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His Heart? Knows

{?That he still wants her?}

Writer: Temiloluwa

Thirty-five & Thirty-six

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“Do you still love him?,” He looked up at her and Zoya was stunned. She didn’t know… What should she do? What should she say I mean?

He held her hand and stroked it gently. He was trying so hard to hold back his tears. The silence… The way she wasn’t responding was giving him the answer that is breaking his heart?

Just then, she said,“I… I don’t know. It’s been so long.” He breathes in deeply and asked,“Your heart doesn’t beat for him anymore?” The statement was like a question. Zoya didn’t say anything. She can’t give a specific answer for that.

The tears finally came out when she didn’t respond. He raised her hand and kissed the back of her palm. “Can… Can you just love me a little bit? Can you give quarter of the love you have for him to me? That will be enough. I… I am not asking for more.”

Zoya sniffled when she saw him in this condition. It’s all because of her. He looked at her and said,“Don’t cry… Don’t cry.” He sat up and held her cheeks.

“You know… Zoya, I have never told you this but I love you… I’ve loved you since I met you. That time at the airport, you were looking so fragile, so sad but that didn’t affect the beauty I saw in you. I couldn’t think straight for days… You were driving me crazy. I don’t care about that Aamir as long as you don’t… or stop loving him. You can steal as much popcorn box as you want from me. I’ll take you anywhere in the world. You can hit me as much as you like but… You can’t leave me,” he said.

Zoya covered her mouth as she cried. He laid on her laps again and looked at her sleepily. “You can’t leave me. My heart’s already broken. But the tiny pieces will break even more if you leave me.”

Then he frowned and displayed a pained look on his face. “I’m pregnant again. My stomach hurts alot,” He told her as he held her stomach.

Zoya immediately helped him up and took him to the bathroom first. When he got there, he vomited all the contents in his stomach into the bathroom sink.

She rubbed his back gently and sniffled before saying,“Please, don’t drink so much… I don’t want you to get sick.”

He didn’t hear of course and he continued vomiting until his stomach was finally free. She helped him to rinse his mouth since he could barely even stand without staggering.

She then helped him into the bedroom and helped him get in bed. He slept off as soon as his head hit the pillow. She unbuttoned his shirt so he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable later.

She removed his shoes and checked his temperature. When she saw that he was fine, she heaved a sigh of relief and stepped out on his balcony.

‘He is going to get married soon to that special woman.’

‘My brother will be getting engaged to a lady worthy of him…’

These words came rushing back and she wrapped her hands round herself. So he isn’t married yet but soon. It shouldn’t hurt but it does.

Will he ever find someone worthy of him? She laughed bitterly. She actually don’t care if he marries some bimbo he met on the street. She just want her son.

Happy tears rushed out of her eyes as she thought of Samir. He has grown up to be so handsome. He looks exactly like Aamir but that doesn’t mean he acts like that jerk.

She thought he would have forgotten about her since he was just a toddler when she left but her baby still remembers her and love her so much. She could feel his love.

‘Mama, I have been a good boy so you can’t leave,’ she laughed when she remembered his words. She smiled and mumbled,“I’ll have to go to Aamir tomorrow. I want my baby back and no one is going to keep me away from him now.”

With that, she walked in and checked on Kashan before leaving the room. She went back to her suite and had a quick shower. After dressing up, she brought out her praying mat and prepared to pray.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.