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His Heart💘 Knows

{😱That he still wants her😱}

Writer: Temiloluwa


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Still (Four years ago🇮🇳)

When Samir finished, he was completely drenched in piss. “Wow! What a great way to say daddy good morning!,” Aamir told his mini version.

Aamir frowned at Samir and Samir just stared back at him curiously with an innocent look that clearly says DADDY-WHY-ARE-YOU-FROWNING-AT-ME?

Aamir sighed and carried Samir out. There was no where he could drop him and freshen up but fortunately as he entered the room, the door opened and the nanny came in.

She folded her hands together🙏 and said,“Namaste.” Aamir replied,“Salaam.” He was really excited to see her. This last few hours has been hell. Well, we can relate😂

“Here,” he stretched the boy towards her. “Change his clothes, feed him… Just do what you have to do.” The nanny nodded and carried Samir who immediately began to whine in protest.

The nanny hurriedly left with him and Aamir heaved a sigh of relief when the door finally closed. “How did Zoya ever manage with that little…,” he froze when he realized what he just said.

He looked angry for a minute and then shook his head sideways slightly as if to get her out of his head. He headed to the bathroom to get rid of the stinky odour of Samir’s urine.

He came out an hour later and gasped when he checked the time. It’s almost past the time he usually goes to work. At this rate, he is afraid he might get to work late for the first time in his life.

He hurriedly wore his clothes and didn’t even notice he has never seen the tie he was currently wearing before neither has he worn it before. The tie even looked new.

He just quickly dressed up and walked out with his suitcase. As he walked down the stairs, he yawned and rubbed his eyes. Just a night with Samir and he already lost his freedom to sleep.

A thought slipped into his mind just then,’ How will I cope?’. But then, as quickly as the thought came into his head, he shoved it to the back of his mind immediately.

When he got downstairs, everyone was sitting at the dinning table having breakfast. His mother called out immediately,“Aamir! Come and have breakfast with us.”

He shook his head and checked his watch. He exclaimed,“Mom! I am already late for work. I will have breakfast at the office.”

His mother frowned and asked,“Did you even remember to pray?” He paused in his movement and immediately remembered that he didn’t even pray.

“Why did you buy the praying mat if you know you won’t pray… It’s already so hard to make you go to the mosque with your tight schedule now you won’t pray too,” his mother complained.

Aamir sighed. This is the first time he hasn’t prayed even if no one knows about it. Every morning, he is always woken up by the sound of Zoya’s early morning prayers.

At the thought of her again, his hand clenched tightly round the suitcase he was holding. He shouldn’t be thinking of her anymore. He wouldn’t think of her anymore. He tried to assure himself that he won’t think of that lady anymore.

“Mom, I have to go now,” he said curtly. Just as he was about to move, he felt something or rather someone holding onto his right leg.

He looked down with a frown and saw that familiar chubby little face that caused him so much trouble last night.

🔱Don’t copy or repost my book. You won’t know what will kill you 🔱

He gaped in suprise when he saw that Samir was actually standing on his own and holding on to his leg. The nanny appeared few minutes later looking exasperated. “I turn around for only a minute and he is gone,” the nanny complained as she walked forward to carry Samir.

Just before she could reach there, Aamir suddenly exclaim,“Mother! When did Samir start walking?”

“He is still wobbling actually. I bet he crawled to you,” Amira answered instead.

“Brother, didn’t Zoya tell you that he already started taking his first steps? She actually cooked our local dish the day he started walking,” Zeenat chirped in.

“Zeenat!,” her mother shouted. She doesn’t want anyone to mention that woman in front of her son anymore. Aamir frown and didn’t say a word. He bent down and pat Samir’s hair lightly.

The toddler giggled and babbled at his father. He then raised his hands indicating he wants to be carried by his father. Aamir shook his head sideways in regret and said,“No… No… Daddy has to go to work and can’t play with you now.”

Samir’s lower lips quivered when he saw that his father refused to carry him. He soon began to cry. Aamir panicked and eventually carried him. He tried to pat the child but now that he has started crying, he doesn’t want to stop anymore.

“Brother, why don’t you take him to office with you? You can take his nanny along too,” Zeenat suggested. Her mother frowned and glared at her.

“If you say any more word there, you will recite the Quran throughout today non-stop,” she warned and Zeenat quickly held her lips. She would rather go shopping with her friends than recite the Quran.

Aamir was running out of options so he had to take Samir along with him. He faced the nanny and said,“Pack the things you need and meet me in the car in the next ten minutes.” He then rushed out.

His mother tried to say something but she just kept it in her after all there is nothing she can do to help. Yet again, she blamed Zoya for bringing bad luck into the house.

Few minutes later, Aamir stride into a gigantic and tall looking building. The employees around bowed a little to greet him. He advanced into the golden elevator made exclusively for him with his bodyguards and the nanny following him. The curious employees couldn’t help but look at Samir.

Samir in turn stared at them with curious yet innocent eyes. Some of them swooned at the sight of the cute, little boy that looked just like their boss. As soon as the elevator closed, the gossip started.

👥Who owns that cute, little boy that the CEO was just carrying?

🗣️The baby should be his since he looks exactly like the CEO.

👥Is boss married or dating someone!?

👥 Isn’t he and Miss Neha dating?

👥She always made sure that we know he belongs to her!

👥That baby is really cute…

On and on, they went non-stop but the question now is who is Neha❔


Who is Neha😱⁉️


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