HIS BODYGUARD … (18+) … Part 1

{ am not made for you }

Written by chididnma Jerry

Who is Maya??
it’s only right to repost this one since I posted it on instagram already.

epic intro……………………….

“Lara where Is your elder sister” Maria shouted to lara who leaned on the frontal balcony with her friends.
“Mum Maya is beating the landlord” Lara said in making Maria leave what she was cooking.
She ran out to the balcony and watched Maya in confusion.

Maya is going to twenty in few months.
and she grew to be dangerously quiet but troublesome when angered.

“Maya” her mum shouted but Maya was too far to hear
” I warned you to stop insulting my mother but —
“maya I won’t insult her again. Please forgive me”he said
“i warned you to stop insulting my mother” Maya said again as she kicked his tummy.

“Maya” her mum shouted.
She looked up and her eye turned blue just when she looked at her mum.
her mum frowned at her and she controlled herself.
She moved back from the wicked man and took her best friends hands.
her and chloe walked to school.

Maria took a deep breath.
she looked at her dead husbands picture.

“Honey, Maya is really getting full control of her powers now and I am glad.
but the problem Is that she doesn’t take nonsense and she beats up anyone who annoys her.
ahhh what do I do with Maya…
next tommorow she will graduate the 7th rank and go to Lee sung training school for her 8th rank training.

am so scared cos lee sung is a boarding school.
what if she beats up all her seniors and teachers..

She sat on her couch and went down to memory lane. She rembered exactly how maya came into her life

Flash-back, sixteen years ago 💋
Maria sat well on the hospital bed where she waited for the nurse to come and check on her.
After 9 miscarriages in the past she is finally four months pregnant.
This pregnancy that gives her sleepless nights and endless bleeding.
She just wishes the child will stay.
At least it should stay because it suffered her so much already.
Her biggest fear is loosing this child.


Soon the mid-wife was done checking her up.
“Maria are you still experiencing the bleeding?”she asked
“Yes”Maria said in half tears
“Maria this child is not safe,strong or healthy. Secondly so many things are fighting against her in your womb. I advice you remove this child and after treating and cleansing your womb you can try again”the mid wife said.
“Again? After all the pain I went through?” She asked
The mid wife felt her pain deeply.
“Come back by evening for the process, trust me its for the best. It will be more deadly if it keeps growning and still dies in womb before birth”the nurse said.

Maria nodded and walked out.
She still felt so much pain.
She just didn’t know where to go to. She lived with her husband’s granny and her husband who has been treating her bad recently because of her childless condition.
He doesn’t even touch or talk to her anymore.
She preferred to spend her time at the beach till time for the abortion.
She felt so much cramps and contractions.
Another bleeding started and she felt it but she still held it in and headed to the beach in tears.
She couldn’t contain her pain.
Feeling like a mother for four months was so sweet but now back to the same story again.
This child was the only one that stayed longest but now everything got ruined.
She dried her tears as she arrived at the beach.
It was so quiet, no one was there.
She still sat down on the floor
With both hands on her tummy.
Tears kept falling down her eye. Maria stayed there till Evening fell.it was time for the abortion but she just felt like spending more 3O minutes.
She looked at her tummy in tears.
Her tears dropped and someone dried her tears.
She opened her eye in shock and saw a little girl.
She looked around everywhere was empty.
The girl was dressed in different pearls and diamonds then a white gown which balanced on her chest.
She was very small and looked like a doll.
Maria smiled as she touched her hair.
Her hair was touching her kneel.
Maria knew she was either 3 or 4 years old but she was so pretty.
Her skin glittered like she lived in the ocean.
She smiled at Maria and touched her tummy.
Just then all the pain stopped.
Maria was surprised but she forced herself to belive in coincidence.

“Hey,where Is your mum?”Maria asked her.
“She’s far”the girl said and Pointed to the ocean.
“Where is your daddy”Maria asked
“He is far too “the girl said and Pointed to the ocean.

“Oh no, there must have been a ship wreck. Poor kid.”Maria thought.

“What is your name,”Maria asked
‘Amaya”the girl said.
“Pretty you “Maria said
“Come on mom, am hungry let’s go”she said and hugged Maria.

