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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)





🔞She’s irresistible 🔞

⚜️Teen fiction, romance, hatred, billionaire ⚜️

Written by Cassie

🦇 Chapter 42🦇

Brother in-law?! Ava called again, as she stood up and ran to her man that gave her a smile.
How are you doing, kiddo? He asked.

She frowned, and scoffed.
I’m not a kiddo Brother in-law, I’m a teenager. She said, and he nodded.

Shut up Ava, you’re just Seventeen. Daisy mumbled, as she rolled her eyes.
Don’t tell my age Daisy. Ava glared at her older sister.

And don’t talk to your sister that way, kiddo. Ryan corrected, with a raised brow.
See how he’s defending you, after you’d call him names. Ava muttered.

I didn’t call him names Ava, stop lying. Daisy scolded.
Yeah, you did sister. You did. Ava replied, as she sat down.

And here I thought Brother in-law would take my side.
Seems he only sees his girlfriend. She added, with a sigh.

Where is mother? Daisy asked.
She’s in side, don’t worry.. she’s not mad at you. Ava said.

Daisy smiled. Thank you little sweetie. She winked, and Ava frowned.

Don’t call me that. Ava huffed.
I’ll be quick. She turned to Ryan and sighed.
I’ll be going too, I’m not waiting here for any report. Ryan mumbled, walking pass her and going over to the room that had the number 302 on top of it.

You want to go in too? She blinked, at him.
Yes, and stop staring at me like that. Ryan smirked.

Oh… Okay. I just don’t want my mother to think otherwise. Daisy shrugged.
Why? She’d think you’re my girlfriend?! Ryan smirked again.

Yes. I don’t want to get her hopes up. Daisy chuckled.
Ryan shook his head, ignoring the woman that was bantering.

Xandria hissed, as she stepped down from the car.
I don’t want to be here. She half yelled, glaring at the man that had a huge grin on his face.

Than where do you want to be? He asked.
Any where else. She answered.
Like my room instead of my Mansion? He questioned.

Your room is the same place as your house Alexander, stop keeping that face. Xandria snorted.

Get over here. He ordered, with a smile.
When you say it like that, with that smile. I get the wrong idea. Xandria chuckled, still standing where she was.

I’ll do more than just torturing if I get to where you are “wifey.” He said again.
She grinned, and moved her legs movie over to where he stood.

And I thought you were that Stubborn. He mumbled.

I’m not when you say it that sexily. She bit her lips, and gave him a quick peck.
If you want to kiss me, do it well. He whispered, staring at her.

She smiled, tiptoeing to give him a passionate kiss.
He responded too, kissing her back as if she was just the perfect ice cream for him.

He pulled her closer, ignoring the fact that the were out side.
She broke the kiss, and chuckled.

You really want to make out side with me? Seriously!? She chuckled more.
We’re not making out, don’t worry. He mumbled, giving her space.

She nodded, as she looked at the front of the Mansion.
She waved at the woman that was standing at the balcony… Staring at her with smiles.

She made this all possible. Right? Xandria gave a huge grin to the woman that chuckled.

She loves you so much, I don’t even know why. Xander said, with a smirk.
Maybe she loves her Son so much, that she get him what ever he craves. She mumbled.

So? You’re saying that I crave for you!? He cocked a brow.
Yes. She replied, tilting her head to meet his gaze.
You’re acting too much, How can I? how can I Alexander De Lucci crave for a woman? that’s too funny to think. He raised a brow.

She chuckled, pulling his collar down to meet her lips.
You talk too much, too much. She muttered, giving him a kiss.
Let’s go in side now. She mumbled, letting go of his shirt as she walked away.

They both got in to the Mansion, and Xandria heaved a deep breath.
Wow! I’m finally here after so many weeks.
Xandria mumbled, as she slumped down on the couch.
Hi Xandria. Emilia stepped in to the living room, and gave her a smile.
Hi Mummy Emilia. Xandria grinned.

Have you finally seen the Wallpaper? I made it that possible so you would not notice soon. Sorry hunny!
It’s okay Mummy, I loved the surprised. Xandria said, as she turned to the man that was already sitted too.

Stop staring like that Xander. I love you. Xandria said, as she covered her face.
Awwwnnnn, look how she’s blushing. Emilia mumbled, as she pointed at her cheeks.

Huh? That’s not fair Mother, you’re not being fair. Xandria chuckled, as she stood up and ran up the stairs.

And look who was denying his love for a girl? Now you’re more Handsome than ever!! She teased.
Stop it Mother, it’s not my fault any ways. Xander shook his head, as he stood up and walked up the stairs too.

Emilia shook her head, as a smile crept to her lips.
Her children were getting happy, and she loved it so much!!

T. B. C..


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