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Aamir suddenly turned to him and said,“Get a little bed or cot for him too incase he falls asleep.” The bodyguard nodded and rushed out. He was about to touch the door knob when the door suddenly open and she walked in.

She??? Who is she? Aamir was already walking back to his chair when he heard the bodyguard greeting someone. He turned around and for the first time since the incident with Zoya occurred, he smiled.

Hmm… Now I’m curious. He walked to the person that had just walked in with a genuine smile on his face and called out,“Neha! So great of you to show up at this time. Shouldn’t you be in your office? Do you want the boss to fire you?”

The beautiful, goddess-like lady adjusted her hijab and greeted him with a smile of her own,“Salaam.” Aamir returned her greetings.

“I know the boss won’t fire me. He can’t even sack me. I am such a great influence in this company that even the boss himself cannot sack me,” she replied teasingly. As she talked, she smiled beautifully and a pair of light dimples appeared in her cheeks.

Even the bodyguard was mesmerized by her beauty cause he just kept on staring at her. He already forgot what he was asked to do.

Aamir didn’t even seem to notice cause he was focused on the lady in front of him. “Are you feeling so proud because you are the childhood friend and best friend of the boss? I can sack you if I want,” Aamir told her.

Neha laughed and showed him the lunchbox in her hands,“Look, I brought breakfast for you. Please don’t turn this away too like the previous ones. I want to know if I am a better cook than your wife.”

The nanny narrowed her eyes at Neha. Even if to other people it seems like Neha is just teasing, she as a lady can hear the resentment laced in her words. She couldn’t help but wonder if the lady really is just Aamir’s friend.

Aamir’s countenance changed when he heard her words. She mentioned that woman again. But he forced a smile and pried the box from her hand. He walked to his chair and opened the box. He said a short prayer and began to dig into the food.

Neha looked more than happy. She walked to him and paused when she finally noticed Samir. She was suprised. She walked closer to him and figured out that he is Aamir’s son. He looks so much like him.

?Don’t copy or repost my book. You won’t know what will kill you ?

Her hands balled into fists as she thought of the fact that of it wasn’t for that woman, she would have probably made Aamir fall for her and they would have gotten married by now.

But she quickly masked her resentment and smiled before advancing towards Samir. The nanny’s impression of her worsened cause she saw how she was just looking at Samir with so much hatred.

“Aamir, is this Samir? He is such a cute boy,” Neha said as she reached the playground. Samir looked up at her curiously. She smiled and stretched her hands towards.

Seems like blood is thicker than water cause the boy decided he doesn’t like her so he ignored her and went back to playing with toys. Her hands were left stretched out in the air as the smile on her face froze?

Go Samir baby? Fight for mummy? The nanny saw all these and struggled to hold in her laughter but a small chuckle escaped and Neha heard the sound.

She looked up and noticed the nanny. Her eyebrows rose as she thought that is this the famous Mrs Zoya? She looks cheap, plain and she is not even beautiful. How did she manage to trap Aamir in a marriage?

Neha put on her fake signature smile again and said,“Nice to meet you Mrs Zoya! Sorry for standing so close to your husba…”

Aamir interrupted her,“What are you saying? That is Samir’s nanny.” He faced the food. The smile on Neha’s face froze again.

Why does she feel like she has been face slapped twice in a row????


Nice meeting you Neha??


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there. 
For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.