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??❤️His kids mother ??❤️
?who is she? ?

~written by Blinky ~

?Chapter Seven

?Scarlet pov ?
I thought about the information I got from Jayden properly. Dolly hates me. I can’t just go to her and make her tell me theme truth.

I’ll wait
I will befriend her and help her out and when am in good terms with her, I’ll start the questioning.

But first, I need to check what’s behind the door she went into.

I found myself staring at the door of the room Dolly entered that night. What could be behind it?
My phone rang and I looked into it. It was the billionaire.

I couldn’t wait to hear his sexy voice again. I picked up immediately.

“And.. “He asked.

Not even a greeting!

“Our top suspect is Dolly . On Jayden’s birthday, she had Jayden tattooed a diamond on his neck. I’ll find out more after I see what’s behind this door… “I said and hung up.

I opened the door and popped in my head.
The room was just empty but I knew empty isn’t really empty. I looked around for any form of opening or underground passage. I hit my hand on a rock and it went back. I turned my back to see the Diamond staring at me.

Oh heavens!
I was right. Dolly knew about this. I approached it and tried to open the transparent glass box it was in. It won’t open. I had to use a key to unlock it!

This is good news…
I’ll just wait till after the weekend, when Dolly is in school so I can search her room and find the key.

I get it open and am out of hear clean and without any emotions. I’ll now seize my chance with the billionaire.

It’s my dream to be with him…

I was in my room after dinner just biting my finger nails. A knock came on the door and opened afterwards. It was White.
He came into the room with a box in his hand. He handed it to me.

“I got you this on my way back. “I opened it.

Good lord!
It was a golden necklace. Spotless and brand new.
White really got me a breathtaking gift. But why?
I hope he isn’t indirectly paying me back for the night we had.

“Thanks. “I muttered gazing at the bed.

I couldn’t look at him again. He had this spark inbetween his eyes and he looked extra handsome!

I couldn’t compare him with the billionaire.
I didn’t want to.

“If you need anything… Ask me. I’ll get it for you asap. You deserve more, for being an honest mom to my kids. “I nodded with a smile.

He left afterwards.
I felt my heart racing.
Oh goodness!
What am I getting myself into?
Does love at first sight exist?
Oh White , don’t make me fall for you. I raked my hair pissed off.
The mixed feelings were killing.

Huh, why did I go to his room in the first place?

Days passed and I finally got to check Dolly’s room. Through out the weekend, I took them to a concert and we also went to the movies.we were closer now and I could say friends.

I went into her room and ran through her things. I spent two good hours searching for the key.i didn’t find it so I had to put everything else back together.

I turned to see White by the door watching me. I flinched.

“How are you?”he asked showing me that sexy smile of his.

I rubbed my hand against the other.
” Am okay. “I muttered.

“You’ve been pretty much occupied with the kids you don’t pay attention to me..”he said .

“Why do you care? Am not here for you, am here for them. “I replied trying to hold back my urge to kiss him at the moment.

“Am jealous if you must know… “He said stepping into the room.
He held my hand taking us out of the room.
He pinned me back at the wall beside Elena’s door.

“White !?”I gasped.

He was about to kiss me. I wanted this….

Suddenly the maid showed up.

“Am sorry to intrude but there’s someone here to see you,miss Scarlet . “She said.

Who could it be?
It’s only the secret billionaire knows am in this place.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.