She stood up and took Amaya with her.
They both strolled down holding hands till they got to the hospital junction.
“Is your house pretty?”Amaya asked her and she nodded.
Amaya smiled.
“Amaya I have an appointment at the hospital so Let’s go and after that we will go home. I will take you to my house” she said and dragged the girl with her then headed off to the hospital.

“Mrs Maria,uhmmm one last check up BEFORe the process”the nurse said.
Maria nodded.


“Hahaha Maria, omg this Is a miracle. Your baby is healthy now. Your child is so strong she can move mountains”the nurse said.

Maria stood up in shock as the only thought that came into her mind was Amaya.

She rushed to the reception but didn’t see the girl again.

She ran into the streets in tears.
“Amaya,” she shouted.
No one came.
“My child, let’s go home am done” she said and the small girl walked out of nowhere.

She shivered in fear.
“Where did you go to”Maria asked
“I went to get a flower for you”the girl said.
She bent and the girl placed the flower in her hair.

Maria was so happy she finally got someone who will keep her company at home.
Amaya also brought her good luck.
She only prayed amaya’s parents or relatives Wont take her from her.

She smiled as she held the girls hand and they arrived home.
And just before she could take one step into the house her husband’s grandmother who doesn’t even see well walked out.
The old woman is an ancient seer.

“Hmmm Maria what are you taking into your house “the woman said.
“She’s a baby, am sure there was a ship wreck granny so i will train her as my child from now on”Maria said
“Of course she is a baby but she is not a human child, she is a water spirit” the woman said.
Just then Amaya’s eye turned blue and returned to normal.
Maria didn’t see this.

“Granny that’s not true. She’s just a baby, My baby Amaya” she said and dragged AMaya into the house.

“Maria stop”the old woman said in anger..
“Granny”she said
“Bring the girl to the well outside, I will prove to you who Amaya is”the old woman said and walked out.

Amaya hugged Maria tight

“Who are you?”Maria asked
“I want to be your baby too, I won’t hurt you”the girl said and Maria bent down then hugged her tight.
Until she felt grandmother drag Amaya away

she ran out.

“Granny”she shouted.
“Shut up and watch”the woman said as she threw Amaya into the water.
“So what mum, nothing happened”Maria said
“The water hasn’t touched her face yet”the woman said

Maria watched carefully and immediately the water touched her face Amaya disappeared.

Maria fell down in schock.

“Granny what is she”Maria asked
“She Is a mavka, a baby mavka. She is not dangerous yet but she will once she turns eighteen. I don’t know how she crossed the boundary to the human world” the old woman said.
“What boundary” Maria asked
“Mavka’s are water spirits. They are very beautiful with exceptional hair and they are a danger to human men.
When the come out of the water they posses a human body but when they enter water they disappear” granny said.

“How do you mean danger to young men?”Maria asked.

” Unlike mermaids who can come out, fall in love and stay human with their loved one’s. mavkas shouldn’t fall in love because they can’t get intimate with a human man.
If they kiss a man he would die, if they have any form of intimacy with a man the male party will die.
But in the past they still came out and fell in love.
They also killed their loved one’s by mistake so many times.
So the priests appeased the goddess and the ocean was sealed.
A ritual was performed and a spiritual boundary was set in the ocean. Mermaids can come out but mavkas can’t.
I don’t know how that kid came to you Maria but am glad she left. “the woman said.
“Granny what other powers do they posses.”Maria asked.
” a baby or teen mavka can be trained as a normal child and they would live normally and co exist as long as they don’t go near water no one will know they are not human but if thrown into water they would disappear.” granny said.

