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His Heart? Knows

{?That he still wants her?}

Writer: Temiloluwa



He chased her away no matter how she tried to plead… No matter how she tried to beg… No matter how she claimed to be innocent.

He watched her leave as he hugged their son tightly in his arms. He tried to convince himself that he wasn’t hurt by her betrayal since their marriage was a loveless arranged marriage to begin with.

He sneered, ignoring the painful sensation in his heart and walked in. The toddler in his arms called out sadly like he could feel something is wrong,“Ma…Mama.”

“Sssh… There’s no mama now.”


Zoya was married to Aamir at a young age. Their marriage was arranged by their fathers against their wish. Aamir never failed to show her that he didn’t love her and could never love her.

Even after welcoming their first child Samir, nothing changed. Zoya gradually lost self confidence and was too weak… Too gullible that her mother in-law could maltreat her any time, her brother in-law constantly sexually harassed her and her sister in-laws made sure to turn her into their entertainment.

After being framed by her in-laws and was chased out by Aamir, she returns years later for business purposes but can’t stop herself from wanting to see her son.

Then boom! She finds out Aamir is about to get engaged. It shouldn’t hurt but it does. Aamir certainly didn’t hide his suprise at the confident lady she has turn out to be… A far cry from the ex wife he knew.

He didn’t love her back then so why are these strange feelings suddenly sprouting in his heart ⁉️

What is gonna happen to the engagement now that she’s back⁉️


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