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? Law of Attraction ?

By Terri Savage ?️

Episode 4




? Sydney’s POV

What!!! who is that brat? she has the guts to slap me back, who did she think she is?. I must so much deal with her.. I am Sydney Jones, the most prettiest lady in Royal high.. I am feared by students in the school. Daniel is my ex boyfriend, something happened that will broke up… I don’t wanna talk about it, all my efforts for us to reconcile isn’t working but I must have him again no matter what.. he is mine. I am very rude and bossy and arrogant, call me what you want, I don’t care.. My heart is burning right now, Daniel has never been so social with any girl even though they crush on him, but why is he friendly with that black b*tch, he even took her out for lunch and supported her when I told him that she called me a white b*tch…. she called me a white b*tch.. gosh!, I hit my hands on the desk angrily, she has just entered the top ten in my blacklist names.

She will regret coming here in the first place, why do the school even allow poor things to get enrolled in here, there sight disgust me a lot, I hate black people so much, there’s existence irritate me

She has just made it worse by slapping me back

Hmm!! More coming her way, just be careful b*tch

” Hi girlfriend ” Elsa, my friend said.

” What is up baby? ” Claire asked, she is also my friend. They are from rich families but not an inch to my father’s wealth, only Daniel’s father is more richer than my dad…

” Hi girls ” I replied

“You are not okay? what is the issue? ” Elsa asked.

“Is it about the black b*tch? ” Claire asked.

” Yeah , I must have my revenge and deal with her ” I said

“No problem, we are with you, you are the most feared and prettiest lady ever baby girl, I know what to do ” Claire said and I smile, she is a master planner, full of plans.

” I trust you girls ” I said and we laugh together.

?Monalisa’s POV

“The demi god is here ” A girl shouted and all the girls attention turns towards Daniel. is that how girls crush on him, oh my.

? I love you oppa

?be my boyfriend oppa

?come and eat with me

?I love you so much.

I heard them shouting at different corners of the cafeteria, this girls are so annoying and crazy, how can one guy make girls go crazy, well I would have done it if I was in their shoes, Daniel is really handsome.

No he is ugly

All eyes were on us, let me say on him as he walked into the cafeteria with us, the girls kept drooling foolishly.

A seat was arranged for him. We all sat down and ordered for snacks, even the lady supplying snacks was drooling at Daniel, gosh na wa o.

“Are you enjoying the meals ” Daniel asked as he put a spoon of rice in his mouth.

“Yeah ” I replied..

“Okay ” He said.

The ladies were all looking at me like I am some kind of super girl…. Their eyes were all on the fours of us. I was enjoying the meal so much, I took a lap of chicken and bite a part in my mouth and chew

“Can I asked you something? ” Daniel asked

“Uhh,, yes ” I said still chewing the chicken in my mouth.

“Why are you black?” He asked and I choke on the food and starting coughing

He took a bottle of water and offered it to me, I collected it and gulp down the water down my throat before giving him a bad glare and he flinch.

“Sorry for asking that ” He said.

“Well to ease your curiousity. It is my natural skin color because I am an African ” I said.

“Oh!! You are an African?” He asked

“Yeah, I am, anything bad about it?” I asked.

“No, it is good, but I heard there are many monkeys there, the people living there are apes, it is true?” He said and laughed.

I didn’t know why, but the words really got me upset, why are whites people so much against black nations, I stood up and left them and started walking back to the class feeling really upset.

“Lisa ” I heard a voice called me at my back.

? Daniel’s POV

Why did I even said that to her.. She is hurt by my words. She gave me a bad look before walking out on me. I felt this guilt in me, I just met her but my heart is somehow liking her, I can’t control it even tho I am trying to control it, I have never been this friendly with a lady. But her I am… What is happening? I put my hands in my hair before standing up and heading to her direction, calling her.

?Is he running after her

?The black newbie

?oh!!! Oppa, is he okay

I Heard students murmuring especially the female ones but I ignored them and started running after her.

“Lisa… Lisa “I called but she kept on walking ahead ignoring me

“Lisa, am sorry ” I found myself saying

Monalisa keep going until I shouted and she stop and turn to look at me badly, with a glint of tears trying to fall off her eyes.

What have I done?

I walked over to her and stood face to face with her starring deep into her eyes.

We kept looking at each other untill I broke the silence.

“I am sorry Monalisa “I said.

But she kept looking at me without saying a word to me.



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