HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 21




🌻 Donald’s POV🌻

I felt a liquid drop on my face as my eyes were shut. I opened my eyes gradually, my vision was first blurry but soon it became clear.

I saw Sharon crying profusely, her eyes were shut and she held my hand to her chest.

“Sharon.” I called almost like a whisper. She opened her eyes instantly to look at me.

“Donald!” She called kissing me. Her tears were on my face, I closed my eyes kissing her back. That is kinda surprising.

She disengaged smiling widely.

“Are you hurting?” She asked happily.

“Yeah, I feel a little pain in my head.” I said looking around the ward. Then I saw Monica and Frank staring at us from outside the door.

I saw Monica fuming in anger, same as Frank. What is wrong with them?

“Am sorry for yelling at you.” She said as tears dropped from her face.

“Sharon I told you, you affect me when you cry.” I said smiling.

“It is all my fault. I should have stayed with you, I shouldn’t have gone.” She added trying not to burst into tears.

“Sharon please stop it, it is not your fault. I got you angry.” I said touching her cheeks.

“I will never leave you again.” She said hugging me.

“Sharon C’mon, you are a nurse. Once I am healed you will leave me to take care of others so stop making fake promises.” I said rubbing her hair.

“Donald I swear, I will not leave you again.” She said staring into my eyes.

“Why are you saying this?” I asked narrowing my eyes.

“Because.. Because..” She stammered. The door flung up and father rushed in running to me.

“Donald are you okay?” He asked looking at me.

“I am fine father.” I replied smiling.

“Sharon how did this happen? Where were you?” He asked sadly facing Sharon. I saw fear written all over her.

“Father it is my fault, I slipped and fell.” I said holding Sharon’s hand.

“Hmmm Sharon meet me in my office.” He said, he gave me a last look before walking out. I could see a smile on Monica’s face. B**CH!

“Sharon don’t worry, nothing will happen.” I said looking at her.

“Mr Smith is really angry with me, Oh God help me.” She said breathing heavily.

“Sharon trust me, he is my father okay?” I said giving her a reassuring smile. She nodded and kissed my forehead before walking out.

I closed my eyes to rest my head a little when I heard foot steps close to me. I opened my eyes to see Monica smiling widely at me.

“Hi” she said.

“Hi” I replied coldly.

“How are you feeling now?” She asked grinning.

“I guess you heard everything that we have been saying here.” I replied looking away.

“C’mon Donald, can’t you be nice to me for once?” She asked sadly.

“My spirit doesn’t go with you at all, so I can’t be nice to you. Please leave now, I need to rest.” I said shutting my eyes.

I heard her sob silently beside me and I felt anger in me.

“Monica get out!” I said almost in a yell.

“I will make you love me!” She smacked before storming out. Such a big fool!!

🌹 Sharon’s POV🌹

“Mr Smith” I called walking close to him in his office.

“Sharon I am so sad right now.” He said pointing to the seat in front of him.

“Sir I am sorry for what happened.” I said sitting on the chair.

“The doctors report to me that his cancer has upgraded to another dangerous level.” He said sadly.

“Oh My God!” I exclaimed as tears heat up my eyes.

“It was made know that he didn’t take his drugs at the right time yesterday.” He said.

“Yesterday?” I asked trying to recall.

“He uses his drugs 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm. So he skipped one of these yesterday or even all.” He said looking into a pamphlet.

God!! He didn’t use his medications when I went to see Frank. Oh No why!!!

“Mr Smith, I am sorry. Truly he skipped one of the medications. Please what do we do now?” I asked fearfully.

“He is going to be given another medication, and ones he skips just one he will have to be given a transplant.” He said sadly.

“Oh no, he won’t miss any, I will make sure he doesn’t.” I said nodding.

“Good, and thank you Sharon for everything. He is my only son.” He said smiling.

“He is my responsibility, nothing will happen to him.” I said standing up.

“I will take my leave now.” I said walking out of his office.

I got out to see Monica at the door.

“Hey.” She said smiling.

“What are you doing here?” I asked in surprise.

“I was just passing, Sorry for the other time. I was paranoid.” She said holding my hands.

“Its okay, I understand you.” I said smiling.

“So what did Mr King say?” She asked nervously.

“Don’t worry Monica, it is under control.” I said walking away.

I didn’t understand why she reacted that much when she heard about Donald, and Frank’s statement still bothers me.

I think I need to give Monica some gap, she is acting so strange nowadays. I even caught her fuming in anger while I kissed Donald.

I don’t want her to know anything about Donald anymore, she should mind her business.

I got into the ward to see Donald still laying on the bed, his eyes were shut. I ran to him in fear to check if he was still breathing.

I saw he was breathing and I sighed in relieve. He opened his eyes slowly to look at me and I smiled at him.

“You wanted to say something before father called you.” He said grinning.

“Never mind.” I replied brushing his cheeks with my palm.


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