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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)





🔞She’s irresistible 🔞

⚜️Teen fiction, romance, hatred, billionaire ⚜️

Written by Cassie

🦇 Chapter 40🦇

The day was going as every normal day.
Alexandria was leaning on the door, as she stared at the man that was facing the wall.

She was already overwhelmed with the thought that she would get married to him the day before tomorrow.
Geez! It was so real that she thought it would make her wét just thinking about it.

Xander turned, just as he caught some one through the glass, staring at him.
She smiled, and winked at him.
Hi! She smiled, walking, closer to him.

He smiled, staring at her as if she was an angel sent by God.
And yes, she indeed was.

I wonder what super man is thinking about? She teased, and he chuckled.
He grabbed her hand, just as she close to him and pulled her closer to him self.
Aren’t you going to ask me? He asked, his eyes piercing hers.

Hmm.. about what? She asked too.
Aren’t you going to ask me what you’ve always wanted to ask? He smirked.
About your past? She cocked a brow, and he nodded.

Really? You’ll answer me? She queried, with dilated eyes and he nodded.
What Happened? When you went to Texas that year at the lounge’s exit. What Happened? She asked.

He blinked his eyes, and chuckled.
You are in deed amazing. He chuckled.
How did you know about that? I certainly never said any thing about it? He questioned, pulling her so close that a small pull and their lips would meet.

I… I… Uhm.. I actually, I sent some one to follow you.
Crazy right? She laughed.
I knew that you would go there and like usual, there would cause trouble. So I wanted to be sure. She answered, chuckling.

He smiled, Giving her a kiss.
So! What would you have done if actually they did hurt me!? He asked.

I would have come there and kill some one. She said, with a Stern voice.
Hmm.. that seems promising. He replied.

Tch! So what Happened? She asked again.
We were having a meeting and then… The gas exploded right in the meeting room, as if it was planned.
Every body was already out and I had to use the lounge exit. He answered.

Hmm… She nodded.
How brilliant. She commented, with a wink.
What else? He asked.

Who is Clarissa? She blurted.
Every thing seem to stop, as Xander froze.
His eyes darkened.
Clarissa?! He asked, and she nodded.

He heaved a deep breath and chuckled. A throaty pained filled chuckled.

Clarissa was my Friend Twin! He answered, letting go of her.
I was the reason she died! He mumbled.

Huh? She blinked, watching him as he clenched his fist.
Ohh… Sorry. I I thought she was your…

Girlfriend. He completed, and smiled.
No, she was not.
I have never had a Girlfriend. He replied.

We did every thing together, except bathing of course. He mumbled, and she chuckled.
We slept together in the same room despite being told not to, that’ll it cause misunderstanding.

She was a perfect person I never thought I’d lose so early.
He closed his head eyes and bit his lips.
She… She.. was amazing.

Boys crowded out area when ever she was near by.
She had a boy friend named David then.
She was a perfect piece of art. She was my Clarissa untill I messed up! He chuckled, raising his hand to wipe the tear that had wanted to come down.

What happened? How did she die? Xandria asked, as her heart raced a marathon.
Clarissa was a big part of Xander’s life… That she knew.

But then, she had thought that Clarissa was his girlfriend.
But then she wasn’t.
She had seen the girls picture so many times.

And every time she did.
She had a shirt of a cap or a sneaker that had Alexander on it.

I..I did what I was not suppose to do!!

Daisy was staring around once again, taking in the beauty of being in a first class restaurant.
Okay! Was this a restaurant or an hotel?
Cause Damn! It was well decorated.

Do you like it here? Emilia asked.
She nodded with a smile.
Who would not like it here?
It was a pure definition of money!!

Ryan. Emilia called,and Ryan cocked a brow.
What is it Mom? He sighed.
What do you think will happen if Daisy be comes a woman of the Classy Den? Emilia asked.

Classy Den?! Ryan asked, with a raised brow, as he stared at his mother.
He knew the Classy Den. It was for the rich women.
Although they had being a group of Servators. But then Daisy?

Mom? He blinked.
I mean, she’s too pretty to be living any how. Emilia shrugged.
Classy Den? Who are they? Daisy asked.

Nothing. Just a bunch of rich women who like to show off their new bags, new shoes, new clothes and many new things. Ryan asnwered.

Ohh.. Daisy nodded,as she shrugged her shoulders.
She glanced at her wrist watch and sighed.
Damn! She was suppose to be with her mother right now.. as she was about to take her test for the surgery she would go through.

She bit her lips.
I’m so sorry Ma’am, I have an emergency.
I’ll make sure to get back to you. She said, standing up.

Hey. What’s wrong? Ryan was already up too, his face masked with worry.
I.. uhmm, My mother is taking a test today, and I have to be there with her.
Ava can’t do it alone. She mumbled.

I’ll drive you there. He offered.
No, you don’t have to. I don’t want to be a bother. She shook her head.

And I didn’t say it as a bother. Did I? He huffed, moving pass her.
She sighed, an turned to the woman who winked at her.
He’s all yours. She whispered.

Daisy shook her head at the older woman.
Take care of your Mother, Don’t worry she’ll be okay. Emilia said,and she nodded.

Taking a last glance at the woman that was still seated on the chair.
She ran out of the restaurant to the man that was leaning on the car.

T. B. C..


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