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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)





🔞She’s irresistible 🔞

⚜️Teen fiction, romance, hatred, billionaire ⚜️

Written by Cassie

🦇 Chapter 41🦇

The drive was going smoothly, as the silence ensued in the car.
Daisy’s eyes were fixed out side as she stared at the trees that seem as if they were moving too.

Stop. Ryan finally mumbled.
She turned to him.
Me? She asked, with a grimaced face.

Yes you. You’re shaking. He replied.
Huh? I am? She blinked, and he nodded.

Yes you are,Daisy Peters. He replied.
Tch! You didn’t have to say it that way to make it so obvious. She Mumbled, with a laugh.
Daisy Peters. She added.

He chuckled, and shook his head.
Your smile is perfect. He mumbled, turning to her.

Thank you. She mumbled, her cheek heating up.
Your cheek is getting red. He teased.

Stop it already Ryan Lucci.
Never thought you were the type to flirt with a lady. She rolled her eyes.

He shook his head again.
I kissed you more than two times today and you think I’m not some one that flirts?! He gaped at her.

She chuckled, as her cheek got more redder.
Damn this guy!
A moment ago, he was cold and jerky and now… He was acting different?!

What surgery did she get? Your mother? He asked, his gaze darting to the road.

Huh? She… Uhmm. She bit her lips, trying to peek at him.
What surgery did she under go? He asked again.

Brain surgery. She Mumbled.
What? He turned to her with widened eyes.
You’re not serious, are you? He asked, and she nodded.

She uhmm, had a brain problem ever since she was young.
Although it was not that painful then, she suffered a lot.

She had her first diagnosis last year and now.. another pain started.
Every thing is just messed up. She heaved a deep breath.

Are you okay? He asked, stopping the car by the road side, as she covered her face with her palm.

I..I should have been there.
I should I’ve been there for her, I totally forgot about it.
What if she gets sad knowing I’m not there for her. She mumbled, as a tear left her eyes.

She will definitely understand.
She knows you love her so much, She’ll Understand. He asnwered, brushing her hair with his fingers.

She nodded, lifting her face.
She smiled, and cleaned her face.
Yes, she was a strong person.
And her mother would definitely understand.!!

Hmm… Are you going with me now? Xander asked, as he gave her puppy eyes.
No, I’m not. Xandria shook her head.

Then I’ll be force to kidnap you. He whispered to her ears.
They were already out side the company and was ready to leave.

People are watching, how would you do that? She asked, with a wink.
Are you trying the Almighty Alexander De Lucci??
I can do any thing I want you know!! He grinned.

You can’t. Your workers would see it. She grinned too.
Hmmm… He smiled, turning to see the workers and people that were watching them.

He turned to her, and in one swift he carried her up in a bridal style.
Xander!! Drop me down. Now!! She half yelled, hitting him gently.

He chuckled, as he signalled one of his men to open the car door.
He dropped her in the car, and winked at her… As he settled down too.

Stop glaring at me like that, every one knows that we’re getting married. He smiled.
You jerk! She hit him again, with another glare.

He caught her hand and pulled her closer, giving her a peck on the lips.
She blinked, as a smile spread out her lips.

Damn! You’re so sexy! She whispered and he chuckled.
I know, that’s my charm.
And you can’t stop loving this sexy man. He mumbled, and she laughed.

I promise I won’t.
I won’t stop loving you….sexy man! She winked at him.
Her eyes suddenly went to the driver that had his eyes fixed on the rearview.
She coughed, and adjusted to her seat.

Where to Boss? The driver asked, as his eyes left the rearview where he was watching his Boss act like a baby.
Geez! Love is so powerful. He thought.

Home! Xander answered, with a smile.

Good evening dear. Daisy greeted, as she smiled at the woman that sat on the counter.
Good evening Ma’am. Who are you here to see? The nurse asked.

Carson Peters. Daisy answered, with a smile.
Okay, that would be 302. The nurse said.

Okay. Thank you.
She turned to the man that was staring at her as if she was a beautiful piece of art.
She turned to the other ladies, and they were glaring at her.

Tch! Women!!
As if they could actually have him after glaring at her.
She glared back at the lady in red and walked to Ryan.
She grabbed his hand, and smiled.

It’s room 302. Let’s go already. She mumbled, and Ryan nodded, chuckling.

Are you trying to make those ladies jealous? He whispered, and she nodded a No.
I’m just being good. She answered.

Hahaha… What a good way of being Good! He nodded too.
As she was about to turn to the oth t corridor.
A voice called them out of their sweet fairy tale.

“Brother in-law”?

T. B. C…


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