HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 6



🌹 Sharon’s POV🌹
I walked into Mr Donald ward in anger, and I was so happy to know that his father wasn’t there anymore. I would be able to talk some sense and manners into his arrogant but handsome brain.
“Mr Donald I am sorry to say this but what happened earlier wasn’t right at all” I said standing beside his bed and folding my hands under my b**bs.
He looked away from his phone to me staring at me and I suddenly felt uncomfortable but I shrugged it off.
“Your words were really hurting, they weren’t nice at all. She was only trying to help the preoccupied me, she was nice enough” I said when I noticed he wasn’t planning to reply.
He kept staring at me and I was forced to wonder why. I traced his gaze and it landed right on my chest.
My mouth curved into an “ohh” immediately I saw that. I dropped my hands and moved from beside his bed pretending to be checking his drip.
“Don’t you dare talk to me in that manner again. If it wasn’t for my health, you would have been dead by now” he said coldly sending shivers all over me.
I looked at him in anger, how dare him threaten his nurse. Doesn’t he know I am capable of killing him with just an injection.
“I talked like that to her because I don’t want her to be my nurse” he said rolling his eyes as he kept looking into his phone.
“She is equally good as me” I replied standing akimbo.
“No she isn’t” he said looking at me from head to toe. I sighed shaking my head and sat on the chair beside him.
“Well, I won’t be here at night with you. I will be going home, I will make sure you a stable and then I will appoint a Junior male nurse to look over you during the night” I said picking up my book on the drawer.
“What? So you will leave me here at night! Which nurse does that?” He asked angrily.
“This is the normal protocol Mr Donald, and you can’t change that” I said feeling angry already. I don’t get angry easily but he is pushing me to the wall.
I saw him put his phone on his ear and I knew he was calling someone. I rolled my eyes and kept reading my book. He thinks he is god and can let everything work to his favour, so arrogant 😠.
“Father nurse Sharon is trying to kill me” he said pretending to gasps for air. I jumped up from my chair in shock rushing to reach for his phone, and before I could take it he hung up.
“Why will you say that to your father, do you want me to lose my job?!” I yelled angrily. He smirked wickedly at me.
“I don’t care. I told you to watch how you talk to me” he said facing his phone.
I was about replying him when the door flung open and Mr King ran to meet Donald.
“Donald are you okay?” He asked him before looking at me with an expression I couldn’t phantom.
“Father I am not fine” he replied pretending to be sick. His father checked him, his pulse, heartbeat.
“But you are stable” he said looking at him.
“Dad ask the nurse you gave me what she said” he replied pointing at me and smirking wickedly.
“Sharon what happened?” His father asked calmly.
“Thank you sir. I just told him I won’t be around at night, that I was going to appoint a younger nurse to look after him” I said shooting Donald a deadly look.
“Donald is that what happened?” He asked looking at him.
“Of course. Isn’t that enough to kill me? What if she leaves me and the next minutes my health starts misbehaving in a way that the junior nurse won’t be able to correct?” He said widening his eyes.
“Donald!” His father called in frustration.
“Father if she leaves me and I die, it is your faults” he said pointing to Mr king and I.
🌻 Donald’s POV 🌻
“Donald common you can’t die. Look she needs to rest too” Father said sitting close to me. I looked at her narrowing my eyes.
“Do you really want to leave me for one minute” I asked smiling sweetly. She stared at me speechless and my dad watched our drama.
“You see dad, she doesn’t want to leave me” I said smirking at her.
“I need to rest too. You don’t accept me to stay here 24hours” she said rolling her eyes. I was about talking when a young man barged in.
He looked handsome but trust me not as handsome as I am.
“Oh am sorry to barge in” he said bowing slightly in front of dad.
“Its okay Frank. I was about leaving” My dad said and stood up.
“Dad are you leaving me?” I asked annoying.
“I have things to do. Sort yourselves” he said and walked out.
“Hi” Frank said to Sharon.
“Hi” she replied coldly sitting on the chair close to me as I watched both of them like I was watching a movie.
“I looked for you all over the hospital but I couldn’t find you. So Monica told me you will be here” he said smiling.
“You don’t need to look for me” she replied with her gaze still glued to the book in her hands.
“You want to talk to you” he said moving close to her.
“I don’t want to talk!!” She yelled angrily.
“Ouch” I said smirking and he looked at me in annoyance.


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