“Why,”Maria asked
” because mavkas they are water spirits. Whenever they disappear like that they go into a very strong war with their family. Most of them won’t return to the human world again.
but if they do return to a particular human world , family or street again then the legend says they are destined to be there.”She said.
“Yes Maria, also if a mavka in human world wants to find something like a missing friend or pet; It has to be human. All she has to do is go under water with that thought in her mind, she will disappear and appear exactly where that thing is. she would also appear naked and with a different colour and length of hair even if she entered the water wearing fifteen cloths. most mavkas avoid water because if you are not strong enough then you wont return after disappearing because the boundary might trap you tight and you won’t come back. … That’s why they make sure they are always in full health each time they enter water after becoming human cos if they are wounded,stabbed or sick. They would never come out again but they would heal and continue living in water” she said
“They are really powerful granny”Maria said.
“Yes and they have no reflection in water. If you want to know a mavka in human form take them to a clear beach or water. You will realise that no matter how clear water is you won’t see their reflection. Apart from these two signs and their extra long hair, baby and teen mavka’s can live a normal life in human form without acting weird or being harmful just until they turn eighteen “granny said.

“What about when they turn eighteen” Maria asked
“That’s when she becomes a threat. If she falls in love or gets a boyfriend she will kill him from their first kiss. She will posses the strength of a thousand fighters. Her hair must touch her kneel and her beauty will be indescribable. She will feel double of every human need,feeling or desire. When she gets too hungry she might even eat a human being.when she’s thirsty she might drink an ocean. When she’s cold she will feel like she is under water. When she is hot she will feel like she is inside fire. When she angry she might eliminate a whole nation. When she’s sad she might cry a bucket. They feel double of every normal human feeling when they are in the human world. Most of them have different gifts too. Most of them have some gifts and most of them have all the gifts at once.
Most of them are destined and free to fall to in love but they are very rare. Most of the powers they can posses includes super strength,flash speed. Smartness, super sight and full environmental control. You see Maria, a mavka is not safe. You can’t keep that little girl as your own not with your unborn baby” granny said
” But she gave me good luck today.she is still a baby and I wanted to train her as my own. Even if she is immortal I will train her like human and teach her to control her powers when she turns eighteen. I can do it mum am not scared of AMaya. Why did you send her away.” Maria said.
“I sent her to where she belongs and she can never return.She is not old or strong enough to fight and come back. But if she returns again and returns to you then it means that for some reason whatsoever she is destined to be in the human world at this time and I won’t stop destiny” the old woman said as she looked into the well.

Maria dried her tears.
She suddenly felt someone touch her from behind.

She hastily turned and it was Amaya.
She was naked and now wore a thick brown longer hair.
Maria was shocked.
So was granny.

“Amaya??”Maria shouted
“Mum” she replied and maria hugged her then carried her up.

” from today you are my eldest daughter and your name is Maya. I promise never to be scared of you, never to leave you. I promise to train you as my own,help you control your powers and help you achieve your destiny. I will never throw you inside water Maya, i love you” she said and hugged her tight.

The girl waved at the old woman and she found herself smiling.
‘Who knows, she might be a good mavka sent to bless our generation” granny said and Maria laughed happily.

“Your name is Maya Mario Maurer” she said and kissed her cheek.
Maya laughed happily and it suddenly started raining.

“She’s indeed a blessing” Granny shouted.

They walked into the house and Maria cooked a very nice meal which she kept teaching Maya how to eat until she got used to it.
Most surprisingly her husband who hated her recently came home and showered her with love.
He also accepted Maya right from when she hugged him welcome.

flash back continues💋
5 year later.
“Maya” her dad shouted as he ran into the room where Maya was playing with her younger sister Lara
“Dad”she said and he kissed her cheek.
Granny already died.
Maria rushed out.
“Honey did you register them in school” Maria asked as she hugged her husband.
“Yes my love.” He said as he handed them both their uniform.
Maya hugged lara making Maria smile.
She saw the difference in uniform.
“Honey why are you sending Maya to a fighting school?”she asked in concern..

