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His Heart? Knows

{?That he still wants her?}

Writer: Temiloluwa


?Don’t copy or repost my book ?


Still (Four years ago??)

Aamir sighed as he could feel the employees staring at Samir. He was afraid at first that Samir would burst into tears when he sees too many eyes staring at him but the boy just stared at them calmly.

“Good morning sir!,” the employees greeted as they bowed a little to Aamir. Samir was amused with the way they sounded and how they are behaving so he also tried to mimick them.

So instead of Aamir answering, it was Samir that said,“Mawin…” in that cute babyish voice. A hush fell upon the place as the employees stared at Samir. They smiled at him and the female employees stared at him like they have fallen in love for the first time.

He is so cute. Samir thought that why is the whole place silient so he repeated the lastest word he just heard loudly,“Mawin!!! Mawin!!! Mawin!!!”

The employees chuckled. They know he is trying to pronounce morning but the word is too big for his small mouth to pronounce. The stiff looking bodyguards had a smile on their faces as they stared at Samir.

They are probably also thinking that the boy is just too cute. Aamir nodded and walked to his office. The bodyguards trailed behind him, one of them holding his suitcase. The thing is that this naughty, little Samir likes mimicking people alot.

So when he saw that his father was carrying a suitcase, he also wanted to have one too so he tried grabbing his father’s own. Aamir was uncomfortable carrying him with the way he was bending to reach the suitcase so he just handed over the suitcase to one of his bodyguards.

When Samir saw the way the bodyguard looked stern, he felt scared and didn’t bother to argue anymore so instead he faced his father and gave his father an angry baby look.

Aamir just ignored him. The nanny gaped when they finally entered the CEO’s office. The office was looking so magnificent and splendid. Everything had a touch of gold.

On the table, the CEO’s name was even plated in golden letters on a gold tablet. It’s a piece of stone not the one that looks like phone that we all know. Aamir dropped Samir on the floor and faced his bodyguards.

He pointed to one of them and said,“Convert that place to a playground for him. I m giving you just few minutes to do so before he wrecks my office.” The bodyguard hurriedly nodded and left the office.

Aamir looked down, hoping to find Samir where he just dropped him but of course the little devil was nowhere to be found. He panicked and looked around.

That was when he saw Samir wobbling towards the CEO’s chair. The boy was taking it one step at a time. It seems like he just started to walk. When he fell down, he didn’t bother to stand anymore, instead he crawled to the chair.

Aamir quickly rushed to him and carried him. Samir protested,“Down… Down.” Aamir was stunned that he could say that. He really doesn’t know much about what has going on the house lately.

?Don’t copy or repost my book. You won’t know what will kill you ?

He couldn’t help but think that has he been neglecting his duties at home cause of work. Is that why she tried to cheat on him? He groaned and the nanny quickly said,“Sir, give him to me. If you are having headache, please use drugs. I will take care of him.”

Aamir gave Samir to her and walked to his chair. He didn’t groan cause he was having a headache. Well he might have had a headache cause he has been trying to stop himself from thinking about her again.

He sat down and opened his laptop. He rubbed his face when he saw the amount of workload waiting for him. He looked up and saw that the nanny was making weird but funny faces at Samir.

The boy was laughing at the faces and sounds she was making. Aamir sighed and thought that perhaps if she keeps him occupied this way, he will be able to concentrate on his work and finish up on time.

Few minutes later, the door opened and some guys trooped in. They were carrying all kinds of toys that still had their tags on. Samir watched in amazement as they gradually began to set up a beautiful playground for him.

He struggled and grumbled so the nanny would let him go but she held unto him and waited for the guys to finish their work before letting him go.

See the way he crawled happily towards the playground, they even laid a soft baby rug there for him and set the playground in a way that it formed a circle. He crawled to it and picked up the first toy he saw.

He was soon occupied with playing with toys. Aamir stood up and walked to the playground to observe it. He nodded in satisfaction and the bodyguard that had been in charge of the playground project sighed in relief.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.