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His Heart💘 Knows

{😱That he still wants her😱}

Writer: Temiloluwa


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Still (Four years ago🇮🇳)

“This isn’t a baby! I’m gonna run mad soon!!!,” Aamir shouted as he stared back at Samir who was still screaming. Zeenat laughed when she saw her brother’s helpless state. But she immediately swallowed her laughter when she saw the way her mother glared at her.

“Where is the nanny you hired for him, Aamir? Why is Samir in your room and not in his nursery?,” the old woman asked her son as she tightened the scarf round her neck properly.

Aamir stood up and walked towards them with Samir. Samir was still crying. He just wrapped his small chubby hands round his father’s neck. “The nanny was having a hard time with Samir so she brought him here and complained that he just kept on crying non-stop,” Aamir told his mother.

“Why will she bring Samir here? Can’t she do her job properly? She should be fired!”

Aamir sighed when he heard his mother’s words. He pats Samir silently and just stared at her. But the boy wouldn’t stop crying.

His mother extended her hands to him to carry her grandchild but immediately Aamir tried to give Samir to her, the boy let out a loud scream that stunned the two of them and almost made Aamir drop him.

He tightened his small hands round his father’s hands refusing to let go but he just kept on crying.

“Let me carry him brother in-law,” Amira said and she came forward to carry Samir but he repeated the same scene. Holding tight to his father’s hand, screaming loudly and refusing to let go.

Aamir sighed and carried him tightly again. “No need. Seems like I have to bear my cross alone,” he told them. Zeenat looked at her brother and couldn’t help but resent Zoya even more.

If it wasn’t for that vile woman, her brother wouldn’t have to face this situation of taking care of a child for the first time in his life.

Just then, the nanny came in carrying a big bag. She immediately greeted the family members,“ Namaste.” Others nodded only Amira replied,“Salaam.”

She carried the bag on the floor and faced Aamir before saying to him,“Sir, this is the bag. It has clothes for him, his cereal and diapers with…”

Aamir interrupted her with a horrified look,“Did you just say diaper!? Does that mean I have to change his diaper for him if he soils the one he is wearing right now.”

The nanny nodded and almost smiled at the horrified look on her boss face. She has experienced this in other homes too. The daddies are always afraid to change their children diapers and when they eventually do it, they are usually traumatized after one experience.

Aamir looked at Samir’s bum and said,“I hope this little boy doesn’t pump out that horrifying thing and soil his diaper. If I really have to change his diaper, I am afraid no one will want to step in this room again.”

Everyone obviously understood what he said cause they looked amused except that old woman, his mother. She mumbled,“All this is happening cause of that cursed woman. Why did Allah take so long in sending her away from this house? It would have been better if they haven’t gotten to this stage of having a child.”

No one except Zeenat heard her because she spoke quietly. Only Zeenat who was standing close to her heard all she said. When Zeenat heard this, she thought of something and wondered if she should bring up the matter but then she restrained herself and didn’t say a word.

🔱Don’t copy or repost my book. You won’t know what will kill you 🔱

“You guys can leave now. Thanks for coming over. I can handle him now,” Aamir told them when he noticed that Samir stopped wailing and is now sobbing instead.

They wished him goodnight again and then began to leave. When the old woman reached the doorway, she stopped and turned back to her son,“Are you sure you can handle him?”

Aamir nodded with an exhausted smile. The nanny quickly said,“Sir, he will soon be exhausted from crying too much. I am sure he will fall asleep soon.” When she said this, Aamir was relieved.

The door shut and he ended up pacing around the room trying to get Samir to sleep. He checked the clock and gasped when he saw that it was almost one in the morning.

He immediately prayed that the boy will quickly fall asleep. Finally, when it was few minutes past one, Aamir began to hear Samir snoring lightly and he knew his son was asleep then.

He walked to the bed… More like, tiptoed to the bed and laid Samir on the bed. When he did this, he first thanked Allah in relief. Then he went to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

When he came out with the towel dangling loosely round his waist, he was stunned to see what was happening on the bed. The boy he gently laid already changed his sleeping position.

Now he was sleeping in the middle of the bed in a slanted way. Aamir rubbed his face. He just quickly put on his underwear and slept the same way his son slept cause there is no way he can sleep straight without putting his leg on Samir.

The position was barely manageable but he eventually fell asleep.

Few hours had passed when the cries of Samir filled the room. Aamir stirred in his sleep when he heard the cries. When the sound finally registered in his brain and he figured out it’s from Samir, he immediately sprang up on the bed.

Sure enough, Samir was kicking his feets and hands in the air, crying for attention. “Ssh baby…. Don’t start early this morning,” Aamir mumbled as he carried Samir.

His nose perked up as his face twist into a frown. He lifted Samir in the air and smelt his bum. He immediately regretted his decision after he did that. The horrible scent that assailed his nose made him see stars.

“Eww… You disobeyed daddy and soiled your diaper!,” he exclaimed as he carried Samir to his bathroom. He is afraid to change his diaper in the room so that the sh*t won’t go flying everywhere.

He made Samir stand under the tap and then held him with one hand gently. He then slowly began to release his diaper. He almost choked when he removed the diaper.

The sight and scent was horrible. He immediately folded the diaper messily and struggled to wash Samir’s bum clean under the tap.

I think they spent thirty to twenty minutes under the tap because Mr daddy insisted on washing the baby’s bum until he couldn’t see a trace of poo or smell the scent of it.

When he finished, he was proud of himself and Samir already stopped crying. He lifted Samir in the air happily and told him,“See papa cleaned your poo without messing the whole place.”

Samir only looked at his father not understanding a word. Aamir soon realize what a terrible mistake he made by lifting Samir in the air with his bare bum cause the little boy’s bladder was full and he was ready to release.

Since there wasn’t any suitable place available, he decided to release his urine on his father’s face. Aamir was stunned when he felt the rush of the warm liquid on his face.

When Samir finished, he was completely drenched in piss. “Wow! What a great way to say daddy good morning!,” Aamir told his mini version.


Samir o😂


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