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HIS 90 DAYS BRIDE – Episode 19



👔 90’DAYS

💦Three Months contract 💦


Written by-Angel Louis

Episode 19

Author’s pov.

” Wow. This is so big. ”
Adrianna who felt Mesmerized by everything couldn’t stop drooling.

Davis on his part retired to one of the rooms to have a change. His suite made him pretty tight. But one thing was sure, the happiness on Adrianna’s face quenched whatever off- feeling he was supposed to have.

Adrianna checked out almost all the rooms, to the balcony and then, the beach.

She gazed at the beautiful sight through the glass window.

Davis said she could go visit there at sunset. The beach is always so beautiful at that hour.
It will be sunset any moment. She needed to change into something more free, and intoxicating.

Her phone rang out all of a sudden and..

” Mom.” She picked up.

” Adrianna, where are you?. Did your boss kidnap you? You’ve been gone for hours. I’m so worried. Jaden is scared too. Say something okay. Say something. I can’t imagine something bad happening to you. ”

” I’m fine mom. Davis and I just got back from the court wedding, it seems we won’t be coming any time soon. We are on our honeymoon. ”

The sound of ‘honeymoon’ on her lips irked her teeth. She couldn’t believe she was having a honeymoon with her supposed boss.

” Honey what? “.

Adrianna could sense the suprise on her mother’s voice.

” Yeah. same reaction I gave the moment he told me same thing. ”

” But, it’s just a fake court marriage. Isn’t it too real to be fake. ”

Adrianna exhaled sharply.
She heard some movement behind. it was Davis. He was coming towards her.

” I’ll call you later Mom. ”

Beep. She hunged up.

” Who were you talking to? ”
He said, maintaining a small distance between them.

” My mom. She’s worried. ”

“Lemme guess, she thought I kidnapped you.”

Adrianna scoffed in suprise. ” How did you know?”

” Mother’s are like that sometimes. You should meet my mom , she’s always worried over nothing. ”

” I’d love to meet her then. What about your father?.”

It was a question Adrianna wished she shouldn’t have asked.
She noticed the slight change in his countenance. It only made her conscience prickle.

Adrianna’s pov

” He’s dead. ”
He replied after a brief silence.

” Mine too. ”
I replied. He spared me a short glance before looking away.

He moved closer to the glass window and only then did I realise he had already changed his clothes. He was bare, putting just a brief on.
I could stop looking at those broad chest of his. It took me alot to control my self.

” It’s almost sunset. ”

” I know” I nodded. Smiling so radiantly. I was so Ernest to see the sunset.

” You haven’t had a change yet, mind if we go see the sunset ?” He offered …

His gaze on mine.


He twitched his lower lip. ” Yes, together. ”

I exhaled a bit nervous.

” Sure. ” I nodded.

” Okay. Hurry up so we won’t miss it. ”

Yeah. Right.
I nodded and left his presence.


Unknown pov

” What is this news you’re telling me?.”

I asked, it wasn’t funny at all. It wasn’t funny. I dropped the cigeratte from my hand.

” It’s the truth. I could send you a picture of them. If you want ”

She says, sounding so confident of the information.

” Okay. Send right now. ”

I hunged up,.. it wouldn’t be long before I know if she’s telling the truth.

My phone vibrated as a message popped in.
I clicked it open and ….. Omg.
It is real. It’s the truth.

Davis is married, he had a secret wedding with some girl.

I frowned.
But why? Why make it secret,?… What is he up to?.

I picked up my other phone and dialed another number.

” Thano.” I called.

” Yes boss. ” He replied from the other side.

” How’s everything over there? Hope you aren’t messing things up?. ”

” No. Everything is as clean as you want it. ”

” Good. I need you to do something for me. ”

” What is it?”


Davis pov.

” I’m ready. ”
I heard behind me . It was Adrianna.
I turned to see her looking so different.
She was in a thin strapped Bra and a brown piece of clothing around her waist. She looked so pretty on it.

” Do you prefer we stand here and miss the sunset?”

“Oh ”
I realized myself. I got lost in the sight before me.

I got to the cellar and brought out two glasses and a red wine. Which I placed on a small tray.

” Let’s go. ”
I led the way and we arrived there in no time.

She sprayed a piece of cloth on the floor and we both sat on it.

She couldn’t get her eyes off the waters.
I noticed, because I couldn’t stop staring at her.

” Beautiful right?”
I burst open the wine and poured some into the two glass cups.

” Thanks.”
She smile in appreciation, taking it from me.

The breeze here was cooler than I thought. It’s been so long i visited this place. Always having a lot on my mind and I forget the luxury things to help relief my stress. There’s just too much on ground. Too much aching my heart and I wish everything happening would just be a dream.

The strange ailments, -I wish everything would just be a dream.

I wish.
But wishes don’t come true, do they?

” I’ve always wished to come to the beach and see the sunset, Even if it’s just for a day. I still can’t believe I’ll get to see it as much as I want now.
Wishes come true. Now I believe. ”

She suckled in a small breath as the cool breeze plastered her hair all over her face.

I nodded.
Maybe wishes choose whomever they want. Maybe my own wish is far from me.

” What do you wish for, Davis?”

Her voice broke the small silence I was beginning to enjoy.

” Huh?”
I arched, like I didn’t hear.

” I said, what do you wish for?..”
She repeated.

I signed out. Feeling a bit Rusty.

I stare at that innocent face of hers and the smile which didn’t leave her face.

” See.! It’s what we’ve been waiting for.”
I pointed towards the sky and she looked up.

” It’s the sunset. OMG. ”
She jumped up.

” I can’t believe it. ” She laughed heartily.

I sat down, watching her estacy. How can someone be this excited over sunset. ?
The sight is beautiful, yeah I know. But still, she’s just too full of surprises.

I was still busy in my thoughts when I felt the stingness of cold water on my bare chest.

I looked up.

She splashed me another water with a sarcastic laugh on her face.

” Stop. ” I warned.

I hate it.

Being very stubborn, she continued.

” I mean it okay. Stop. ” I got up and walked towards her.

” I said stop. ” I pulled her to myself and our gaze fixed on each other.
I watch her watching me.

Our eyes not leaving each other.
I could feel her hot breath grazing the depth of my neck.

” sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. ”

She apologized, taking few steps away from me.

” Sorry. ”

She swallowed in…

I pull her back to my self , her body touching mine.

” I never told you to move an inch, did I?”
I pulled the tuft of hair that fell over her face to the back of her ear.

Her breath tensed.

My fingers trailed down from her face to her neck.

” The sunset is over, let’s go back in before you catch a cold. ”

She nodded, but remained mute. Her eyes not leaving mine.

” You are not moving, do you want me to Carry you. ?”
I asked,..

Realizing herself, she blinked hard. Feeling abit uneasy.
” Oh. Yes. I’ll…. I’ll go in. ”

She moved away from me.

” I’ll go in to change. ”
She stuttered .

I watched her walk back into the house.

A smirk on my face.

Why do I have this silly sensation when I’m around her.



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