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??❤️His kids mother ??❤️
?who is she? ?

~written by Blinky ~


?Scarlet pov?
I entered his house with my heart in my hand. I was scared and nervous at the same time.

Can I really do this?

I toughened up.
I can do this…

Dad was on his rock chair patting his cat. He looked up and on seeing me, he smiled.

“Scarlet , how are you?”he asked.

I rushed to him and hugged him tightly.
“Oh dad, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you.”

He chuckled.

“Dad… There is someone I’ve found that I want to marry. I remember you said I should come and visit you when I found the one. But am curious dad, is he the one?

“He has two kids and is very handsome. Rich and kind.”I muffled.

Dad smiled.
“Relax my dear. Let’s put him to the test, you’ll stay here with me till it’s late. If he doesn’t call or come, that means he’s still able to live without you. That means he’s comfortable knowing you’re away”dad said.

. I nodded.

“Okay dad. Let’s test White. But for the mean time, where’s mom?”I asked.

“Out to meet a friend of hers.”he said.

I nodded.
I couldn’t stop thinking about White
Am sure he’ll call, am sure he would.

?… Minutes later… ?

It wasn’t up to 30 minutes and a big flashy car drove into dad’s compound!
It was White.
He got down and I ran to him.

Dad watched in awe.

“You weren’t picking your calls. I called you like 10 times and you weren’t picking so I tracked you down… Scarlet , what happened? “He explained and asked holding me close by my waist.

I blushed.

I kissed him feeling his warmness.

He cut the kids and looked up.
“Where are my manners?”he asked leaving me and going to dad.

He greeted him and they began talking.
I was more than happy, White passed dad’s test.

I was glad.

He’s the right man.

?A week later?

?Clover’s pov?
I stood before the TV reading White and Scarlet wedding invitation card. I was able to get it from the nurse.

They are getting married!
My plane failed completely.

There’s no need staying here.
If I give birth to this baby here and White finds out the baby is not his, he’ll hurt me for sure.

I was scared and perturbed.

I quickly packed my things as fast at lightening.
The nurse wasn’t around.

I took all the cash I had before going out the building.

I stopped a cab and went in with my things.

“The airport please.”I said to the driver who sped off.

I’ll be back Scarlet and I’ll hurt you so bad you won’t know what hit you.

?Scarlet pov?
“What? She ran away.”I half yelled quite suprised.

White just said his nurse called and that she couldn’t find Clover.

“This means the baby’s not mine.. She was lying. “White said.
“She left cause she knew she’d be in trouble if she puts to birth and the baby’s not mine. ”

I smiled a bit.

It has finally been cleared out. White is innocent.

Dolly ran into the kitchen.

“What’s going to be my gift?! “She asked.

I furrowed my brows.
“Gift?”I asked amused.

She nodded and showed me the paper she was holding.
My eyes nearly popped out.

I was staring at a real B+.
Dolly got B+ in English.

That’s the first time she’s getting such an excellent result.

I hugged her tightly and she giggled.
“I did it mom! “She squealed.

“Whoa, good job honey”White said and patted her hair.

Her mood changed a bit to a frown.
But to my suprise, she turned and hugged White tightly and soon she began crying.

This is touching to watch.

“I love you dad.. “She murmured still crying.

“Love you too Dolly”White replied her but she couldn’t stop crying more.

What if I never came into their life as a ‘hired’ mom, Jayden and Dolly would grow up hating their dad. They might even work together and murder him…

Jayden walked past the kitchen and our eyes met.

He turned to leave but I called him back.

“Jayden! “I called getting down from the stool.

I ran to Jayden and held him.

“It’s been long since we saw each other Jay. What’s going on? How are you? “I asked him.

“Let’s talk in my room.”he muffled, his voice sounding bitter.


We got to his room and he told me everything that happened with Alma.

He sounded so broken and hurt.

“You’re too young to be hurt like this Jay. You have to let go off those feelings and emotions and throw them away Jay… “I said softy.

“I’ve tried mom… It hurts so much.”he said with a shaky voice.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you feel better and forget this hurtful and burdening feeling.. “I said.

He nodded and covered his eyes with his palm.

My poor boy…

I pulled him into a hug and he sniffed.


Scarlet and White welcomed their first baby together – Twins, a boy and a girl a year later. They were very cute and adorable.

Dolly kept perfecting in English and later selected to go for an international competition with other schools. She comes first which marveled everyone. Who knew she had it in her?

Jayden’s normal again and is living a happy life as a new girl enters her class and they both have a strong friendship ?
He leaves the gang team he joined earlier.
He finds out being bad is a choice and you can say no to it.

The Enemies threats – Clover and Raphael’s threats were all in vain.

You can as well say, They lived happily ever After…

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?Moral lesson clearly states that: Everybody have a role to play in this messy world of ours. Find yours and add a meaning to someone’s life ???

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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.