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🍁🍁 HIS ACCIDENTAL DUCHESS 🍁🍁… – Authoress Cisca’s Story Library

🌳🥀{ The Maiden Bride }🌳🥀

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.


The whole news had spread around, both near and far. Lord Luxor’s marriage has become the talk of the town.

The news was sent to Hasting by one of the spies, when Hannah learnt of this, her hatred and anger grew worst.

She has decided not to think about them, not to remember that very night.

But now, the worst she has hated to hear has been given to her.

” No!! Not her!!” She cried. ” It was meant to be me! I am meant to be his queen and not her!! No! Not her! She is just a maid, my maid and I am her mistress. Now look what she has done to me! Noo!! ”

The whole castle could hear her cry. For days she has refused to eat something, and for the few days she was able to… The news came.

It is now like a nightmare to her, a dream she must pay for ever showing itself.

She must do something about this… Anything to lay out her anger.

First, something that will make Daphne return back to Hasting.

And why has she forgotten so soon, why has she forgotten something she was to do since the start?

Her mother…

Yes, after she must have learnt about her mother’s disappearance, she will do whatever it takes to return.

So stupid of her that she will be thinking so nice of me, she muttered to herself.

Least did she know…

” I will not let you marry him, Daphne,” she cursed, ” Not while I still breathe. ”

” What do you intend to do to her, My Lady? ” Line asked.

” I have my plans, many of them. When she learns about this, she will curse the day she ever knew me. ”

Line could see her anger worsen, the redness on her face as she spoke. And how serious she had meant those words.

Daphne must pay… For everything.

But the question is, will Luxor allow it to happen?

She wrote a letter, sending it back to the spies. She had ordered them to keep an eye on every movements she made.

She has vowed never to rest or let this slied away even till her dying breath.

” My lady, I know how hard it has been to you especially now the letter has been given to you. But you must know this, it is not Daphne’s fault that she was taken. Like Susan said, she must have been mistaken to be you. ”

” Lies, that is all lies. It is because I told her everything about Lord Luxor. She envied me and decided to wait in this room for him. If it really was not her fault, why didn’t she tell them when they took her? ”

” She must have, but wasn’t given the chance to. Let us not see this as an intentional act but as an act of mistake. I must not have known her like you do, but the little I do know, I doubt she had done that intentionally. ”

” Why do you support her this much? Or is there any way that you are aware of Lord Luxor’s coming behind my back? ”

” No, not at all, My lady. I swear. ”

” I want you to shut up, or you will regret why you walk into this castle. Get out of my room, get out!!! ”

Line left the room instantly, having no mind of returning back.

Susan saw her as she ran back to her room, ” Miss, what I’d the problem? ” She asked concerned.

” I must leave the castle immediately, I do not want to witness what is to happen next. I have served the queen without shame, I wouldn’t want anything that will cause me to regret why I served here. ”

” What do you mean by that? I do not understand anything you have just said. ”

” She wishes to tamper with Lord Luxor’s marriage and have Daphne pay by using her mother. She believes that if she hold her captive, Daphne will have no option but to return back. And with this, she will have her revenge. ”

” When do you intend to leave? ”

” Tonight. I will leave tonight. Tell no one about this, please. ”

” I am telling no one because I am leaving with you. Ever since Daphne was taken, I knew this is what the princess is up to. I must go, I need to start packing. ”

” Yes, please, quickly. ”


To Be Continued…


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