Her hubby dragged her to their room
“Honey its a fighting school where they also learn. Its a boarding fighting school but the senior classes are day” he said.
“But Maya Is a girl Mario, you want her to be a fighter?”maria asked
“Even if she was my daughter I will do same. I am a fighter too. I always wanted my first daughter or son to possess physical strength. I need someone to protect you when I am not around. You know the kind of job I am into my love and I won’t have peace until I have strong security within my home” he said
“Honey Maya Is immortal, strength is for sure” Maria said.
“Remembers not all mavka’s posses super strength. Even if she does she will always support herself with this training. It’s no big difference, they also learn”he said
“I know but those girls grow to be mean and strict. I want my Maya to be sweet and soft like a flower” she said
“Thank God you rembered growth. Do you really think high school will be good for Maya as a teenager. Did you forget she is meant to stay away from boys as soon as she turns eighteen? now high school where all they do is dating themselves, birthdays, prom, weird dare games. What if Maya likes and kills a boy? But in training school she will be trained like a boy. She will be more more manly than girly and she won’t have time for those stuffs making it easier for her to exist. I tell you Maria training school is best for Maya” he said she nodded.
“But Han nam? I thought the best training school was lee sung”she asked
“Lee sung is too exposed.the only reason why Lee sung Is better than Han nam is because Lee sung Is the only training school that has the 8th rank which should be the last rank of training.other schools stop at 7th rank cos they don’t have resources to move on”he said.
“What kind of resources?”Maria asked
“Honey you are so inquisitive and this is not even your field. Ok I will explain. Training stops in 7th grade while 8 Grade is all about testing and carrier promoting. You know Lee sung Is the only school that has 8th grade right. So after 7th grade trainers all over the world will seek admission into Lee sung where all they do is go through tests from different seniors. Those who come out with flying colours will get the Lee sung gold medal and Lee sung training school will personally post them to different job opportunities with very high pay. Fbi,cia,nsa,dia.etc. not only national agencies but law courts,presidential estates etc and I repeat the pay is very high. Last year out of 7million students that bought form for Lee sung,only 4hundred got admission but only 35 graduated with the gold medal and got posted. I trust Maya and once she is done with her 7th grade training she will further in Lee sung and bring you a gold medal”he said making his wife laugh happily.
They ran back to the kids and joined then for dinner.

💋flash- back continues
A night to maya’s eighteenth birthday.

Maria missed maya a lot but finally maya graduated from boarding in 5th rank. She will now continue in day from home.
They already spent quality time together yesterday and she corrected some wrong attitudes she noticed in Maya e.g. talking while eating, brushing after time.etc. She just enjoyed being a mother again.
She was glad Maya obeyed the only instruction she gave her which was to avoid water or pools at all cost.
She was glad Maya didn’t grow to be a loner,she had a friend but she was sacred Maya might become a loner after finding out who she is.
Maya walked and talked more like a boy than girl. Her long hair was flogging her kneel.her mum also noticed she wasn’t good at Wearing skimpy gowns and skin titht Jeans. Her outfit was more of polo and black trouser= black and black. Or polo and white trouser white and white.
No make up not even lip gloss. Her phone pack was not sparky or girly at all like all girls her age.
Maria smiled to herself
“Ahhh I was more sexy when I was young” she said to herself yesterday as she watched Maya when she returned.
She took her time to study her pretty body stature and amazing skin.
Her fuller breast which she kept hiding in different half cuts and her fuller hip too then her very slim stature.
She raised a girl,she was proud of herself.
Watching Maya undress she wondered about intimacy.
she can’t be with a man or fall in love till she dies.
that was all yesterday but today is the d-day.
Tomorrow is Maya’s birthday. She has to tell Maya everything now before she turns eighteen.
She kept imagining how Maya will take herself.
She was so scared and sad.
She rolled on her bed.

Inner thoughts💋💋
How do I look Maya in the face and tell her she is not human? Tomorrow is her eighteenth birthday, her powers will start,she will transform, she will start feeling different.
I need to tell her everything today but I can’t.
I am not strong enough.
I need to tell Maya the truth when I am strong enough.
firstly I need her to break all intimate ties she might have with any man tonight.
though I am not sure if she has a man in her life, but i can’t take chances. maya will become his death from tomorrow when she turns eighteen.
I dont know if I will be able to tell her the truth myself. am so scared

she texted Maya to come into her ROOM. …
Maya turned book pages in her room while Chloe her best friend Sat on her couch.
“I hate math,I just don’t get maths”Maya said
“What did your trainer say,”Chloe asked
“That he will kill me”Maya said making Chloe Laugh.
“Maya Wont your trim your hair,your hair length is getting creepy”Chloe said
“Really, I Will ask my mum if I can do that”Maya replied.
“Sunbae ji wook said–“my mum texted”Maya shouted interrupting Chloe as she ran off..
Chloe fell on her bed

when Maya walked in wearing her favourite white nightgown.
She traced her black slipper quietly just like a boy.
The training school finally got to her. Her mum thought.
She has this no nonsense person outlook.
As she walked her hair flogged her kneel.
Though she normally folds them into a cap when going out so almost no one has seen Her hair.

