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🌺💄❤️His kids mother 🌺💄❤️
💖who is she? 💖

~written by Blinky

🎑Chapter Three

🍒Scarlet pov 🍒

I watched him drink from the glass and I pictured myself dancing in my mind.
Sensitive indeed.

He dropped the glass on the desk beside him. I smirked with my arms folded.

“Now leave. Go do something mothers do. “He said brusquely.

I shrugged and walked out of the office.
White is such a bossy head and am guessing he’s lazy too.

He might be a tough ball to crack.

🍒Dolly’s pov 🍒
I laid on my bed with my headphone on my head. I was listening to Shayne ward’s new single and it’s pretty dope. I couldn’t get enough of it.

I heard a knock on my door but I ignored it. It came on again then I raised my head looking at the mirror beside my bed.

It was the new annoying mom.
What does she want now?

I ignored her again.
Smack! my silver flat shoe landed on my head. It was on the floor a minute ago.

I turned to stare at her, furious.

“What the hell was that for?!! “I half yelled fixing my hair.
I removed the headphone from my ears.

“I remember giving you and your brother orders to be at the dinning exactly after 30 minutes.

“Why are you still here and why is your room still messy? “She asked sternly.

i rolled my eyes.
“The maid’s gonna do it. This is my father’s house and I suppose you can’t treat me like a slave. “I blurted taking my shoes from the bed and dropping it at the floor.

“Get yourself at that dinning, now! “She ordered.

I snubbed her completely and faced my laptop, putting my headphone back where it was on my head.

Stupid mom.
I scoffed.

“Ouch! “Escaped from my lips as I felt her grab me by my ears dragging me up from my bed.

She pulled me by the ear down the stairs.
Nobody has ever done this to me before!

“Ouch.. Ouch.. Ouch.. “I winced endlessly.

Her grip was painful and strong and all I had to do in order to stop my ear from ripping off was to follow her.

We arrived at the dinning and she let go.
I sniffed as a tear escaped from my eye and rolled down my cheek.

She’s such a wicked mom.

“Stay put. Am going to go get your brother. “She chipped and left.

I wiped the tear off my eye but surprisingly, more followed.

🍒Scarlet pov 🍒
I stood by Jayden’s door looking into his open room. He was on his study desk tapping on his laptop. There were two other laptops on his bed.

I was gobsmacked as I realized how neat and coordinated his room seemed to be.
But it wasn’t this neat earlier. He actually followed my orders and arranged it or probably he was going to do it whether I asked him or not.

My eyes dilated in curiousity as I stared at the tattoo on his neck.

He must know something…
But however did a 14 year old gain access to a tattoo artists?

I cleared my throat walking into his room before he catches me snooping.

He turned to look at me and his blue spicy eyes bored into mine.

i was forced to speak before he thinks am a weirdo.

“Dinner is ready. Come with me. “I said.

“Tell the maids to bring ’em here. “He jibed and shut his laptop.

“No, you’re going to have dinner with everyone else and that’s final. “I said a bit enraged.

“Make me. “He said enthusiastically and stood up from his chair.
He walked to his bed and sat on it looking at me with those innocent but deadly eyes..

I see a play boy in his future.
Just that look was enough to get a girl weak on the knees but not me. Those looks doesn’t fool me.

He said I should make him.

Oh God, forgive me for what am about to do. 🙏

I walked to him and pulled him up. Before he could react, I gave him an extremely tight wedgy (pulled his white underwear up from the back at an extremely high height.)
He groaned and strained.

“what are you doing, you motherfu….. Alright, alright! Stop!!! “He yelped.

I let him go and tapped on his shoulder.

“I won’t wait for long. “I said glaring at him before going out of his room.

Being a mom is fun!

🍒White pov 🍒
I was waiting by my room for my dinner to be brought at my room but it wasn’t. I grit my teeth pretty annoyed.

What’s taking that annoying maid, Helena and Scarlet so long?

I was a bit famished.

I hated this. I called on for the kitchen but they weren’t picking up.
This left me with a hard choice.
I have to go downstairs and inquire.

I walked past the dinning and halted at my step. I looked back, did I just see that?
Do I need some glasses or am I hallucinating??

It was Scarlet sitting comfortably with Jayden and Dolly eating.

The peace.
Why were they eating in peace?
Dolly and Jayden should have turned the dinning upside down by now and must have been prepared to cut themselves up on pieces.

Scarlet is actually doing it.. Or did she bribe them?

I approached them.

Wow.. There was food dished out for me separately. How did she know I was coming?

I took my seat infront of the meal and just as I touched the fork, all eyes turned on me. Dolly’s eyes was the scariest. It was red and I thought she must have cried or something.

They turned back to their food.

This was the first time in like five years am sitting together to eat with my kids.
I didn’t know how I felt and I guess it meant nothing to them.


After the quiet dinner we had, I returned to my room and quickly headed for the bathroom to get ready for the night.

I turned on the cold shower and began bathing.

🍒Scarlet pov🍒
“Am a mom, not a wife. “I said repeatedly to myself as I had the urge to go and spend the night in White room.

If I must get close to him, I need to be super close to him.
But this a task am afraid of. I just have to lay things low I guess.

I turned off the lifhtsrand laid on the bed.
Just when I was about to close my eyes, I heard a noise: a quiet sound.

I was suspicious at once and the thought of going back to sleep vanished completely. What was that???
Was it White late wife, Juli’s ghost?
I pulled the blanket up so it would cover half of my body.

I heard a foot step. I couldn’t take it anymore!
I turned on the lights and left the room. I followed the sound…

My eyes caught someone in a nightdress running past the hallway.

I was scared to the bones but I kept moving forward.

I followed up and as I was about to take the route to the other side of the mansion, I saw the person.

It was…. Dolly???

She looked around before opening up a door and going through it…

What is my little fake-daughter here up to??



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