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🌹Law of Attraction 🌹

By Terri Savage 🖊️

Episode 5




💦 Daniel’s POV

“Lisa please talk to me ” I said to her.

“Is it a crime to be a black person, it is my fault that I am born black? Why did you white people like insulting and looking down on the blacks,, why? ” She asked sadly.

My heart felt more guilts as she asked me that. I am wrong in saying that to her.

“I am sorry Lisa, please ” I plead again and she just sighed

🌹 Monalisa’s POV

He kept on pleading for what he said to me, I see it in his eyes that he is really sorry, Daniel is begging me for real, the proprietor’s son begging a nobody like me.. Even though I wrong him by insulting him earlier.

“Okay I forgive you ” I said.

“Are you sure? ” He asked beaming.

“Yes I do ” I said.

I saw a smile plaster on his cute lips and he smiled.

“Thank you so much ” He said

“I won’t say such to you again” He added.

“Better, promise? ” I asked, smiling

“Yes…So are we good now? ” He said.

“Yes we are ” I said.

“Okay let’s go back to the cafeteria” He said and I followed him back smiling inwardly to myself.


The school came to an end for the day…the last lecture was very boring and stressful.. I took my worn out bag and came out of the class, on the way I almost crashed with white b*tch.

” Watch where you are going, black b*tch ” Syndey said hatefully

“Where were your eyes? ” I asked..

“B*tch, stinking pig ”

She cursed and passed ahead while I laughed.

She hasn’t seen anything yet.

I scan Daniel with my eyes but I couldn’t see him.

He left the class since the last lecture start with his friends.

Where did he went to?

The students went to the parking lot and started driving out of the school.

I waited hoping to see Daniel but I saw no sight or traces of him.

After endlessly waiting for him I started going home.. I walked some miles away from the school when a car nearly hit me but luckily I survived.

The car stop and White b*tch came down.

“You b*tch… You are lucky ” she said.

“Is that how you hate me ” I asked suprisingly that she could to the extent of trying to kill me, we just met today and she hate me this much

“I hate you with all passion, be careful or else you will be kicked out of this school, I am warning you, black bitch. I am very dangerous and bad, don’t play with me, I don’t go down on my words ” She said seriously

” Ahh, the lecture is so sweet, white b*tch you are a very good lecturer… Thank you ma,, why don’t you choose lecturing rather than b*tching around ” I said and her eyes beam in anger.

I chuckled

” Deal with her” She said to her driver.

The idiot started walking towards me.. getting close to me, I balance and I gave him a kick on his forbidden zone and he fell down and groaned in pain.


“Don’t try me , I may be poor but don’t try me fool ” I said and went towards her she shifted back in fear, I collided my shoulders with her before heading home.



“Ahh !!” I winced as I drop my bags and change into a new outfit, I fix a little meal and ate. Oh! I have to go to the restaurant. I enter the bath room, had a shower, wore a silk skirt and a top and took a cab straight to the restaurant

💦 Daniel’s POV

I searched for Lisa in t school but couldn’t find her, maybe she went home, I left the class in the last lesson.. I went to a meeting, as a student I am still a business guy… I asked my two friends to go home while I drive my car home.


“Welcome sir ” A maid said as I enter the mansion.

“How are you? ” I said politely, I am never rude with our workers.

“I am fine sir ” She replied smiling.

I walked up stairs and went into my room, I changed into a new casual dress.

I took my bath and came downstairs. I am really hungry.

I saw my elder sister on the dinning eating.

“Hi sis ” I called

“Hi kid bro, how are you? back from school?” She asked.

” I am fine, yes ” I replied

️I peck her cheeks softly and sat down opposite her and dished some food for myself.

“How was school today? ” She asked.

“Great sis and stressful” I said..

“You will be soon over with it,, I will be in my room, I want to rest ” Kia said and stood

” Okay see ya later ” I said.

She stood up and went to her room.

After the meal , I tried watching a movie but it was very boring for me

I tried chatting online but still I was feeling bored. Then an idea came into my mind,. Let me visit Cherry wood restaurant.

I smile and went into my room and dressed up. That is my best restaurant in Georgia, where I usually chill and cool my nerves..

I took my car and set on the road to Cherry wood restaurant.

🌹 Monalisa’s POV

Oh! Gosh I arrived quite late, my boss will be waiting to scold me again

I sighed and went inside the restaurant, immediately he saw me he called my name.

“Lisa you are late again?” He said.

“Ye…s si..r, please forgive me ” I pleaded bowing my head down, stuttering badly

He look at me and exhaled and asked me to go in and start work immediately

“Next time I won’t forgive you, now get your a** to work now ” He said.

I escaped today!

I went inside the female dressing room and change my clothes to a waitress uniform… I came out and started serving people around based on their orders.

“Can you give me a champagne ” A customer said to me.

I groaned silently, this guy again


What is wrong with this guy he had been ordering me around, giving me orders, give me this give me that,, I am already tired of standing I need to rest gosh!!.

I brought the champagne and put it on his table gently, bowing

“Open it ” He said giving me a lustful look.

Look at this fool ótí wãlë opoku daku fe let she ki..

His eyes were trailing my body all over.

I open the champagne for him during the process he touch my br**st.

What!! Kilo shey!!

Just because I am serving this fool make him to took me for a sl*t.

“What is the meaning of that nonsense? ” I asked suprisingly

“Don’t you like you it?” The idi-ot asked making me more angry.

“Like what? Do I look like some cheap girl to you?… You would have gotten your treat now, but it’s because you are a customer, I will let it slide bastard” I said.

“C’mon pretty, I can take care of you ” He said and stood up and touch my br*ast again.


I gave him a very resounding slap across his face without wasting time, that will give him some senses into his stinking and mannerless brain

“What you slap me ? ” He gasped, standing

️He said shouting which got the attention of the manager.

“What is happening here? ” The manager asked.

“This cheap thing here, slap me because I was trying to be friendly with her ” He lied

️ The idi-ot lied said pointing at me.

“Is that true Lisa ?” My boss asked.

“Yes ” I replied truthfully

“What is wrong with you don’t you know he is a customer” He asked yelling.

“This fool here, touches my br*asts two times, that is rape literally” I said pointing at him

“What!!! How rude of her, she is calling me a fool, you know what I promise you this, this restaurant will be close and brought down ” The id*ot said.

“Sir, I am very sorry, please forgive me, I beg of you!… Okay what did you want me to do now?” The manager asked.

“Sack her now, or else, you know what I can do ” He said.

My boss turned and look at me before speaking up, it was obvious he was doing it against his own wish

“You are sack Lisa ” My boss said, looking at me pitiful

I looked at the two of them before leaving their presence I am not going to beg any fool, because I know I am right, even tho. I am going to be jobless, but with time I will get another one..

I dressed back to my original clothes. I took the exit door, I bend my head down in thought, when I bump into saw one,.. The cologne smelled like someone familiar.

💦 Daniel’s POV

I passed to my friends house before heading to 🍒 cherry restaurant. I arrived there some minutes, I halted my car and alighted and started moving inside the restaurant , I just love this place, the restaurant is not that much expensive but I love their taste. I was reminiscing about the restaurant when I mistakenly or let me say someone bump into me….I turned to look at the person and it turned out to be her.

She was shocked to see me likewise me.

We stood there starring at each other without saying any word to each other.



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