Maria sat well and Maya carefully sat on her bed with her legs folded like a Muslim.
Maria smiled.
“Maya uhmm do you feel anyhow?”she asked
“No am fine. I was reading for the test then talking with Chloe” she said.
“Ohh where you? Sooo good. Soo you don’t feel anyhow anyhow?”Maria said in confusion
“No mum but i think you are acting wierd”Maya said making Maria smile.
“No am fine”she said
“Ok mum” Maya said.
“Soooooooo uhmmm, am not trying to pry in your personal life but but well, do you have a boyfriend,” her mum asked in her fastest and creepiest confused voice.
“Uhmmmm huh”maya replied
“Boyfriend Maya,is there any boy in your life?”her mum asked
“Oh my God, no mum. gosh totally not. Chloe Is the one who has a boyfriend not me”Maya said Maria nodded.
“Ok so I will tell u some things you must never forget you hear?”the mum asked
“Sure mum, I never did the things you asked me not to do..I also didn’t go close to water in school” she said.
“Maya not only that from now on always tell me whenever you feel weird or anything”she said
“Sure mum”..
“Ummm don’t ever let yourself get too hungry or thirsty. Always eat even on the road,no matter where you are never stay hungry”she said..
“Sure mum”..
“Dont ever get into serious fights and always avoid water,don’t ever swim”she said
“Ok mum”she said
“Dont ever open your hair in a crowd ok,always wear the Warmer I bought”she said.
“Ok mum”…
“Ummm always stay close to me,spend more time at home”she said.
“Sure mum”…
“Dont ever get close to any boy maya,none at all. You are not allowed to date and you won’t make male friends”she said
“Yes totally mum” Maya replied.

Maria dried her tears.
Was this life? she asked herself.

“Uhmmm maya thats mostly it, you can go back up” she said.
” but mum you said you will tell me something today?”maya asked
“Yea I just did”she said.
Maya nodded and ran off.
As she walked she kept memorizing everything her mum said so she Wont forget one.

Maria sat on the floor.

amaya I can’t bring myself to tell you that you are not human so I will protect you from the truth.
If you follow those rules am sure you won’t notice any change in your life.
You will continue living your normal life.

God I Dont want this to backfire on me. I don’t want Maya to find out the wrong way, she might return to the ocean out of frustration.

But am too scared to tell you the truth Maya, am scared of the pain you will go through.
I am too scared to tell you that you are different from all your friends.
Am too scared to tell you that everything you know about yourself is a lie.
Am scared cause I don’t know if you can live with the truth amaya😭😭😭😭😭

💋flash back continues
3 months after Maya’s eighteenth birthday.
Maria was in tears cos Maya was missing for two days.
She was in her bed alone that mid night when Maya walked in out of nowhere with tears in her eyes
She hastily hugged her..
“maya”She said
“Mum why didn’t you tell me who I was?”she asked
“Amaya”the mum said
“I just thought all the rules you gave me where creepy mum, my hair length was creepy too. I thought it was normal until my history teacher thought us about water beings mum. I realised everything you told me not to do was closely related to being a mavka. I decided to try them mum and I found out i have no reflection in water. not only that mum I don’t feel human anymore and even when I entered water I disappeared and met my real family. they trapped me but i fought and found myself coming back to you. the only thing I want to ask you is, am I dangerous?? Chloe is not talking to me anymore, she said i should stay away from her, she said i was dangerous” she said in tears.
tears already soaked her gown.
Maria hugged her

“Amaya you are not dangerous, and if Chloe is really your best friend she will come back to you” her mum said and they hugged each other tightly.

Maria awoke from her flash back in a smile.
“Am glad Chloe came back to you Maya, she is indeed your best friend”she thought in smiles.

💋💋I 💋💋love 💋💋you 💋💋


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