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But Samir called her back,“Nanny!” She immediately turned around with a hopeful look but he suddenly said,“I am thirsty. Please bring juice for me when coming back upstairs.”

The nanny was once again speechless. This little devil! She is going downstairs to report him and here he is, asking her to bring juice for him.

Samir giggled when she walked out. As soon as he left, he ran to the huge window in his room. He wasn’t tall enough but he just stood there and looked at the sky.

“Why does mama never show up for my birthday? Doesn’t she want Samir anymore?,” he asked himself quietly. He then walked to the huge frame on top of his bed.

It’s that wedding frame that has Aamir and Zoya in it. Mrs Sharma wanted to throw it away the day she decided Aamir would get married to Neha but the boy almost cried out his guts that day… Refusing to let go of the frame.

In the end, even though Mrs Sharma wanted to destroy everything that belongs to that woman, they had to hang the frame in his room.

That is why up till now, even if he doesn’t know Zoya. He knows from the picture that Neha isn’t his mother. He doesn’t know why his mother isn’t with them now.

He laid on the bed and just stared at the picture curiously. “Will she come to my birthday party this time?,” he asked himself.


Aamir frowned when his phone kept on vibrating. He should have put the damn thing on the table when he entered the conference room.

When the phone vibrated again, he brought out his phone and told his employees,“Go on.” Then he proceeded to check the messages. When he saw what the messages was all about, his eyes widened.

Oh sh*t! He forgot Samir’s birthday is today! Isn’t it supposed to be tomorrow? He immediately stood up and grabbed his coat.

“This meeting has been postponed. I have to go home now,” he said and all the employees stood up. The man standing in front of the conference room immediately interjected,“Sir, we still haven’t discussed the important proposal from Hussain’s company. It’s a company from a foreign country sir.”

Aamir looked back at him angrily and said,“I told you the meeting has been postponed. Are you deaf huh!? I think you don’t need this job anymore!”

A hush fell upon the room as everyone stared at Aamir. Is he indirectly sacking the man!?

Aamir sighed and walked out of the room briskly leaving the whole room in confusion. The man that had spoken was already shaking. Did he just lose his job?

Just then that angelic voice said,“Don’t worry Amal. You still have the job. He is just stressed out.” The man looked at the woman that had just spoken like she was his saviour.

“Thank you Mrs Sharma,” he said bowing severally. Neha blushed and tried to hide her happiness at being called that way.

“Oh! Please, don’t call me that way. We are not even engaged yet,” she said and then she quickly walked out of the room.

She smiled when she heard someone say something just before she walked out,“What is taking the CEO such a long time to claim this woman as his?”

When she got out, she saw that Aamir was just about to enter his car. She called him quickly and pouted,“Aamir! Do you want to leave without me?”

Aamir didn’t say anything but he waited for her to get in before starting the car. Just before he started driving, she suddenly leaned in and kissed him.

He was stunned and when he looked at her, she just looked down while blushing. He still didn’t say anything. Just shook his head and drove out of the premises.


A skyscraper stood tall and proud towering over the buildings in the vicinity. It had the logo K.H on it. It was designed in a globe.

Even if it was already so late, staffs could be seen walking around the building. In the CEO’s office, two people could be seen arguing over something. If I didn’t know better, I would have described them as a couple.

“Seriously Zoya! I told you to always spell out my names when designing. It’s Kashan Hussain not K.H!,” the young and handsome looking man told his companion.

Zoya frowned and looked at him. “Why the heck are you acting overly dramatic!? This is the trend now. Don’t you want to use this chic style? Do I have to spell out your long names for everyone?”

Kashan looked upset. “Don’t talk to me like that. I am the boss remember? I can fire you.” Zoya laughed and Kashan appeared dazed when he watched the way the smile accentuated her face.

“Great! Go ahead boss and fire me. You will come back to me begging,” she told him haughtily. Kashan smirked and moved closer before whispering to her,“Is it because you still have daddy that you can run to anytime that you are acting this way? Let me tell you this. You are ‘daddy’s girl’ in case you don’t know”

Zoya pushed him away and wiped her shirt. She looked disgusted. “Do you have to come close to me so you can whisper in that croaky voice of yours? Let me tell you too. Your voice sounds like that of a frog in case you don’t know.”

Kashan was speechless. He immediately protested,“How dare you compare every lady prince charming to a frog?” Zoya eyed him and told him,“I don’t see anything charming about you. They must be blind.”

“You should get glasses,” he said. “That’s it. I am going home before I destroy that ugly face of yours,” she said as she turned around.

“What if I inform your father that you are not as innocent as you claim to be?,” he told her haughtily. She laughed and turned back to face him.

“Mr Kashan, you can try. I’m always Papa’s princess and I won’t punish you when you tell him. I will only bash your new car and give it a great design.” With that she walked out.

“She-devil,” Kashan whispered under his breath as she walked away.


Zoya- She-devil???

Samir- little devil????


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.