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HIS 90 DAYS BRIDE – Episode 18



Adrianna’s pov

” If you both agree to the terms, you may sign the papers and officially become man and wife. ”
The lawyer said and David, without hesitation picked the dark inked men and scribbled his signature on it.

He gave me the pen when he was done and I felt undecided all of a sudden.
I felt the heat burn the back of my ear. I could see the fear in Davis eyes.
I was taking too long and the suspense was too much.

” Miss Flaire?.”

I flinched back to reality the moment I heard him drawl out my name.

I stared at him and his eyes kept telling me to sign the papers.

” Miss Flaire. ” He called again.

” Okay. Okay.. ” I exhaled sharply before signing on the documents.

He felt so relaxed from the tension he was feeling moments ago.
I could tell because I was conscious of his eyes

” You’re both joined now as man and wife. ”

“Thank you. ” He thanked the lawyer.

” You may kiss the bride”

Huh? ..

I didn’t know when that left my mouth.

” Don’t worry, it’s just a peck on your cheek. ”
Davis replied seeing the way I reacted.
It only made me wonder if I thought about the process of having a child before signing the papers.

He leaned forward and placed a light kiss on my left cheek.

I exhaled sharply and he nodded with a smile.

” Let’s go home Mrs Gregg. ” He held my hand

I flushed at the sound of that.

” Aren’t you making it sound too real?.”
I rolled my eyes.

We were about walking out of the courtroom when a lady stopped us.

“Ohmg! I can’t believe this is real. Davis Gregg is married. ”

” Can… Can I take pictures?.. ” she seemed flushed with too much suprise on her face.

” No

” Sure.” I grinned. Cutting Davis off.

We took a pose as the pic was taken.

” Can I see?”


She handed me the camera and I looked really pretty on it. With the white gown I had on , It made me wish it was a real court wedding.
Davis on the other hand didn’t have a trace of smile on his face. He was just neutral. I wonder how someone can manage to stay so gloomy for no reason

” Thanks. Can I get the copy?..” I asked.

” That’s enough. Let’s go ”
Davis pulled me by the arm..

” Let go. That hurts!”
I wriggled my arm from his grip when we were already out.

” Why did you have to push me out in such manner?”
I felt offended already.

” Why did you have to let her take us pictures?.huh?’ he waved his hands in the air in demonstration.

Davis Pov””””’

” It’s our wedday Davis. Even if it’s fake, at Least, let’s make it a bit real. Pictures aren’t that bad ”

I shook my head.
She doesn’t get any of this, does she?.

” Maybe I didn’t state myself clear before getting you into this. You should be careful okay. Rule Nō 1 , mind the things you do in public. You should be careful Miss Flaire. You don’t just take pictures.. ”

” Why are you making it sound so offensive?. She just wanted to take us a nice picture. At Least don’t make me look stupid. You really don’t have to ruin everybody’s mood because yours is always ruined. I don’t even know why you’re this tight.”

I sighed out. My hand roughing my hair.

” I guess you still have Alot to Know about me . Let’s get out of here. ”

I pulled out my keys and got into the car, she followed suite and j noticed how gloomy she suddenly became.

There’s just more for her to understand.
There’s more.

I ignited the key and revised out of the court premises.

Moments later.

I didn’t drive to my penthouse. Instead I took her to one of my houses in the heart of the city.

” Why are we here?”
She asked.

” We’ll be staying here for a while. ”
I replied, getting down.

She looked puzzled.
I could see the confusion in her eyes.

” It’s just for a while. ” I added, going over to open her side of the door.
She got down and gulped at the sight of the magnificent building.

” Wow. ”

“You like it?”
I felt a sensation of fulfillment seeing the was she gawked at the beautiful building.

“I love it. Is this your place?.. like you built it?..”

“Yeah. I built it. I knew you’d like the view from here. There’s a beach at the other side of the house. You can visit there at sunset. ”

The bright smile which stretched on get face erased the gloomy expression she wore to this place. A part of me felt,….. Calm she liked the house.

” What about my clothes?.”

” Everything is sorted Mrs Gregg. I fixed that up already. ”

She blushed… The hue on her cheeks were so bold.
She’s easy with words, from my guess.

“And my mom? Jaden? Won’t they come over? Won’t I see them?”

I thought of that already.

” That’s no problem. You’ll see them once we’re done with our honeymoon. ”

” Honey what?…”
Her month dropped open. The unexpected surprise on her face made me wonder how naive she can be sometimes.

” We are newlyweds Mrs Gregg. I shouldn’t fill you into all of these. you know what comes after marriage. I don’t need to tell you that also,..”

I removed the strands of hair that covered a little part of her face.
Then. I leaned forward and placed a soft peck on her cheeks.

” Let’s go in. ”

That was all said before I picked the pace towards the house.



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