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???His kids Mother??❤️
?who is she??

~written by Blinky

?Chapter Four

?Scarlet pov ?

I wondered what she was doing behind that door. I tip toed to it and looked through the keyhole.
The room was dark and empty. I couldn’t see anything at all.

I tried to open the door. Damn it! It was locked. I made a U turn back to my room. I was curious and found it all strange.

Did I really see her or was I hallucinating?

I got on the bed and slept off.
How strange. . .


I got up early thanks to my alarm clock. I made breakfast for everyone with the help of the maid.

After a while, Jayden and Dolly came down the stairs arguing and laying curses on each other.

“… Well you keep your filthy self away from me!!! “Dolly yelled.

“If am filthy, then you are stinky and ugly. “Jayden threw back.

“Oh, really? Say that one more time and you’ll see how a stinky girl really acts..!! “Dolly half yelled and before my very eyes, the two began yelling and exchanging words loudly.

This two… Cat’s and dogs.

I banged my hand on the table and they both kept shut looking at me.

“Enough of that nonsense, you two! “I said sternly. “One more word from your trap, you’ll both walk to school. ”

Dolly’s mouth dropped.

“You can’t do that! You have no right. “She retorted.

“Try me. Now sit down and have your breakfast! “I ordered them.

?White pov ?
I was in my room listening to the noise downstairs. I chuckled . the new mom hasn’t seen anything.

My children are monsters. She’ll regret being so confident.

In less than 10 seconds, the ranting died down. She actually stopped them from their fights… I was amazed.


After a while, I came downstairs.

Scarlet was standing by the kitchen table backing me.

What is it with this lady and her big booty? Always gets me everytime I set my eyes on them.

What if I actually got a chance to ride her. I bet she’ll be great inside just like she looks outside.

I was already hard on and the only thing that crossed my mind was going to meet some of my bitches to screw.

She turned and saw me.

“It’s weird catching you staring at my behind.”she said smirking.

“Staring at what? That? What’s that? It’s as flat as a pancake. “I said and scoffed.

Am obviously lying to myself.
Her ass was perfect and tempting.

“If they’re as Flat as a pancake you should stop staring then! “She lashed out.

“Whatever, I need to go somewhere… Expect me… Probably after dinner. “I said verbally.

“Oh I see. You got horny while staring at my butt and now you want to go find a whore.. “She smirked.

I looked blankly at her.
She’s quite clever.

I scoffed.
“You think so dirty Scarlet . That’s so bad of you! I just wanted to go get something from the office. Besides, my sex life doesn’t concern you. “I said throwing my face away.

She rolled her eyes.
“Go do whatever you want. Just know… God is watching you. “She said and fear gripped me a bit.
She looked serious.

God is watching me… I know that but is he watching me when I mate?
Oh my! I never thought of that.
Anyway, am not going to let Scarlet kill my vibes right now.

I left the Mansion with my car keys in my hand.


I went into the hotel room. She was just wearing her p*nt. Hmm, just what I wanted to see.

“You got horny fast. I thought I wouldn’t see you for the next one week. “My b*tch, Vanessa groaned with her cute laugh.

I shrugged before pulling her close to me. I breath roughly as I got her on the bed climbing on top of her.
She spread her legs waiting for me to come in to her. I tore her undie with so much lust.
It’s gonna be a long day.

?Jayden’s pov ?
It was lunch time at school. I ribbed my hands against each other as I was a bit nervous. There is this Teen gang at school that I really want to join. Mostly because these boys always get respected and famous and especially girls love them.

I would anything to join them cause I feel like that is the only way I could actually build my own Empire.

I was asked to meet them today for my so called initiation.
I wonder what task they’d give me to do.

I would do it, anything they asked of me but am just hoping it won’t be something dangerous.

I grabbed my bag pack and walked to the place where they normally hung out-The Gym hall.

Their leader was Zac. He’s 15,a year older than me.
I admire him cause he’s brave and bad ass at fighting. He even fights with seniors and leave them bleeding.

I took a deep breath before going into the gym. I met them, Five of them sitting together. They smirked on seeing me.

“Here comes the dork! “Lawrence, the most insulting boy among them hissed.

I pretended I didn’t hear the asshole and stopped standing Infront of them.

Zac looked intently at me for a while and smiled.
“There’s something about this boy I like. And the tattoo is making me mesmerized the more. “He stated.

Lawrence scoffed looking at me with those evil eyes of his.

“We’ll let you into our team only if you prove yourself. “Zac said after a while.

My heart beat increased though I didn’t want it to. These are my fellow boys. I didn’t have to fear them.

“We have one task for you Jay. Do it and you get your gadgets and join the gang.. “Zac said as he got down from where he sat and came to me.

He dropped his hand around my shoulder.

“What task? “I asked.

He smirked.
“It’s simple,. . . Get me a nude photo of your new hired mom… “He grinned.


This kid is just 15 years oo ?
Will Jayden do it?


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