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As the incident happened, Monalisa hit her head so hard on the stairs and finally the floor, no body saw what happen except the girls.

They sneaked out and went back to their class waiting for what to happen next.

Daniel was very angry and felt inferior because of what Monalisa did to him.

He was in his private chamber discussing his two friends (Roc and Randy)…they were asking him what happen to him.

“Man what is wrong you don’t seem okay to me?” Randy asked.

“Yeah, you have being moody since then, what is wrong?” Roc added.

“Nothing man, just that Monalisa saw me and Sydney together and now she is acting weird, like she is avoiding me and ignoring me completely like I am a nobody, who did she think she is?” Daniel said.

“Were you two kissing?” Roc asked.

“No, but she tried kissing me infact she forcefully kiss me” Daniel replied.

“But if could ask this, Sydney has being giving you greenlight, why ain’t you giving it to her, she is the most prettiest and curvy lady in this school, such a girl to reckon with” Randy said.

“Who is pretty? Sydney I don’t give a damn about her, neither do I love her again, you know the story about us so stop talking trash, talking about being beautiful Monalisa is more beautiful than her in all aspect” Daniel said surprisedly when those words escaped his mouth.

His friends were surprised and shocked about what he just said now. In a twint, Daniel heart jump in shock, he started feeling restless, like something was wrong. He could felt it, he took his phone and called the doctor at the hospital.

“Hi doctor, is my sister alright” Daniel asked impatiently.

“Yeah she is sound” The doctor replied

He hung up and called his parents, At last his dad pick up

” Hi dad, are you people alright” Daniel asked over the phone.

“We are good son, you are missing us right? well our flight is just an hour to take off” His dad said.

Daniel didn’t answers him, he hung up , but still he was having the same feeling. His friends notice it and started asking questions

” Dan what is going on?” Randy asked.

“I felt like something is wrong, like something happen to someone I cared about, I called at the hospital and my parents but they are all okay but I still felt no rest in me ,the feeling is there” Daniel said.

“What about your black Newbie friend? have you check up on her” Roc asked mockingly.

It then dawned on Daniel that he has not check on Lisa, he felt angry going to check on her but he push the feeling away.

He went to the class and scanned every where for her, but there was no sign of Monalisa,

“Where could she be?” He thought.

As he was about to leave the class, A student ran over to him and announce the sad news to him, Lisa was found laying unconscious in the Library room by the chief librarian,, soon the news was over


By the time Daniel reached there, students were crowded wondering what really happen to her

Daniel saw Monalisa laying on the floor lifeless, hot tears pour down his eyes.

This will be the first time he would cry over someone apart from his blood sister.

The student were surprised to see him cry.

?Oh! oppa is crying.

?What happen to him?

Lot of murmuring surrounded the place.

He walked closer and knee beside her and carried her in a bridal style and went to his car, his two friends join him and he drove straight to the same hospital his sister is administered in.

Sydney and her friends laughed as they saw Monalisa lifeless body, but still Sydney was jealous as Daniel carried lisa, she didn’t expected that to happen.

“hope I didn’t make a mistake?” Sydney ask herself


Monalisa was rushed to the hospital by Daniel and his friends.

The speed at which he was driving the car, it was like he was competing in a race.

His heart was beating so fast and rough. within a few minutes Daniel enters the hospital roughly almost knocking down a janitor in the process.

The car stopped and his friends help him to bring down Monalisa, an alert was made and the stretcher was brought as Monalisa was laid on it and taken to the emergency room.

Daniel rushed in and met the doctor, He explained what happened to Monalisa to him.

The doctor went into the emergency room immediately,, Daniel remain there moving fro, his friends join him and try calming him down.

“Man calm down, she will be fine” Randy said but not really sure of what he said but he was trying to calm him down anyway,, surprisingly what he said add a ease to him.

“Are you sure of that?” Daniel asked

“We hope for the best man, sure” Roc said.

Few hours later, the doctor came out after working on Monalisa, immediately Daniel saw him, he rushed to him asking him how she is.

“How is she doctor? ” Daniel asked

The doctor sighed before answering the question.

“She is in a critical condition, the fall really cause some serious bleeding to her internal organs and her brain, she might end up having amnesia,, but I will try my best to save her the best way I can” The doctor said.

“No, Amnesia!!” He gasped scaringly

“There’s a probability she will survive it”

“Okay doctor please save her” Daniel said.

“I will excuse you now sir,, before I forget your sister has being discharged you can take her home” The doctor said and left Daniel there.

Daniel together with his friends went into his sister ward, As he came in, Kia was looking sound but she notice her little brother mood and knew something is wrong.

“What is wrong? Kid bro, where is Lisa?” Kia asked

“She fell off the stairs in school, I brought her here but the doctor said the case is critical” Daniel said.

“Oh! my God, how come? what really happened, did someone push her” Kia asked rushing her words

“I don’t actually know what happened, I was informed about it and when I reach there she was laying unconscious on the floor” Daniel said with pain.

“I pray she get well real soon” Kia said.

“I hope so, the doctor said you are discharge, so I will be taking you home right now, Roc please help me out”

The guys help him to took his sister to the car.

She sat comfortably in the car as it drove home.


What happened earlier in the school was still the talk of the school, students and teachers were wondering what really happened to Monalisa, those who were happy were Sydney and her company, Mr. Williams, the teacher who se*xually harassed her in his office and the girl Lisa slap.

Only the three girls knew what really happened to Monalisa, no one was happier as them, especially Sydney. But let me ask, will that make Daniel to love her?



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.