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??❤️His kids mother ??❤️
?who is she? ?

~written by Blinky

?Chapter Nine

?Scarlet pov ?
Luckily, Dolly and Jayden didn’t stay back for their extra moral lesson at school. They came back in time, just when anxiety was eaten me alive.

Time was running out.

“Dolly , you have to give me the key to the diamond. “I said immediately I entered her room.

“What? What diamond are you talking about? “She asked sitting up on her bed.

“Stop playing with me Dolly . I know about the diamond you hid in the dark room at the end of the hall. It’s your mother’s own isn’t it? ”

“That diamond is mine. My mom knew she could trust no one else so she gave it to me. “She defended.

“Your dad’s life is in danger.”

She scoffed.
“Why should I care? That man never cared about Jayden and I. The only thing that has kept him from kicking us out of the house is because of grandma. ”

“So, you’re willing to see him die? “I asked suprised.

“I would pay to watch him die. “She jibed.

“Did your mom tell you the diamond was stolen? ”

“No. She didn’t. She said its hers. She said she earned it. ”

How could Juli lie about the diamond?

“Wait a minute, how did your mother die? ”

“She was sick. Poisoned. “She said as some tears soaked her cheeks.

This is mind-blowing! I was told Juli shot herself so she wouldn’t disclose the location of the diamond.
Now, Dolly tells me she died from being poisoned. Injected perharps.

The secret billionaire lied to me?
The diamond is not his…?

Am so confused with this new things am finding.
What do I do?
I don’t want White dead.

It’s hard to admit but I love him.. Too much.

I left Dolly’s room for White.

He was still in the shower when I arrived. I had to sit and wait for him.

So much was on my mind.

How do I get out of this?

The bathroom door opened and White stepped out.
I quickly covered my eyes.
What I just saw was finger licking!

His whole body was wet and the way his waistline was slightly exposed and his chest..
Look what late Juli left behind?

I didn’t want to get h*rny just at a mere sight of his body. I’ve never felt like this but the feeling was feisty.

I heard him chuckle and I brought down my hands.

“Is anything wrong? What did those kids do? “He asked coming close.

I took my eyes away from his lips which looked yummy too.

“N.. Nothing. “I mumbled. What am I saying?

I stood up.
“When you’re… Done erm.. Dressing. Please, come to my room instead. “I said looking at him like a bloating goat.

I wasn’t sure I would talk to him with his body staring hungrily at me.

He smirked.

I stuttered out of the room.


After minutes, White came to my room. He was in his top and pants. So handsome.

I scratched my neck side then rubbed it nervously as I narrated the whole thing.
I had to tell him.
Cause I loved him and for his own safety.

I told him how I met the secret billionaire.
What he told me about Juli .
I told him my motive for coming into his life.

I felt so guilty telling him everything.

“Am sorry White. My intentions weren’t true. I was just after the diamond. “I concluded.

He stared at me speechless for a while before pulling me into a hug.
I started sobbing immediately out body came in contact. He kissed me roughly on the lips and I wished he’d never stop.

“Why didn’t you let Raphael kill me? “He asked…

“I don’t know. I just didn’t want to loose you. “I said.

I find it hard to express myself.
It’s always like a burden.

“Looks like I don’t want to loose you too. Raphael is a friend. He used to be Juli friend too. But then, I once suspected they were having an affair but I didn’t care cause I had already filed a divorce before… Then she died. “He said and sighed.

“I never loved Juli and neither have I felt a thing for anyone. Ever. Juli got pregnant with Jayden and I was forced to marry her by mom. *he said.

I looked up at him shocked.

“I can’t loose you White . What do I do? “I muffled.

He kissed me again as both his hands cupped my cheeks.

Does this mean he have a solution??



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.