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His Heart? Knows

{?That he still wants her?}

Writer: Temiloluwa


?Don’t copy or repost my book ?


“Fa… Father!,” she called and rushed to the old man wearing a white robe. She ran up the stairs and rushed into his arms. He hugged her tightly just as she hugged him.

“Father…,” she cried again. She cried like never before. She is the only one that knows that she almost went insane when that stupid woman told her he had died. It might have seem like she was acting earlier but she actually lost a fragment of sanity.

She already lost Aamir… She lost Samir too… As if that wasn’t enough, she thought she had lost him too. She thought she had lost her father too.

Her whole life flashed in front of her and she couldn’t help but cry the more. Her mother had died with a smile on the hospital bed. Even if she was suffering so much, she still closed her eyes with a smile.

Back then, she had asked her father,“Daddy… What is wrong with mommy? Why is she sleeping now? It’s afternoon.” She remembered the heartbroken way he looked at her. But she never truly understood what it meant until she grew up.

“We will be fine,” he had told her as he hugged her tightly and walked out of the room.

“Father… You promised we will be fine but we are not… We have never been fine since the time mom died,” she cried. He pats her gently and told her,“I failed woefully. I thought he could keep you safe… Safe from the problems and dangers associated with me. I already lost her. I couldn’t lose you too. I’m sorry Zoya.”

She looked up at him confused. What dangers? What is he talking about? And why does he look so frail? She hugged him again as if to confirm that he is the one standing there.

“We are going to leave. We will leave here and leave all the sad memories behind. I already have a passport and the necessary papers made for you. We will go somewhere else faraway from here,” he told her with a happy smile on his face.

She wanted to smile too but then she remembered that small, chubby face. “Father, I can’t leave Samir. He is mine. My life… I have to go back and get him. He is just a child. He hasn’t even started walking properly. He needs me. I can’t leave my son.”

He shook his head and said,“You can. You are stronger than you think you are. Technically according to our law, the boy belongs to him. Zoya, you will have to come back for him but not now. You are too weak. This isn’t how I raised you.”

Zoya didn’t say anything. Only her fists clenching indicated how angry she is. Yes, it is because she has become so weak, that the old woman can maltreat her in her husband’s house.

It’s because she has become so weak that Akhil can get away with harassing her so many times…. That Amira can humiliate her several times… That Aamir can stop her from taking her son with her and even refusing to trust her.

That… That Zeenat can turn her back against her. Zoya looked up at her father with a sharp gaze. “Father, let’s leave. Where are we going?,” she asked.

The man looked at his bodyguards giving them the cue they needed to go and bring out the luggages they already prepared.

Then he faced Zoya and told her,“It’s a secret.” Hmm… I know where but he just said… It’s a secret ???


“Aamir! When did you start wearing purple tie?,” Neha suddenly asked the man that appeared busy with his computer. The nanny frowned as she looked at Neha. Does this woman not have work?

Doesn’t she have her own office? Why has she refused to leave the boss alone since she brought that box of food?

Aamir looked up at her, at the same time Samir looked up at her. I think the baby must be thinking this aunty is too noisy.

Neha pointed at his neck and he looked down. He frowned to see the purple tie. He doesn’t like purple so he has never bought anything with the colour purple.

He lifted the tie and saw a small pin attached to it. It had the initials,’With love’ on it. His eyes narrowed when he saw this. Zoya… Most of the things Zoya has are all coloured purple.

Did she buy this tie? Why didn’t she ever give him? Why did she even buy it in the first place?

He got lost in thoughts. What other things has she done like this that he doesn’t know? He stood up from the chair and faced the nanny.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.