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Zeenat was completely speechless for a while. She couldn’t stop thinking,’Only me.’ Zoya just abused her. She was so furious that she said,“Don’t you dare think of coming anywhere near Samir. He is Aamir’s son not yours! If you come close to him, I’ll file a case against you.”

Zoya laughed. She glared at Zeenat and said,“I would like to see you try. I want to know who will keep me away from my son now. Perhaps you should go and give birth so you can know how it feels… Maybe when you experience nine months of stress, few hours of pain, few months of joy then four years of suffering, you will know how it feels!”

She was practically saying she carried Samir for nine months, went into labour for hours before giving birth to him, only got to stay with him for few months and then she was seperated from him for four years.

Zeenat looked down at Samir and gave him to her boyfriend, then she told him to take him to the car outside and wait for her.

“Ma… Mama,” Samir cried out just like that time when he was just a toddler/baby, watching her walk away. Zoya smiled at him. Soon… Very soon. He and her will be together again. It’s Aamir she has to face.

Zeenat looked at her then the man beside her before saying,“The heroic act you just displayed doesn’t change the fact that you are and will always be a despicable person. Judging by his face, you didn’t tell him you are already married… You also didn’t tell him you already had a son.”

Kashan turned around and left. Zoya panicked. Zeenat smiled and continued,“Even if you are here now, stay away from my brother and Samir. They don’t belong to you anymore. He is going to get married soon to that special woman. Samir will get a new mother too. So fix your own love life and don’t mess with other people love life… You, vile woman.”

Zeenat screamed as she stroked her cheek. Zoya lost it when she heard that familiar word ‘vile’. She slapped Zeenat and I guessed she deserves it. “Did you just raise your filthy hands and slap me!?,” Zeenat shreiked.

Zoya smiled and slapped her other cheek too. Zeenat screamed even more louder than before. “Oops… Sorry, one slap wasn’t enough for my filthy hands so I had to satisfy it,” Zoya told her. She sniffled, looking like she wanted to cry.

“This vile woman doesn’t care about that idiotic human being, Aamir. I hope you get that into that box you call a brain. Don’t try to stop me from getting close to my son or I’ll do more than just slap you. I didn’t show you how crazy I was years ago. Zeenat, just don’t step on my toes. I’m mentally insane and I’ll deal with you if you dare me,” Zoya told her.

Zeenat involuntarily shivered from fear as she walked backwards.

Zoya just turned around and ran after Kashan. Immediately she left, Zeenat also fled.

When she got into the car, her boyfriend caressed her swollen face and asked angrily,“Did she do this to you huh? Never knew someone as beautiful as that could be this crazy.”

Zeenat glared at him and he immediately realized his mistake. He just called Zoya beautiful. Samir was still sobbing at the backseat.

Zeenat frowned and looked at him. “Stop crying for that woman. She is not your mother,” She told him harshly. Samir looked up, his face wet with tears.

“You are bad, aunty Zeenat. I will tell everybody what you did today,” He told her. She glared at him and said,“If you tell anyone, I will make sure you never see her again.”

Samir cowered in fear and covered his face. He soon began to cry. After all, he is just a child…

Zeenat mumbled,“That woman will pay for touching me today. I have to warn Neha about her. I still suspect she came back for Aamir. I can never let her and my brother be together again after all she has done.”

Her boyfriend didn’t say anything. He looked confused. Poor guy. Zeenat immediately told him to drive the car. They had to leave.

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Meanwhile when Zoya got outside, she only met the chauffeur. She immediately asked him,“Where is Kashan?”

“Boss took a taxi. He asked me to stay here and wait for you,” the chauffeur answered. Her heart hurt… Even if he was clearly upset with her, he still cared about her. He could have left the place with the chauffeur and just leave her there but he still made the chauffeur wait.

She nodded and got into the limo. As soon as they reached the hotel, she ran to Kashan suite. She knocked but there was no response so she checked if the door was unlocked.

Suprisingly, it was open so she pushed it a little and walked in.

He was sitting on a sofa. His head laid on the sofa and there were wine bottles in front of him. Zoya was stunned. Some of the bottles were half empty… Did he drink all that?

She walked to him and could smell the strong scent of the alcohol. She tapped his leg slightly and he opened his eyes. He sat up and looked at her.

His eyes were red like he had cried. Did he cry?

“Kashan, I’m sorry,” She told him quietly. She was suprised when tears came out from his eyes. That was the first time she has ever seen him cry. She panicked and asked,“Why…. Why are you crying?”

He tried to wipe the tears but it just kept on coming out. “I am not crying… The rain just won’t stop falling,” He said. She would have laughed if she wasn’t in a dire situation.

He moved closer to her and cried out,“It hurts.” That was she sensed he was drunk. But she asked,“Where does it hurt?”

He rubbed his chest area where the heart is located and told her,“It hurts here… It hurts alot. The pain won’t go away… The rain won’t stop falling too.”

He laid his head on her laps and began to cry. She just brushed his hair gently, feeling so bad. He’s suffering this cause of her.

“Do you love him? Do you still love him?,” he choked out.

“Who?,” she asked even though she knows who he is talking about.

“Do you still love that Aamir? Do you love him?,” he repeated his question.




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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.