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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)





🔞She’s irresistible 🔞

⚜️Teen fiction, romance, hatred, billionaire ⚜️

Written by Cassie

🦇 Chapter 43🦇

The night was calm, and cool.
As the cool breeze blew.. soothing each skin.
A man stood at the balcony of his Mansion.
His eyes darting to the other part of the Mansion.
He sighed, feeling a warm hand wrap his waist.

I don’t know why you’re thinking so hard about things Roland.
Alexander is happy now, that’s what you’ve always wanted. Right? The woman’s voice could be heard, as she buried her head on his back.

Yes, I’m happy to hear that.
Clarissa will be so happy.
She has always been looking for a day for that guy to finally see a woman.. He chuckled.

Yes, that’s why.. you should go over and congratulate him. She smiled.
You’re right Nile. I’ll do that tomorrow. He said again, and grinned.

Good evening Mother. Ryan smiled at the woman that was sleeping on the bed, with a smile on her face.

Hmm..every one tends to smile nowadays. Ryan muttered, smiling too.
I thought when Ava said it, it was just a joke. The woman muttered, with a deep sigh.

What did Ava say? Daisy asked, with widened eyes.
Nothing. Don’t worry, I’m not suppose to talk about it. The older woman Answered.

Seriously Mother? Don’t tell me you’re supporting her again?!! Daisy frowned.
I’m just rooting for both of you. Her mother replied, making Ryan chuckle.

You’re so funny, Mother. Ryan muttered, taking a seat close to the small bed.
Hey!? You’re suppose to get going already Sir. Daisy mumbled, using her eyes to tell him to get going.

Why? You were clinging to me a while ago?
Why? Was it because of they girls? He questioned.

Her eyes widened, and she coughed.
I don’t get you. Why would I be jealous?! She glared at him.

Jealous!? I never said a thing about Jealousy?!! Ryan smirked, winking at her.
Awwwnnnn… You too are so sweet. The older woman snapped both of them out of their world.

Stop talking already Mom, and rest.
You need a lot of rest now. Daisy mumbled, with a smile.

Go home Daisy, I’ll stay with Ava today.
She says she wants to stay so she could see that Handsome doctor that takes care of me. The woman said.

Hahaha… An idiot has a crush?! Daisy laughed, as she shook her head.

Go home, and rest Daisy. She muttered.
She turned to the man that was just staring and grinned.
Please help me take her home and make sure she rests. Thank you. She said and he nodded.

I can do that Mom, it’s simple. Ryan said, as he smirked.
Stop smirking that way, Ryan. I don’t like it. Daisy said, as she frowned.

Tch! It’s not over soon.

Whew!! Daisy yawned, as she opened the door of the car and stepped down.
Ryan stepped down too and she frowned.

Thank you so much, for driving me home.
But then why did you get down too? She asked.

Your mother asked me to make sure you sleep and don’t work out. He said.
Damn! She chuckled… And walked away from the car.

He followed suit, locking his car.

How small is your room? He asked, as they just got closer to the apartment.
Hmm, not small.
It’s big enough for two, but then why are you asking?! She queried.

Uhmm…. Nothing. He muttered. She nodded, shaking her head.
She opened the door, and they got in side.
She switched on the lights and turned to him.

Hey, get in. She shrugged… And he got in.
He smiled, and walked to the couch.
I need Becardi. He said, and she huffed.

I don’t have that here Mr Lucci.
We only have soft drinks here. She muttered, Taking off her shirt.

You’re going to take that off here? He asked, standing up and walking to her.

I have my singlet on, don’t think too far. She mumbled.
She shivered, feeling some one behind her.

Hey. Why are you this close? She blinked, at him.
Hmm. He shrugged his shoulders and smirked.

Why? Does it make you uncomfortable? He asked, and she laughed.
She turned to him, and smirked.

Her shirt was already off.. and her buttons were hanging out.
She smiled at him.
His eyes went to her chest and he grinned.

You’re beautiful. He said, still staring at her chest.
Hey. Are you staring at my breast? She asked, with a raised brow.

Hmm… He hummed, with a nod.
They’re beautiful.. too perky.
I even thought you had a bra on. He shrugged.
And you are braless. Just Wow! He winked at her.

She rolled her eyes, and pushed him slightly.
He chuckled, and caught her hand as she was about to leave.

Hey, let me go. She struggled, trying to get her hand free from him.
You can’t do that. He mumbled, with a smile.

Remember when I tell you that I’d fúçk you tommorow night?
Are you expecting it? He whispered.
She glared at him, and chuckled.

Why? Why should I keep thinking about that? I don’t even know you that much!! She mumbled.

Why? It’s not a much that you must know me to fúçk me, Daisy!! He said.

Tch! You’re such a Perverted idiot.
I think you need to leave now. She muttered.

Why? So you’d do some thing else.
I was asked to make sure you sleep Daisy and I’m not leaving till you do. He smiled.
Hmm..okay then. Daisy replied, as she walked away from him.

She walked in to the bathroom and took her bath quickly.
Are you taking your bath? She asked, as she stepped out from the bath room.

He smiled, running her cheek.
You’re beautiful. He said.
She grinned, her hand clutching the towel on her body so it would not fall.

Hmm.. you’re holding that pretty tightly. He said, staring at the towel.

Seriously?! Did you expect me to hold it loosely, so you would just take it off. She cocked a brow.
He grabbed her hand and pulled her closer.
She gasp, and tried to push him away softly.

Don’t. Stop pushing, cause I’ll definitely take that off. He mumbled.
She glared at him and he finally let her go.

I’m sure I might, just make tommorow night.. tonight.
Whaat do you say?!!

T. B. C…


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