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🍁🍁 HIS ACCIDENTAL DUCHESS 🍁🍁… – Authoress Cisca’s Story Library

🌳🥀{ The Maiden Bride }🌳🥀

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.


She stood up to leave, he looked at her food, she had only eaten few spoons from it. ” Where are you going to? ” He asked.

” I am going back to my room. ” she stood but didn’t look at him.

” What are you going to do to your food? Are you just going to condemn it? ”

” I told you from the start, I am not hungry. I only ate because you forced me to. ”

” So, I am going to force you again, sit back and eat the food. ”

” Because I am living under your roof gives you no right to tell me what and what not to do. I am full, you cannot force me than that. ”

” Well, if you are not interested in eating further, then you have to sit back until I am done eating. ”

” And why am I supposed to do that? ”

” Because it is an order! I said, sit back! ” He stormed and she kept standing, not wanting to do what he had ordered her to do. ” Why are you still standing? Or do I have to repeat myself again? ”

” If you really want this marriage contract to work well between the two of us, then you better start acting nice towards me. ” She simply told him before leaving the hall.

He stamped his spoon angrily on the table, leaving his food to his room.

The rest of the night, he couldn’t sleep. What had happened tormented him.

For many reasons he wants to do whatever it takes to make her respect him.

But he was too weak to do a thing. Not even to talk back at her. Why was she doing this to him?


The door open and the exited the castle, heading to the stream.

Since the day she visited the stream, she has been longing to go there.

This is almost the tenth time she has gone there, it was more comfortable than breathing the same air with him.

” Miss, where t…”

” Becca for the tenth time can you stop referring me as Miss? ” She reminded.

” But… I’m sorry, I try to but it is already a part of me. ”

He heard their voice, and he stood by the window. He watched as she dressed her sandals well for the visit to the stream.

The questions are now in his mind. Why would she refuse to be addressed as Miss? King Euchred has been known with pride, so I must have been part of his daughter.

Why would she refuse to be addressed with a royal name? So, he kept listening.

” What if his majesty finds out about your real name? He might be anywhere. ”

” I heard his majesty goes to his office as early as 6 o’clock and never leaves there till it is night. He probably will be in his office, so do not worry. ”

He left his room and as he headed down the hallway, he met with Gideon. ” Where is Earnest? ” He asked, wanting an immediate response.

” He is outside the castle, Sire. ” He replied. ” Is there a problem? ”

” Who is the girl?” He asked, trying to control his temper.

” What girl, My Lord? ”

” The girl you brought from Hasting, who is she? ”

” She is the princess, King Euchred’s daughter. ”

” Why does she refuse to be addressed as the princess? Is there something I need to know about that night? ”

He paused, looking tensed.” What happened that night? ” He asked again, his voice stormed.

” She is the lady companion, Sure. ”

” You brought a maid to my castle? ” He foamed, ” Why am I not aware of any of this? ”

” Sire, it was a mistake. We never knew she was the wrong person until we had brought her here. ” He tried to explain.

” Bring the girl to my office, immediately. ” He said, leaving to his office.

Gideon did as he was ordered, but first informing Earnest about it. Shocked and surprised as Gideon was, he couldn’t say a thing. ” How did he get to know about her identity? ” He asked.

” I do not know, Earnest, someone might have told him. ” He said, not quite sure about his reply.

” Who might that be? Who else knows about this?”

” Becca, Daphne’s maid servant and she is with her as we speak. His majesty might have found out about this somehow, different from what we suspect it to be. ”

Earnest heaved, ” Send her to his office immediately, I will see what to do about this. ”

He left to the stream, returning with Daphne who looked scared and worried. ” Why does he want me in his office? ” She asked, curious.

” His majesty is aware of what you are. We suspect someone might have told him. ”

” Who might that be? ” She asked.

” I do not know, ” they stopped at his office.” Whatever question he asks you, please speak the truth. ” He said in a whisper.

He left.

Daphne knocked on his door, ” Who is that? ” A hint of anger sounded in his voice.

” It is I… My Lord. ”

” Come in. ” She entered, she was looking scared, so scared than he first meeting with him. ” You sent for me. ”

” Have a seat. ” She sat down, ” It is unfair that we haven’t been formally Introduced to each other since you arrived here. So, I suggest we have that Introduction now. ”

” Your majesty is very well aware of who and what I am, what more does he wants to know? ”

” Everything. I want to know everything about you and that is starting from your name. And do not think about lying to me, What is your name? ” He started.

After a brief hesitation, she finally spoke out. ” Daphne… My name is Daphne Bridgerton, I am the lady companion. ”

He smiled, ” A maid servant who disguises to be her mistress? ”

” It is a mistake being here and likewise not my fault. I tried to explain but your men didn’t listen to me. I will be pleased if you send me away, besides, I have been longing for that. ”

He laughed. ” Why would you think I would willing do that? ”

” Because I can see how much you hate me and how much I hate you too. I want to go home, and not here. ”

He stood up, walking to her side. Leaning, with his fingers curling her hair. ” I would have loved to grant your request but, your just too beautiful for a maid servant. Therefore, I will love to keep you to myself. ”

” No, no, I can’t. Please, I want to go home. ” She refused.

” Well, I insist you stay, whether you like it or not. ” He smirked.


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