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His Heart? Knows

{?That he still wants her?}

Writer: Temiloluwa


?Don’t copy or repost my book ?


Zoya groaned as she struggled to get Kashan to his room. While she was struggling, the hair she had held in a band already loosed and frame the impeccable beauty of her face.

Kashan was the only one that saw this. I think he stopped breathing right then as he stared at her. She was… was looking so beautiful. Is there another word that can be used to represent beautiful?

Zoya didn’t even notice this cause she was still struggling to get him to bed. When she finally got him to the king-size bed in the middle of the room, she heaved a sigh of relief as he collapsed on the bed.

“Why do you have so much weight? I already told you to stop eating like a pig. You are a man for goodness sake!,” she scolded him. He pouted cutely and murmured loud enough for her to hear,“Bad baby!”

She glared at him and bent down to remove his shoes as she told him,“Continue calling me bad baby. Anytime you call me bad baby, I am going to collect hundred thousand rupees from you tomorrow.”

He almost gasped. Hundred thousand rupees!!! If he calls her bad baby ten times, does that mean he will have to pay a million rupees!? This she-devil! Is she looking for a fastest way to get money by making him bankrupt!?

Zoya looked up at Kashan, feeling very suprised. He has been pretty quiet for a while after she threatened him. She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously. Is he really drunk?

Kashan noticed how she was looking at him so he immediately put on an act and pouted like a baby. Zoya was taken aback to see how he was acting like a child. Why is it that she suddenly feels he looks so cute?

She shook her head sideways and put his shoes aside. Then she contemplated helping him to unbutton the buttons of the long sleeve shirt he is wearing. Why on earth is he even wearing a long sleeve shirt in this hot weather?

That was when Kashan took the cue and called out,“Hot… So hot.” He tugged at the tie at his neck. Zoya sighed and finally got in bed. As she untied the tie round his neck, her hands lightly brushed against his neck and his breathing quickened.

He gulped slightly as she removed the shirt and slowly unbutton only the upper buttons. Refusing to go downwards ?

She then stood up and gave him a small smile before saying,“I know you probably won’t remember this but I am going to cook a hangover soup and leave it in your fridge. I will write a note to inform you about it so when you wake up in the morning and you most probably must have forgotten, the hangover headache won’t wreck your dumb brain.”

Kashan was struggling to keep the childish expression on his face when all he wants to do is to get up from this damn bed and punish that sexy but saucy mouth of hers. Hmm??

Then he remembered his goal. He can’t let her leave. He did all this just to make her come here. He can’t just let her leave like this. So when she turned around to leave, he immediately held her hands and cried,“Bad baby!!! Bad baby!!! Baby wants to leave me… Don’t leave me!! Wah!! Wah!!”

Zoya already calculated his money with a smirk on her face. That’s two hundred thousand rupees. Then she faced him wondering why he is crying like a child. It’s somehow annoying you know.

“Hey! Don’t be such a cry baby. I actually thought all you know how to do is to complain. Never knew you could cry like a baby,” She whined as she tried to get him to release her hands.

But he refused to let go. Instead he increased the volume of his tears. She frowned, looking a little bit pissed off and warned him,“Seriously! Kashan, stop this already. This is getting annoying.”

But he still refused to let go. Zoya was so annoyed… Do you wanna know what happened next?

No?He didn’t pull her closer to him, making her fall and then they start looking at each other… That’s so lame and is totally zeeworld ?


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.