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His Heart? Knows

{?That he still wants her?}

Writer: Temiloluwa


?Don’t copy or repost my book ?


>> Present Day<<

The Sharma’s mansion was bustling with festive activities as servants walked up and down. Each one busy with different chores. Apparently, they are decorating the whole place for a kind of event.

Mrs Sharma walked around the sitting room observing the decorations. When Zeenat passed by, she quickly called her,“Zeenat! Did you call your brother like I told you to? He mustn’t be late for this kind of special occasion.”

Zeenat didn’t know what to say. She completely forgot to call Aamir because she was talking to her boyfriend. Mrs Sharma looked at her with a frown wondering why she is not saying anything.

“Zeenat! I asked you a question! And why aren’t you dressed yet!?,” Mrs Sharma scrutinized her daughter’s outfit. Zeenat gasped and looked down at the beautiful orange abaya she was wearing.

She even paired it with a beautifully decorated hijab and spent hours getting herself ready so what is mother saying now!?

“Mom! What are you saying!? I am already dressed. Why should I get dressed again when I am already dressed?,” she asked her mother. Mrs Sharma looked at her with a frown and answered,“This cloth is not good enough. You have new clothes. Can’t you wear one of those ones?”

Zeenat frowned but didn’t answer. Mrs Sharma remembered what she was asking her before this whole fiasco of cloth started. So she asked again,“Did you call your brother or not? If you did, call him again and ask him to hurry up. Also tell him to come along with Neha.”

“They should start behaving more of a couple… I don’t know why Aamir is being unreasonable towards that sweet lady who has shown nothing but love to him and Samir,” she complained and Zeenat just looked at her.

One of her guests called her and she walked away after giving Zeenat a look that clearly states,’Make sure to change your cloth and call Aamir.’

As soon as her mother walked away, she brought out her phone and sent a message to her brother instead cause she knows her brother will never answer her calls.

As soon as the message was delivered successfully, she walked away while chatting with her boyfriend.

Meanwhile in one of the room upstairs, chaos was going on. A little boy who is probably four years was running around the room wearing nothing and a woman was chasing after him.

The woman stopped for a moment to catch her breath. Then she looked up with a pleading expression and said,“Samir… Please just put on this cloth for my sake. Your grandma will be very upset if you still haven’t dressed up when your friends start arriving for the party.”

The boy looked at her exhausted expression and said,“I don’t care. I am going to stay naked like this till papa comes. He always miss my birthday party every year. So take a picture of my butt and send it to him.”

The silly boy even turned around and pushed his butt out for the nanny to take a picture. He mumbled,“This is how aunty Zeenat always stand whenever she wants to take a picture.”?

The nanny sighed and walked to him slowly. She said,“Samir, you know mommy and daddy will be upset when they come home to meet you like this.”

The boy turned around and quickly walked backwards when he saw that the nanny was about to get to where he was standing.

He frowned and told her,“She is not my mommy! Why do you all keep on calling her my mommy? I don’t like her! Papa doesn’t like her either!”

The nanny quickly hushed him. It’s so sad that this little boy already knows too much than he should know for his age.

Samir looked up at her when she said,“Sssh” to him. He frowned and replied,“Sssh… You too sssh. Don’t call her my mommy again so ssshh.”

The nanny was speechless. He actually mimicked her actions. This naughty boy. “Samir, I will tell grandma that you have refused to wear your cloth.” Samir walked to the little chair in his room and sat down in a way that his legs were crossed.

“Go on. Tell grandma. I don’t care. Call the cops… I still won’t care until papa comes here,” he told. The nanny has finally had enough of his nonsense. She walked out to go and inform Mrs Sharma what her naughty grandson is currently doing.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.