professionals. I became so happy seeing her that way.
I heard some people coming toward me and I looked to see Mr King running towards me with Frank and some other nurses. They had nose covers on.
“Give way.” He said angrily to me as I moved from the door. He ran in to where his son but was stopped by the doctors.
He looked so pained and I saw tears drop down his face. Frank stood outside close to me looking into the ward.
“Who is the bastard that did this to Sharon?” He said angrily.
“And how sure are you she didn’t plan this?” I asked raising my brows.
“Are you saying this Monica? Sharon is your friend, you know her better than anyone. She wibt never do that type of thing.” He said looking angry.
I was about replying when the door of the ward opened revealing Mr King and Sharon.
“Sir, I am sorry, I don’t know anything about this.” She said in great tears.
“Sharon, I know. I trust you, I called for you and you weren’t present during the incident. I know you are not the one.” Mr King said sadly.
“Thank you sir.” She said cleaning her tears. Mr King left us to his office in sadness.
“Sharon are you okay?” Frank asked looking at her. She nodded weeping silently.
“Sharon I am so so sorry for this. That person is so wicked.” I said moving close to her. She nodded and I pulled her into a hug smirking wickedly.
💞 Sharon’s POV💞
I couldn’t try thinking about the Pain Donald is right now. I left for just some few minutes and some bastard came to spray poison in his ward?
Who the hell could that be? I mean, I don’t think I have offended anyone. I sat in front of his new ward with Monica who kept consoling me.
“Thank God Mr King called me to his office that moment. Who knows, I may be in the same state as Donald. Or, better still lose my job.” I said to Monica sadly.
“Its okay Sharon. I know for sure that person will be caught.” She said tapping me.
“Thanks Monica. Now that person has automatically forced me to move in with Donald.” I said sighing.
“What??? You are moving in?” She asked in shock.
“Yes Monica, that was why Mr king called me into his office and I told him I would think about it. But now, no thinking I have to live with him. With that poison he has inhaled, he needs serious attention.” I said sighing again.
“What of your job?? Your other patients?” She asked again.
“Mr King is going to take care of that.” I said smiling.
“Ohhh I see.” She said raising her eye brows.
“Yes.” I replied standing up and looking into the ward at Donald who was sleeping soundly.
“Sharon, I am sorry about the way I behaved earlier. I wasn’t in my right senses, can we be friends again?” She asked standing behind me as she looked into the ward too.
“Monica, you will always be my friend no matter the issues we have. I am happy we are back to normal.” I said smiling as I faced back to hug her tight.
“I need to attend to my patient now.” She said disengaging from the hug.
“Okay dear. I will go in to meet Donald too.” I said smiling. I kissed her goodbye before entering the ward.
I walked to where he slept and I couldn’t help the tears that rolled down my cheeks.
“I am sorry, I shouldn’t have left you here.” I said in tears as I felt guilt overwhelm me. He looked so handsome in his sleep and it was do hard to believe he really had kidney cancer.
I held his hand examining his whole body and it seemed stable. Suddenly, he opened his eyes tiredly.
“Mr Donald.” I caldd happily. Finally my handsome patient opened his eyes. He looked around the ward like he was confused.
“Please relax your brain for now.” I said touching his forehead.
“A new ward.” He said tiredly.
“Yes, but you will be out soon. We will be treated properly at home by me, I will be moving in with you.” I said and I saw his eyes widen.


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