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His Heart? Knows

{?That he still wants her?}

Writer: Temiloluwa


?Don’t copy or repost my book ?


“Shut up and stop screaming in my ear! You are not pregnant,” Zoya shouted back at Kashan in frustration when he wouldn’t stop crying about how the baby is about to come out. His imaginary baby of course. This is what happens when you drink ?Smokers die young likewise drunkards ?

Too much of everything is not good. “Why are you telling me to shut up!? I am in labour. I am the one feeling the pain here not you so stop asking me to shut up when I am about to give birth to a freaking baby!,” Kashan answered angrily with a moan of pain.

Zoya rubbed her face. Why did Allah make a big mistake and create this human being called Kashan Hussain!? Come to think of it… Zoya felt a little suspicious cause he is not stammering like drunk men are supposed to be stammering or stuttering.

His words are just coming out fine. Zoya was just about to question him when she thought of something again. If he is not drunk, he won’t be spouting out all these nonsense cause which man in his right sense will claim to be pregnant.

She knows it is pointless arguing with a drunk man since he already believes that he is pregnant so she just asked instead,“Where are you Kashan?”

She sounded a little bit worried. She is indeed worried. What if he is at a club right now and they are already planning to kick him out? She knows how wicked they can be. They won’t even care about the person’s identity.

“Well… Well… There is a beautiful pink chandelier here… It is very beautiful,” Kashan answered dreamily. Zoya rubbed her face. This man is a lost case.

“Kashan! I asked you where you are. I didn’t you to describe the place,” she retorted, feeling a little bit upset now.

“There is this beautiful sculpture of a man on the shelf,” Kashan answered again. Zoya was beyond frustrated now. She was about reprimand him when she remembered that she has been to Kashan’s house once.

There is a beautiful pink chandelier there and a beautiful painting not sculpture of Kashan in the sitting room. She immediately figured out that he must be at home.

She stood up and picked up the car keys for her purple Benz. “Wait right there Kashan and don’t move an inch. I will be there in an hour.” With that, she cut the call and walked out.

(Seriously ?He is in his freaking house. Why does she have to go there? Even if he is drunk, he is in his house though so I don’t get her decision ?)

Well, Zoya probably cares for him a little bit too much to leave him alone in that empty house drink and wasted. She is thinking of his well-being I guess.


“Hmm… What do you think? Are you sure she won’t suspect anything?,” a familiar voice that I know too well asked the bodyguard in front of him. I’m literally gasping ?right now.

It’s Kashan and he looks perfectly fine? Wasn’t he crying out on the phone about being pregnant with alcohol? What the heck is going on here? Hmm… I’m curious.

“Yes boss. Your acting skills was top notch. She completely believed you are drunk,” the bodyguard praised his boss.

Kashan gave a charming smile and said,“I was actually worried that she would shout at me to go to bed but she actually volunteered to come here instead. Do you think she is also starting to care about me?”

The bodyguard shrugged and thought of what to say. He doesn’t want to give his boss false hope in case his salary gets cut off? so the poor guy just said,“Boss, I really don’t know but what I know is that if you don’t taste like alcohol right now and make yourself smell like alcohol, she will surely discover your lies when she arrives.”

“I bet she won’t be so pleased at you for making her drive so late in the night,” the bodyguard quickly added. Kashan immediately scurried to his feet and rushed to the mini bar in his sitting room.

He brought out his favourite wine and sipped it, making sure his breath smells like alcohol before he then took part of the alcohol and rubbed it on his chin so his face now smells like alcohol.

The bodyguard was stunned when he did this. What the heck!? He never meant that he should rub the alcohol on his face so he can smell like alcohol. But when Kashan looked at him for approval, he gave a wide smile and thumbs up ?sign.

???Poor Kashan doesn’t know his bodyguard is making fun of him??

?Don’t copy or repost my book. You won’t know what will kill you ?

“Baby, I am so sorry I shouted at you. Please let’s go downstairs. Our guests are waiting for you. The sun will set soon,” Aamir pleaded.

Yeah! The time region is different so even if it’s so late at night in the country that Zoya lives in now, it’s still evening in the country Aamir and co lives.

“I feel like going to sleep early tonight so goodnight,” Samir replied sleepily. Aamir sighed and finally said,“I am sorry that I called Neha your mama. She isn’t your mama and will never take the place of your mama.”

Samir stood up immediately and asked,“Where is the cloth daddy?” Aamir stared at him, completely stunned at his complete change of expression.

“Hurry daddy! My cake is waiting for me,” Samir told him with a frown when he noticed that Aamir was still staring at him. Aamir immediately came to his sense and helped him in wearing the small armani suit tailored just for him.

When Aamir walked downstairs with Samir, he immediately scanned the place as the guests cheered loudly for Samir but he couldn’t see Neha anywhere.

He led Samir to his mother and his sister… In fact his whole family who was already waiting beside the cake. Once they got there, he immediately asked his mother discreetly,“Mom… Have you seen Neha?”

“Zeenat led her to the guest room. She complained of headache and I told her she can stay for the night,” his mother answered. He nodded and quickly turned away from the party.

He was gonna apologise to her for Samir had said but he wasn’t expecting what he met…. What??



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.