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🍁🍁 HIS ACCIDENTAL DUCHESS 🍁🍁… – Authoress Cisca’s Story Library

🌳🥀{ The Maiden Bride }🌳🥀

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.


” Is this always his character? ” Daphne asked Becca who shook her head .

” Not all the time. He is only that way each time he is angry. ”

” The why is he angry with me? ” She asked again.

” Because he has King Euchred’s daughter living under his roof. ”

” But I am not her. ”

” Yet, he still thinks you are her and that is why you must let him know that you are not the princess. ”

” Earnest still insist that I shouldn’t tell the king, at least not now. ”

” Then you keep bearing the hatred of another woman to yourself. Is that what you want? ”

” I do not want it, but I am only considering his family, I do not wish to be the cause of his loss. ”

” And you prefer to endure his majesty’s hatred? ”

” I can endure it, as long as my heart never belong to him. But why? ” She asked, ” Why would such a man like him be this rude and annoying? From Lady Hannah’s description of him, he seems to be loving and caring. ”

” That is exactly the kind of person he is, do not mistake him for anything. Lord Luxor is the best king the nation has ever had, he has been every woman’s dream. And I pray that he will be yours someday. ”

” Indeed he is a good man, but I can not give my heart for people like him. My heart is not ready yet, neither am I. He rather finds someone else. ”

” And you think he will like to do that? ”

” As soon as he finds out about my real identity, yes he will. Come on, let us have a walk. ”

The castle looked almost like a tower, ten times bigger than that of Hasting. They went to the stream, not far from the castle, and she sank her legs into the water, jingling it. And she was loving the splashes of water coming out from what she was doing.

” I love it here.” She said, ” It is beautiful than Hasting. ”

” Does that mean you are staying? ”

” No. ”

” There is no point leaving, if you return to Hasting, the princess will do whatever it takes to have you dead. ”

” Why would you say that? ” She asked.

” Because, right now, she might think you and his majesty has made love to each other. ”

” No, Lady Hannah is not like that. Instead, she will think I am being held captive. She must have known that I was taken by mistake, and will be happy to see me back home safe and sound. ”

Becca smiled, ” I wish she is that kind of person. I might have mistaken her kind, well, I had only said those out of experience. ”

” What do you mean? ”

” It happened to my mother. She was taken to marry a merchant instead of her elder sister, when she returned to meet her sister and explain everything that had happened, her sister almost had her drink a poisoned wine pretending that she has already forgiven her. Least did she know that merchants are capable to distinguish a good wine from a bad wine and that my mother is already aware of such knowledge from her husband. If she has no knowledge of that, my mother would have been dead even before I would be born. ”

” I am so sorry for your that, Becca. ”

” No, you don’t have to. So, that is why I insist that you should stay back, and believe me, you will never regret it… Any of it. ”

” What about my mother, who knows if she is alright? ”

” That is what you must be bothered about now. From my own pessimistic view, I suggest you talk to Gideon about this. ”

” Who is Gideon? ”

” Sir Earnest’s colleague. ”



” Do you think I should have dinner with her? ” Lord Luxor asked Earnest.

” Yes, My Lord. She is your wife-to-be and she likewise deserve the honor, with this you two can learn about each other. I know you hate her father, but please, do not have it on her. ”

” We do not know what kind of person she is and what she has planned with her father. They once had what belongs to my father, it might be my kingdom this time. ”

” We must not jump into conclusion yet, Sire, instead we watch her and see if that is the intention she has brought along with her. ”

” Fine, you said it yourself. I will then do as you have said. If she has an evil intention, I will hesitate not to ban her away. But if she is innocent as you have claimed her to be, then I will keep her with me. ”

That night, the King had organized a dinner for the both of them. He has sent Becca to call on Daphne, but Daphne being so reluctant laid on her bed.

” Daphne, his majesty awaits for you. Dinner is ready. ”

” Tell him that I am not interested to dine with him tonight. ”

” You have to, the foods are already served. ”

” Then tell him that I am not hungry. ”

” Okay, I will inform him what you have just said. ” Becca left to the dinning hall, to inform the king of Daphne’s reply.

” Where is she? ” He asked, sounding annoyed as he did not see her.

” She said I should tell you that she is not interested to dine with you. ”

” And why would she say that? ”

” Because she is not hungry, Sire. ”

” I need to see her this instant or I do it myself! ” He yelled and Becca with no delay, fled to Daphne’s room.

” Miss, his majesty is angry, he insists you should join him for dinner. ” The trembling sound of her voice convinced Daphne of how angry the king would be.

She dressed up, heading down to the hall. Her face made no contact with him as she entered the hall. His face wore a look that told how annoyed he really was. ” What took you so long? ” He asked

” I was busy. ” She replied as she sat on one of the chairs

” Busy with what? ”

” I do not think his majesty is interested to know what it is. ”

” As long as you live under my roof, I must know everything you do. ”

Now, she was making eye contact with him. ” Nothing. ”

” Nothing? And you intend to keep me waiting? ”

” I already told you, I am not hungry. ” She picked her spoon, dipping it into the sausage, taking a full spoon of it.

” I thought you said you are not hungry, why do you eat the sausage? ”

” You forced me down here at the first place, what do you expect? ”

” I can’t believe you. ” He started eating, no one said a word to each other.


To Be Continued…


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