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??❤️His kids mother ??❤️
?who is she? ?

~written by Blinky

?Chapter Twelve

?White POV?
“Scarlet , I swear, I discarded her from my life since that night.”I said.

She folded her arms looking angry.
“It doesn’t matter now. She has your baby. “She said angrily.

“I’ll handle her, I’ll buy an apartment for her in one of the estates down town so she’ll be far from us.”I said.

She nodded.
“Okay fine. Do that quickly.”

I smiled and kissed her.
“I love you… “I muffled.

?Clover’s POV?
I was in the kitchen when Dolly came in and just greeted me heading for the fridge.

“Are you back from school? “I asked.
She shrugged.
“No, am about going.. “She muttered like she was angry or something.
Juli’s kids sure have some nerve and it looks like they’re worse much more than before.
“What happened to all the maids? I can remember vividly there were about 10 maids here last time I came.”I queries.
She scoffed.
“We have a mom now. They were fired.”Dolly said taking out a plate of ice cream from the fridge.
“Wow, can I have some ice cream too?”I asked
“Unfortunately this is the only ice cream in the fridge.”she said.
I furrowed my brows.
Nothing ever runs out in White house. He’s a billionaire. Very wealthy and everything is bought in bulk.
I went to the fridge and opened it. There were about five more plates of ice cream. Dolly lied, why?
“Why did you lie to me Dolly ? “I asked suprised.
“Am not happy with you, you got pregnant for my dad.. I don’t like you for that aunt Clover… Infact I hate you! You’ll now be a problem to my dad and Scarlet . Remove that baby aunt, just leave us and get away from here. “She said in fury.
I gasped this girl has such nerves.

“What’s going on here Dolly ? Apologize to her. Don’t be rude and say bad things.. “The lady, Scarlet said walking in.
“Am not apologizing. I meant what I said. “Dolly sneered.
“Com’on Dolly, she has your baby brother in her. Would you have liked it if your mother thought of aborting you? “Skyler asked her.
Dolly shook her head slowly and she turned to me.
“Am sorry aunt Clover.”she muttered before leaving with her ice cream.
That brat!
Am gonna teach her a lesson for being so judgy and rude.
“Don’t let her words get to you dear. Every child is a blessing.. “Scarlet said coming close to me.

I scoffed.
“Stop trying to act friendly b*tch! I know you’re the one that sent Dolly to say those mean things to me! Well here’s the news… White and I are going to join hands and raise this baby in me! So you better stay clear and leave him now before you’ll end up broken hearted.” I said to her grinning.

“Keep day dreaming you slut! “She snarled before walking away.

Oh, she has some nerves.

Soon White walked into the kitchen.
“What are you doing here Clover? “He asked.

I smiled wryly.
“Just came to drink water.. “I said trying to touch him.
He shrugged my hands off.

“Your luggage is already in the car outside. Come with me.. ”

“What? Where to? “I asked.

“Where you’ll be staying till you give birth. I’ll hire a nurse to be with you and a maid. “He said.

What the crap is he saying?
He’s ruining my plans…

“How can you do this White ? Am carrying your child for peace sake! Have you no conscience? “I bursted out faking tears.

“Wait, what do you expect? That I’ll marry you? It doesn’t work that way Clover. My kids don’t want you here, nobody does and most of, I don’t want you here and if I remember correctly, I wore protection before I penetrated into you.

“So, if you want to prove yourself, let’s wait for the baby to come.. “He said angrily.

Oh God!
Why does White have to be so smart.
My plan is ruined.

Am hopeless!

He gripped me by my hand and pulled me out.

“Don’t do this White. Pity your child”I said begging him.

He ignored me and forced me into the car.

Oh no!

?Jayden’s POV?
I was bitter and angry when I got home. I locked myself up in my room enduring the pains I felt after Alma betrayed my like for her and liked someone else.

From today on words, I’ll never like a girl again.

They’ll just leave you in the dust and like someone else who doesn’t deserve them.

I’ll no longer show love to anyone.
It’s a choice I must make.

I took my phone playing a game and trying to get sobber.

?White POV?
I walked into Scarlet room and met her reading a book.
She smiled on seeing me and I came close to her.

“It’s not yet time for bed so why are you here? “She asked shutting her book.

“Am here cause I love you Scarlet . “I said and kissed her neck biting her softly.
I nuzzled her for a while thinking of the right words to say…

“Scarlet , there is something I want to ask you… “I muffled going on my knees before her and circle my hands round her waist..

“Go ahead… “She muttered.

“Uh.. Okay. I was once a lonely deserted and angry widower before you came into my life. And I have to admit it, you’re the best thing that came into my life… ”

She cut me off.
“So, you’re calling me a thing’? “She nagged.

“Aish, shut up so I can finish my speech… As I was saying, I never knew I could fall in love this fast… So fast.

“So Scarlet , I’ve decided. will you want to marry me? “I asked bringing out the ring box in my pocket and i opened it.

She gasped with a smile.

She looked down staring away from me

She looked shy and scared.

“Skyler?… “I muttered super scared and worried she may say no.

“Am sorry White… I’ll give you an answer after I see someone. I can’t without him.. “She said.

Who’s this person she have to talk to before she replies me?

Who’s that person?


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.