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HIS 90 DAYS BRIDE – Episode 17



” Thanks for the ride. ”
She flashed him a pretty smile as he halted before her house.

“You’re always welcome. ”
Davis replied subtly.

She made to get down from his car when he stopped her .

” Will I ever see you again?.”
He asked, with a shy hue on his face, luckily for him, the dark of the night it.. it would have been something so embarrassin for him .

“Sure. I live here. You can come by anytime. ”

His heart smoothened by her welcoming words. He beamed radiantly as she finally got off his car.

” Good night Betty. ”

” Good night Davis. ” She waved before Walking straight to her apartment.

Davis watched her go in and shut the door behind her.
A smile plastered on his face. Definitely, he’ll come pay a visit to her sooner than she expects.

Betty pulled off her hills and crashed on her bed the moment she got in.
She was so tired. She hasn’t touched anything yet since she came, the lights remained off and she was slightly farmished.

” I fancy the idea of you having your bathe before going to bed. ”

The manly voice came from the dark, and it startled her.

She jerked from her bed in fear as she ran to switched on the lights.

” Ethan. “.
She gawked, unbelievably.

” What are you doing here?.. how did you get in?.”
Her voice showed how angry she was. He just invaded her privacy and it’s not funny.

” The last time I checked, I bought this place for you. It seems now that you’re questioning my authority. ”
He huffed, feeling disgusted by her naivety.

Right. He bought here for her. But for his own selfish reasons.

She lowered her head and let out a soft but hot sigh.

” I did as you told me. I haven’t gone against your wish. ”
She says, not staring him in the eye.

Ethan could feel her nervousness.
He took steps closer to her and his hairs trailed on her gold blonde hair.

” Hush. I know. ” He spoke out softly.
” You’ve been a good girl Betty. You’ve been doing everything as told. ”
He trailed his hands down to her neck. Making her shiver by his cold touch.

” My father, how is he? You promised not to hurt him if I do your bidding. ”

Ethan chuckled.
” We’ll talk about your father next time, he is not in trouble. He is safe”

His hands didn’t leave her body. Instead, he went further by dipping it into her firm and warm b00bs.

” Ethan….”

Her voice broke out.

” I couldn’t get my eyes off your body today at the Grand opening today, Betty. You looked ravishing. And right now, you look even more ravishing. And I want you. ”
His gruff voice came out with an order. He dipped his head closer and placed kisses all over her neck. He grazed it with his teeth and Betty couldn’t help but shut her eyes in fear.

Scared- He’s going to hurt her like he always does. He never go easy on her. He never stops ravishing her womb till he see her bleed. And she knows tonight would be no different.
He’s going to hurt her over and over again to satisfy his unending pleasure.

” Enough foreplay. Strip”
He commanded.

Betty knew better than Makin him repeat himself.

She swallowed the heavy lump that formed in her throat.

Slowly, she began to take off her loosed dress.

There was no need for questioning.
Ethan is a dangerous man. And he can go very deadly whenever he’s in the edge of pleasure.
This wasn’t a time to deny him anything.

Neglecting her tiredness, she stripped naked before him and Ethan’s eyes lit with great pleasure as he stared at how beautiful the woman before him looked.

” I think you should start going about nakéd these days Betty. The clothes aren’t doing justice to your body. ”
He commented and deeped his head, taking her juicy lips into his.
He pulled off his clothes, and they both fell on the bed.

Present *****

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! The alarm shook the entire room, disturbing his sleep.
Why was the alarm so Loud?..

He thought within as he opened his eyes ,..

” Uh!?” He flinched away from her immediately.

Right before his bed stood Adrianna with the alarm clock in her hand which she had placed so close to his ears.
No wonder it was so loud. His head was a beating drum right now.

“Oh finally. He’s awake. ” She rolled her eyes switching off the alarm as she placed back to it’s station.

” What were you thinking?.. placing it close to my ears, what if I go deaf?.” He arched a confused and annoyed brow at her.

” You look deaf already to me before. I tried waking you up but you didn’t respond. Sorry I had to use another alternative”

Davis Pov.

I shook my head and got up from the bed. The room was so bright and it made me wonder what time is it.

” It’s past eight in the morning Davis.”
She says, walking out of the room.

As if she read my mind.

Past eight.
Gosh. I blinked hard and yawned tiredly.

I didn’t Know when I actually slept off last night. Must have been really tired or something.

My door opened again and Adraina walked in.

” You should learn to knock. ” I reminded.

“Oh,” she mouthed, realizing herself.

She walked out and I sighed out, thinking she already left. But there was a tap on the door.
I scoffed.
Did she just go back to knock?.
Crazy. I scoffed.

“Come in”
I said.

She walked in and … ” What?”
My tired voice questioned her steps.

She felt tensed. I noticed cause she made it too obvious.

” Uhm. I wanted to say if you still insist on using a court instead of a church, it’s fine by me. ”

I twitched my brow, feeling suprised. Off course I’m not okay with a church wedding.

” Why the sudden change of heart?”
I asked.

” I thought about it last night. And I figured it’s no need using a church to conduct a fake marriage. The court would be better for such lie. ”


I nodded. “Okay. Go get ready. We’ll use the court ”

She nodded before using the door.

I’m happy she had a change of heart.
Plus, I’m happy too that my plans of having a child is in progress.


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