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Morning ?

Zoya walked to Kashan’s suite and walked in. She went to the bedroom and checked on him again. That was when she discovered him still in bed, shivering like a soaked chicken.

She gasped and sat down beside him. She checked his temperature but as soon as she touched his forehead, she removed her hand. He was burning. This is beyond hot but how can someone’s body be so hot?

“Kashan… Kashan, wake up. You have a fever. Stand up and let’s go to the hospital,” She told him, already panicking. Gosh! Perhaps, she should have stayed here with him last night.

But Kashan only grumbled and didn’t open his eyes. He just kept on shivering. Zoya stood up and quickly called the doctor. While she was waiting, someone knocked on the door and when she opened it, Kashan’s secretary was waiting outside.

He was fully dressed. He immediately greeted her,“Salaam miss Zoya, is the boss awake yet? He has an important meeting with the Sharma’s company this morning.”

“I am afraid you have to leave without him. He is not feeling well at the moment and I am waiting for the doctor. You should go on to the meeting and it they are willing to reschedule till he has recovered, no problem,” She told him and he nodded before leaving.

When she closed the door, she sighed. She really wanted to confront Aamir today. But guess she also have to reschedule her plan till he is better.

?Don’t copy or repost my book. You won’t know what will kill you ?

Aamir turned around with soap still in his face. He immediately rinsed it off and stared at a naked Neha in front of him. He groaned. Seriously, this is getting annoying.

He rinsed off the soap quickly as she catwalked towards him. “What the heck Neha!? It’s too early for all these nonsense. I have a meeting and I’m running late already,” he couldn’t stop himself from shouting at her.

Neha frowned when she remembered that the meeting he is talking about is the one he has with that K.H and… Zoya. A menacing look appeared on her face as she thought of that annoying woman.

“But Aamir, can’t we just do it really quick?,” She asked and even pouted. She went as far as blinking her eyelashes at him as she ogled at his naked body.

Aamir immediately rinsed off the rest of the soap from his body and covered himself with his towel.

“I already told you to wait till marriage,” He said and walked out. Neha groaned as the door shut. She even got naked but he didn’t so much as glance at her. What the heck!?

She looked at the bathroom walls angrily like they offended her.

Aamir got dressed quickly and left the place. He felt suffocated and didn’t even inform her when he was leaving. When he got to work, Kashan’s secretary was already waiting for him in the office.

“Salaam sir,” Zain greeted as he walked in. Aamir looked around a little bit disappointed when he didn’t see her. So he stylish asked,“Where is K.H… and Zo… miss Zoya? Where is K.H and miss Zoya?”

Zain smiled and stood up. “That’s why I’m here sir. My boss got sick overnight and miss Zoya had to take care of him. I want to ask if we can reschedule the meeting when my boss recovers?”

Aamir’s eyes narrowed and this unsettling feeling filled him. She is taking care of another man. Is she touching him now? Petting him and comforting him. His hands clenched tightly and he nodded.

Zain thanked him and walked out. Aamir walked to the window and stared out. Guess things have changed… She has changed.

“Oh! Honey, it’s so nice of you to bring this treats for me. I love them so very much. How are you? What happened yesterday between you and my son? Did he satisfy you?,” Mrs Sharma asked Neha shamelessly.

They are in the sitting room. Neha came over instead of going to work. She wants to complain about Aamir of course.

“Mom… Nothing happened. I even striped naked but he didn’t even look at me!,” Neha replied frustratedly.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.