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His Heart? Knows

{?That he still wants her?}

Writer: Temiloluwa


?Don’t copy or repost my book ?

Loves?If you see anyone copying or reposting my book, don’t hesitate to inform me?? Thanks in advance ?


When Zoya finished her presentation, no one could talk. Everyone was entrapped. They felt like she should just continue talking on and on. There was nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing wrong with her proposal.

She smiled and the male employees couldn’t help but feel that arrow already going straight through their hearts like this ? “I hope I have been able to convince you all to accept our company. Just give us a chance. Thank you,” she murmured.

She even bowed gracefully. The room rang out with cheers and claps that thundered throughout the room. Zoya looked at Kashan and smiled when he gave her a thumbs up?.

Her smile widened when he blew a kiss at her and gave her this finger style- ?. I don’t know how to describe it.

Aamir’s eyes narrowed at Kashan cause he saw him blowing a kiss at Zoya. “But…,” Someone suddenly spoke up and everyone looked at who had spoken.

It’s Neha. Zoya arched an eyebrow as she stared at the woman she has never seen until now. Some of the female employees grumbled, complaining lowly about Neha.

“But… What?,” Zoya asked lowly with a puzzled look. Neha glared at her wondering why she is looking at her like she is looking down on her. So she walked to the front of the conference room.

She stood before Zoya and said,“These mere designs can’t convince us. The budget will probably be higher since these designs are top notch. Don’t forget we have a budget we have to follow. So if the design of one area is accurate than the other, won’t this project fail?”

The other staffs present in the room nodded. They agreed with what Zoya said. Actually I disagree with the motion ?but let’s see how it’ll go.

Zoya smiled and looked at Neha. Why does she feel like this woman is competing with her on something that is not related to this meeting?

She shrugged off the weird thoughts from her head and focused on the designs. “I do believe you are not the CEO,” her first words was a huge smack on Neha’s face.

Neha’s complexion turned pale cause she could hear the mocking laughter around her. She glared at Zoya and her hands tightened into fists. Who the hell does she think she is?

Does she think she will get away with this after humiliating the bestfriend and soon to be wife of the CEO? ?

Neha looked at Aamir, hoping he would say something. He did say something but it wasn’t what she was expecting.

“I accept the proposal. There is nothing wrong with it. But we have our terms and conditions,” Aamir spoke and Zoya couldn’t help but tremble slightly when she heard his voice.

How many years has it been since she heard the voice? Is four or three years? Unlike Neha, Zoya didn’t respond. She just let the ceo, Kashan do the talking.

Kashan nodded and answered,“We will accept any condition if it’s favourable for us also.” Aamir stood up and walked to Kashan but Zoya was standing beside Kashan.

Her heart thundered with each step he took forward. He finally got to Kashan and shook hands with him,“I hope our cooperation will be a peaceful one, Mr Hussain. I’ve prepared suites at a five star hotel for your arrival. Please settle down there and my P.A will send the terms and conditions to you later.”

With that, he turned around to walk out when he saw her again. He stood in front of her and his hands clenched tightly beside him. It’s still that same scent she had always exhibit that’s still on her.

Is she still using that strawberry flavoured perfume? Guess somethings never change. He longed to reach out to her but in the end, he just walked out. Neha followed him out looking very upset.

Zoya finally breathed in relief when she couldn’t feel his imposing presence around her anymore. Somehow, she wished she had never come back here.

Kashan smiled at her as usual and pulled her out of the conference room. “She-devil, i have to give you all the credits. You were amazing in there. I owe you lots of chocolates.”

Zoya pouted and hit his hand lightly,“Are you trying to call me a foodie indirectly?” Kashan immediately made a gesture of him sealing his lips?

“Why would I say that? Let’s go,” Kashan tried to pull her away but no, she held him back.

“I want to go to the restroom for a minute. I will meet you outside the elevator,” She told him and he nodded. As she turned around, she silently said a prayer to Allah to forgive her for lying.

Then she brought out her phone and looked at the picture displayed on the lock screen. She smiled and whispered,“For you.” Then she walked off. Now that she’s here. The first thing on her mind is seeing her Samir again.

Has he been doing well? Did they treat him well all these years?

?Don’t copy or repost my book. You won’t know what will kill you ?

She walked around aimlessly and suddenly wondered if she is lost. Silly her, she should have asked someone for the direction to the CEO’s office.

Just as she was looking around for someone to ask, Kabeer passed by. He was carrying a bundle of files. She immediately ran to him. He almost let go of the files when her beautiful smile suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Hello… Nice to meet you again, ka…,” She trailed off, not remembering his name. Kabeer tried not to feel disappointed as he answered,“It’s Kabeer ma’am.”

“Okay. Kabeer can you direct me to the CEO’s office?,” Zoya asked with a cute pleading expression that looked so familiar.

Kabeer was a little bit suprised. Why does she suddenly look like the CEO’s son with that cute pleading expression on her face? Nevertheless, he told her,“You can follow me ma. I am heading towards his office now.”

When they got to the gold framed door, Kabeer knocked a little and slowly opened the door. The door didn’t open fully when he stopped and they stared at the occupants in the room.

Aamir’s back was facing their direction but Neha was facing them. So she must have seen Zoya and Kabeer or she just pretended not to.

Aamir was sitting on his desk and Neha was standing in between his laps. That was when she said,“Aamir, you have to come home early tonight. My parents will be waiting for you.”

The colours suddenly drained from Zoya’s cheeks as she immediately turned around. She left there and Kabeer was too stunned and torn in between calling her back or interrupting the couple in the office.

‘He is married again,’ Zoya couldn’t help but think about the scene as she went back to Kashan. Her eyes turned red cause she was trying so hard to hold back her tears.

“Let’s go,” She said quietly when she got to Kashan. She immediately pulled him into the elevator and the door closed behind them.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.