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His Heart? Knows

{?That he still wants her?}

Writer: Temiloluwa


?Don’t copy or repost my book ?


He was gonna apologise to her for what Samir said earlier but he wasn’t expecting what he met…. Aamir knocked lightly on the door but there was no response. He looked up at the room to confirm if he is in front of the right guest room.

After he confirmed that he is indeed in front of the right room, he knocked a little bit louder but there was still no response. Then he called out her name gently,“Neha..” But she still didn’t answer.

He thought that perhaps she was already asleep but then he thought of the sad state she left Samir’s room earlier and panicked that what if she was still crying. That was when he opened the door and stepped in.

He was a little bit suprised to meet the room empty. He wondered where she had gone to. He was just about to call out her name when the bathroom door opened and Neha came out in a white transparent night gown.

She was stunned to see him there and his eyes widened when he saw the cloth she was wearing. He immediately turned around to avoid seeing what his eyes isn’t supposed to see.

“I am so sorry. So sorry. I shouldn’t have come in unannounced. I didn’t know. I only wanted to apologise for what Samir did earlier,” he said quickly, hoping she wouldn’t misunderstand him but it was infact the opposite of what he was thinking that happened.

Neha smiled slyly. Just as she expected, he came here to apologise. She quickly adjusted her nightie and walked to him. He wouldn’t be able to resist her beauty right? She is sure that just one night with her is enough to make him forget about Zoya.

Even if everyone around him, including himself claims that he was or is not in love with Zoya, she can see that his feelings for that bitch is actually deeper than he thinks.

“It’s alright. I am sorry for leaving that way. I know he is just a child and I shouldn’t let what he say get to me. After all, we will be married soon,” she said lowly as she finally reached him and hugged him from behind.

Aamir looked down as her hands wrapped round his waist. He gulped a little. It’s been years since he’s had a woman. After Zoya left, he doesn’t know why but women just didn’t attract him anymore so instead of pinning and yearning, he buried himself in his heavy workload.

Now… Neha is hugging him so tight like this and they are alone in a freaking room all by themselves. What is she implying with this action?

Neha smiled when he didn’t resist and ended up caressing his chest. She gently ran her hands through the hard contours of his chest that she could feel through his shirt. He still didn’t respond or react.

He suddenly held her hands and turned around to look at her. Neha could barely keep off the smirk off her face when she saw the growing desire in his eyes. This means he at least feels something for her right?

She blinked her eyelashes at him and Aamir noticed that she wasn’t even wearing her hijab. For the first time in years that he has known her, he actually got to see the colour of her hair.

He trembled a little when he saw her glossy black hair which was just shoulder length and couldn’t stop himself from remembering a certain someone.

Her long black hair always used to spread on the bed whenever she removed her hijab or head tie. Even if he has never admitted it, he loved running his hands through her soft black hair strands whenever he knew she was asleep.

A lump suddenly formed in his throat as he thought of her again. “Aamir,” Neha’s voice brought him back to reality and he saw that there was a frown on her face which must be the result of his unresponsive face.

Neha thought that perhaps he didn’t want to take the first step and offend her so she tiptoed and put her hand behind his head. Then planted a kiss on his lips. Even so, Aamir didn’t respond but he did put his hands round her waist to pull her closer.


That was when the knock came. The knock that saved this stupid Aamir from commiting an irrefutable mistake. “Brother! Samir is refusing to cut his cake without you. Please come outside for a while!,” Zeenat’s loud voice came from outside.

Neha frowned as Aamir immediately released her and turned around. That little brat again! ?? Baby Samir, why do I love you so much ???

?Don’t copy or repost my book. You won’t know what will kill you ?

Zoya sighed as she parked her car. She walked out of the car and walked briskly to the front door. She opened the door just in time to hear a glass crashing to the floor, she gasped in fear and immediately rushed towards the direction of the sound.

When she got to Kashan’s mini bar, he was staggering around and the shattered pieces of a wine bottle scattered on the floor.

She immediately ran to him not even caring about the shreds of the glass. “You fool!,” she scolded. “I told you not to move an inch.”

She held him and tried to make him stand properly with great difficulty. Kashan smiled and said,“Cupcake! You are finally here. I was so worried. Have you seen my baby?”

Zoya sighed. She could already feel an incoming headache. Is he still yapping about having an alcoholic pregnancy? But she just decided to play along since like the saying ‘ customer is always right’ also goes with the saying ‘ Drunkards are always right.’

Never argue with a drunkard… You will end up like Chelsea fans????

“Where is the baby? I have not seen it,” Zoya replied and Kashan looked around before pointing at the broken wine bottle on the floor. He was about to say something when his eyes suddenly widened.

“My baby!!! My baby is broken… See cupcake, it’s on the floor!!,” he cried out. Zoya felt helpless. She wished she could shoot a video of him crying like a baby now so she can use it to blackmail him tomorrow but she couldn’t.

“Sshhh… I’ll take you to bed right away,” She hushed him, pulling him away. “Cupcake is so bad. Cupcake is a bad baby,” He whined as she pulled him to his bedroom.

Zoya glared at him. He is calling a baby!! A bad baby for that matter. Please, is there a law that you are allowed to murder a drunkard accidentally cause I think Zoya is about to do that right now…??



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.