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🍁🍁 HIS ACCIDENTAL DUCHESS 🍁🍁… – Authoress Cisca’s Story Library

🌳🥀{ The Maiden Bride }🌳🥀

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.


Daphne sat beside her window which faced East. She has been troubled for days now, praying earnestly that her mother would be safe.

But is she?

That has always been the question, yet unanswered.

Hannah has worked perfectly on her plans, holding Daphne’s mother as her hostage. Is she really safe or is she really suffering as Daphne fears?

What state could she be now? A pitiful state, or a dreadful one of torments?

Line and Susan left the castle that night, hoping for a new live somewhere far away from Hasting. From princess Hannah.

Line hadn’t expected such a thing from her, the poor girl was innocent.

And it definitely was no fault of hers. She had insisted on escorting her that night but she refused.

If she had accepted her request, this wouldn’t have happened. None of this would be happening.

Her prayers were for Daphne to be safe, and find a happy ending before Lady Hannah sets out her plans to action.

Her eyes were fixed to nowhere in particular, she has neither heard nor received any news about her mother.

Nothing mattered now than her mother, she will not stand it if anything bad did happen to her.

She has endured living for years without a father, she can’t endure losing her mother. Not this time.

Finally, the news has entered Maidenstone. A spy in Hasting has reported the news to him and what King Euchred has intend to do on behalf of his daughter.

How Daphne’s mother was held captive and Hannah’s intentions on the day of his wedding.

He knew everything he had planned for their future would be ruined if Daphne has to find out about this.

From the start, he has never trusted Euchred, neither has he ever found interest in his daughter.

But why would they want to tamper his marriage so desperately?

If only he had known that all this were because Daphne was taken in her place, he would have for a long time understood their desperation.

Who is the master mind of this? Hannah.
And she will do whatever it takes… anything to have her revenge.

But the question is,,, Why on the poor Daphne? It wasn’t her fault, was it?

But now she was accepting fate, will she have to sacrifice her love for Luxor in order to safe her mother? Or would she have to accept fate the way it is?

That is the one very thing Luxor feared. To trade his love for another, nor to have her taken away by his enemies?

He must do something really quick and end this once and for all.

And there is only one answer to that… Marriage. He must marry her, and claim her his.

He sent the letters to other highlands and kingdoms, excluding Hasting. For he knew they will hear of it in no time.

Then after that, he will bring Daphne’s mother home.


” My mother, I haven’t seen or heard from her. I must leave to Hasting, I must find out if she is alive and safe. ” She told Luxor who seemed not to be listening. ” Are you even listening to me? ”

” Yes, my lady. I have sent some of my men there to see if she is alright or if Euchred has her captive. ” He lied, “Do not worry, dear, I won’t let anything happen to her. ”

” Really? ”

” I give you my words. As soon as my men return, I will tell you the new, whether good nor bad. ”

She ran to hug him, and he hug her back. ” Thank you so much, my Lord, thank you. ”

” The least thing I would ever want to see is your tears, and I will do whatever it takes to see you smile. ”

That night, he secretly rode to Hasting, he meant every single word he told her. He will do whatever it takes to make her happy even if that is to risk his life.

Hasting was always quiet and calm than Maidenstone. Maidenstone was much of a mountain lifestyles unlike Hasting, so it was a lot easier for him with his two guards to sneak in and out of the castle without anyone noticing them.

Luckily, he had a map led to every rooms in the castle, so it wasn’t so difficult to find the dungeon.

He took the poor woman out of the prison. And quietly, just as they came, they left the palace and out of Hasting.

The next morning when the prison guard had gone to give the prisoner breakfast, he saw the prison door slightly opened.

He searched in and out but couldn’t find the woman. He quickly reported it to the King, Hannah screamed in top of her voice, almost pulling down what she saw.

Why does nothing seem to be working? Why does everything she thinks of turn to failure?

And how were they able to invade the castle without being caught?

She stared at her father with anger. ” We must do something real quick about this, father, I won’t have all that belongs to me taken away by some unknown girl. ”

” What do you intend to do? ” He asked her.

” Lord Luxor plans to wed Daphne very soon, until then, I will think of what to do. “She angrily left to her chamber.


It was all looking much like an acting scene to Luxor, the spies and the news he was getting from Hasting.

The Hastings were nothing to him anymore and he least cared about them, for he has gotten what he wants.

He couldn’t wait anymore, he desperately wanted her now and forever like he was scared he would lose her.

Daphne felt happy and so much relaxed to see her mother once again, but Luxor felt rather impatient.

His hands cuddled around her waist, he made her turn to look at him, eyes to eyes.

A choice from a sincere and open-minded heart, a decision to make without any regrets.

In a soft voice, he asked. ” Will you be my queen? ”

But was that a question worth a second thought for Daphne, especially now her heart ached every second for him?

With happiness and excitement, she replied. ” Yes, Luxor, I will be your queen. ”

It wasn’t just a look anymore, it was a sign of live and deep affection for each other. Daphne felt welcomed in his arms, but not completely welcomed.

She felt she was missing something that moment, and she wouldn’t let the night pass out like that.

She crossed her hands around his neck, raising her legs high to his level, that her face could meet his. Staring at those sweet lips, he couldn’t stop the already burning urge.

He grabbed her lips, and the rest of the night felt like eternity.

❤️ ~ THE END ~ ❤️

To those who read the story, Comment on the story you’ve just read. ( 👈 )

Some of us complained about chapter 13 being a rush, I’m really sorry. The truth is, lately I haven’t been able to gather myself. And with the light issues, I work hard to see that I drop something for us.

Normally, this story is meant to stop at chapter 17, but not getting my brain together, I lost some chapter ideas and everything got misplaced but in as much I tried to make sure it has its natural ending.

Well, to cut the long story short… Thanks to those who stucked with me through the short ride. 👍👍

Lemme rest small abeg 😂😂

Happy Reading With Cisca 🥰🥰

Brought To You By Cisca Writes ❤️

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