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His Heart? Knows

{?That he still wants her?}

Writer: Temiloluwa


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Zoya walked down the road tiredly and finally got to a street that was filled with beautiful houses. This was an indication that the street belongs to the rich. You get what I mean right?

She walked down the street and stopped in front of a magnificent mansion. It was painted with colours of purple… Cream and purple.

So Zoya pressed the doorbell and waited for few minutes. She closed her eyes and prayed. I don’t know what she prayed about. She was just about to press the doorbell when the gate suddenly opened.

I seriously don’t get why they would put doorbell at the gate when someone can just knock.

“Salaam,” Zoya said to the security guard that just opened the door. The man didn’t respond like he was stunned to see her there.

He snapped out of his shock and quickly asked,“Miss Zoya! What are you doing here!? You can’t let Madam see you. You should leave now.”

Zoya frowned and told him,“Let me pass. This is my father’s house so I have every right to come in here. Get out of the way right away.”

She tried to pass but the security guard blocked her way. “Miss, please listen to me. I am thinking of all the good deeds you have done for me that is why I am telling you this. Please go back to wherever you came from. This place isn’t safe for you.”

Zoya was confused. Is there something wrong? Did she come to the wrong place? “What happened to my father?,” she asked him and the security guard sighed.

“I shouldn’t tell you this but your father is no longer here. I think you as his child should know what happened to him,” the security guard answered.

Zoya couldn’t talk. She had refused to talk to him ever since that day he forced her to get married to Aamir. And years later when she tried reaching out to him, she never got to see him or talk to him.

She couldn’t leave the house cause her mother in-law made a law that she isn’t allowed to leave the house no matter what. For whatsoever reason is she allowed to leave.

She could only try calling him on phone but none of his numbers were reachable. Now that this guard is telling her that he is no longer here, what does he mean?

“What do you mean? Why did my father leave his house?,” Zoya asked still confused

The security guard leaned in and told her,“We were told that the boss was going on a holiday that was why he left that day but I heard from the maids later that the boss was actually sent out of the house by Madam. They said she has managed to somehow get her hands on his properties document….”

Zoya didn’t even let him finish before walking into the house angrily. The security guard hurriedly followed her hoping to stop her before she does anything stupid and ends up getting hurt.

Zoya rushed into the house and found her stepmother or should shall I say father’s mistress having the time of her life. The woman was actually dancing to a music. The loud music the stereo in the house was playing.

Zoya rushed to the stereo and switched it off. The woman was about to scream when she suddenly noticed the person that came in. She laughed and walked to Zoya.

“Little b*tch, you finally show your face here again. Too bad your old stinky father is now gone. He was actually heartbroken when you refused to talk to him again. The poor old man just wanted you have a good life but what did you repay him with?,” the woman said.

Zoya’s heart clenched painfully. She felt immense guilt. Why didn’t she try harder to reach out to her father before now? When her mother died, he was the only one that kept her going. She didn’t understand back then why he would want her to marry someone she doesn’t know.

Someone she has never met. “You know what Zoya. I was little bit envious of you back then. You had everything even if you were so young. You had a rich and loving father. What more? You got married to a man that adores you. He is also wealthy. But I? I had to work my ass off on the streets as a prostitute until that day when I met your father,” the woman told her.

Zoya didn’t say a word. Part of what the woman said is true. Well except for the part of having a husband that adores her.

“Where is my father? I don’t want to hear all these heart touching stories. I don’t need it,” Zoya finally spoke up.

“Didn’t you hear? Your old man lost his properties to me and as the rightful owner, I had the right to kick him out so I did,” the woman answered with a smug look. She expected Zoya to scream, cry or at least do something crazy so she can find a way to get rid of her too just like she got rid of…

“Where is he now?,” she doesn’t believe all these sh*t about her father losing his properties.

“In the mortuary,” the woman answered curtly. Zoya gasped in pain. “What… Are… You… Saying?,” she stuttered, feeling weak all of a sudden.

?Don’t copy or repost my book. You won’t know what will kill you ?

“News flash little miss. On his way out, he got driven over by a truck so I am sure he didn’t survive it. They called to inform me that he was in a critical condition and they actually found my number in his contact list.”

The tears that already stopped came rushing back when Zoya heard that. She held unto the woman’s wrist fiercely,“What are you saying? I can’t lose him too. I already lost Samir. I can’t lose him too.”

She screamed like she was going crazy and tightened her hold on the woman’s wrist so much that her fingers were piercing into the woman’s wrist painfully.

“Security!!! Security!!! Throw this crazy woman out of my house!!! She is gonna kill me!!!,” the woman screamed hysterically.

Few bodyguards rushed in and dragged Zoya out of the house. She just kept on crying and screaming nonstop. They threw her out and once again she landed on the ground.

The wounds that already stopped bleeding opened up again.

The gate opened again and she looked up. They threw out her luggage at her. She carried the luggage and walked further down the street.

She stopped by the roadside when she couldn’t walk anymore and began to cry. Why?? Why didn’t she talk to him all those years? Why didn’t she sneak out of the house to see her father against that old woman’s orders?

She was still crying when a black car pulled up beside her. The car door opened and two bodyguards stepped out. “Miss, you have to come with us,” they said.

She looked up and finally noticed them. She moved backwards in fear and asked,“Why? Why should I come with you? I don’t even know you.”

“He wants to see you. We have been waiting for you for such a long time now,” they said and she appeared confused. What do they mean?

“Waiting for a long time? Why were you waiting for me?,” she asked them.

“He wouldn’t leave without you. He insisted on staying,” they spoke in riddles. Zoya was more confused. What are these two saying? Who is he?

Before she knew what was happening, they already got to her and started pulling her to the car. She was scared and tried struggling. She even tried screaming for help but they still bundled her into the car and drove off.

They drove for a very long time and stopped in front of a mansion similar to the one she just left. Zoya was confused. She thought they would stop in front of a warehouse or something but they took her into the mansion.

They made her wait in the sitting room and hurriedly called who wanted to see her. She didn’t dare to even sit as she patiently waited for the man. When the man appeared, her eyes teared up instantly.

It’s… It’s him!!! She immediately burst into tears.

Tbc ?

Who is the man biko⁉️ Fastest finger to type who he is o… It shouldn’t be that hard?


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