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??❤️His kids Mother ?❤️?

?who is she? ?

He’s gorgeous, perfect eyes, sexy physique and bad ass looks.

stinking rich.

A billionaire widower with two kids.

His lonely and secretive…

Scarlet , A beautiful and seductive freshman from college.

She works as an impersonator..

Very smart and clever but crazy when she has to be.

As time goes on, White could no longer handle his kids nor leave them to the hands of a nanny.

His mother who seems to be very religious files an order to an agency to provide a mother for White’s kids since White was having a hard time finding a mother for them.

Scarlet comes into his life as the mother of his kids.

But what’s Scarlet up to?
What’s her motive?

What led her to White ?
What was she after?
Who hired her?

She was given one rule never to be broken…
‘Never fall Inlove with the target’.

Will she succeed her unknown motive without falling Inlove with charming White ?

Besides, what is she really after?

~~Enjoy.. ?

?Chapter Øne

?White pov ?

She adjusted herself right on my thighs as she began twisting her Waist Just staring at her nudity gave me a hard on and I was strongly erect.

She twerked for a while before getting on her four. I didn’t waste in thrusting into her and my pounding began.

This was half heaven!
She moaned loudly as the pleasure was tingling on my soft spot. I couldn’t help but moan too.

This was a million times better than being in my mansion with those two demons I have as kids.

I tried not to think about them as I felt my cum building up.
I groaned.
Not yet…
It was just getting good.

I flipped her getting her on the floor. I stroke into her like a beast and she moaned and acted like she was receiving a shock or something.

Just when I wanted it… We both came together and all I felt was pleasure. She grinned panting.
I pulled out of her and grabbed my coat.

I took out my wallet and threw some cash at her.

“Buy some morning pills on your way out. I don’t want to hear any funny news. “I said brusquely.

Her getting pregnant for me is the last thing I want to hear.. Ever.

I left the hotel and got into the Rover which was already opened for me by one of my men.
Its late in the night, I had to get home to my kids.

This was the only place I came to relieve myself since I had no one to share my bed with.

Fuck fate.

I sat by the dinning alone reading the morning paper. I didn’t mind the coffee on the table was getting cold but I was really intrigued with the article I was reading.

I was finally done and the only thing I was able to understand from the paper I read was, our town isn’t as safe as it was anymore.
There had been kidnaps tho. and fro of innocent kids. Just with that, I lost my appetite for the coffee before me.

Suddenly, I heard something shattering from the living room. My annoying kids are at it again.
Fighting and arguing..

I ignored their rantings and grabbed my phones leaving through another exit outside the mansion.
Am tired of those two brats.

They’re another version of a tom and jerry.
Every morning, I wake up and wonder why my late wife, Juli died leaving me with those two little demons.

I’m tired of them and I just wish I could send them to a boarding school but my mother who is extremely a medelling strict woman opposed that decision.

I really can’t wait to meet the so called ‘mom’ she hired for my kids.

I really couldn’t believe she’s moving in with us today. I wonder what she’s like .

Living with a total stranger you’ve never met.
Of course we won’t be sharing the same bed. She’s just going to be here for the kids.
At least, a mom is what they need. Not after what they’ve done to the previous nannies and made them go through.

I can’t wait to meet this lady.

?Scarlet pov?
“Be careful with that luggage, it’s worth thousands! “I scolded the driver as he put into the boot of the car.

I took my tablet looking at the pictures on the screen.
Wow.. White is such a hottie!

His two kids looked adorable. I liked what I was seeing.
This job is going to be as easy as pie.

He won’t waste time before cracking.

My phone rang and I picked it up.

“Try to use this first weeks to find out everything you could about him and how his connected to his late wife.

“I don’t think I have to repeat myself again anyway. Goodluck Scarlet . “He said from the other side of the phone uninterrupted.

He hung up before I could say a word.
Huh, this guy can be a snob must times and it drives me nuts cause it’s annoying.

The driver returned and entered the car.
He began driving on the road with a steady speed.


I looked at the window as we drove past different buildings in the estate. They were all magnificent and worth the bill.
A house here must cost a fortune due to the sanity of the house.

The driver suddenly stopped and I looked ahead. We were before a gate.
Two men in black walked to the driver.

“Mr White is expecting us. Let us in. “The driver said.

The guard grinned.
“She the step mom? “He asked staring at the gate.

The driver nodded and the gate opened on it’s own instantly. He must have a remote or something.
Our car drove into the Mansion.

?Dolly’s pov?
My elder brother and I entered the Rover that takes us home from school.

I sighed feeling exhausted from today’s lesson. I was in dodging ball team at school and today’s rehearsal at school was hip breaking.

I turned to stare at my brother, Jayden for a while.
He looked upset. Well he always is.

“By the time we get home, our new mom would be there. Are you ready to meet her? “I asked breaking the silence.

“She doesn’t bother me at all as long as she minds her business. “He replied still looking out the window.

I chuckled as a funny idea popped into my head.

“I bet she’s good looking and she’s going to spend the night in dad’s room. “I beamed.

“I doubt that. Dad is a lonely man. He’s far from being fun to be with. His new wife is gonna hate him for sure. What a boring man! “Jay said looking irritated.

“Let’s make her feel comfortable just like grandma said. “I said.

“Extra comfortable. “Jayden beamed.

“Do you think she likes being snobbed? “I asked.

“I don’t know, we’ll see. “He replied.

“Let’s drive her crazy for a while before we engage in plan B. This going to be so fun. “I grinned rubbing my hands together.

Jayden smirked.

?White pov ?
I returned home expecting to set my eyes on another version of my late wife.
She stood backing me by the wine counter.

She gets an A+ for her backside.
She looked good from the back and with her black long hair..

I better stop dreaming about touching her, it’s just a contract anyway.
She’s here as a mother not a wife.

She suddenly turned noticing my presence.
She Made a fake smile.

“Hi White. “She said with her hand against the other.

“Hi. Scarlet , right? “I asked.

“You can call me anything. Am not here for you anyway… “She said leaving the wine tower.

“Hope the maids made you feel comfortable and showed you to your room? “I asked short of words.

“I fired them all except one. “She replied.

“You fired them??! ”

“Since a mom is finally around, what’s the need for the house being crowded?? “She asked grinning.

“So you think, you can handle my kids? And of course the whole house? “I asked amused.

“Yes. Am a mom ain’t I? I can handle, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! “She said with a proud look.

I smirked.

“Okay then. Hope you know what you’re in for. ”

She shrugged.
“What’s the harm? “She smirked.

“Fine, we have a challenge. “I said.

“Get ready to loose White. ”



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.