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?Law of Attraction ?

By Terri Savage ?️

Episode 10




?Sydney’s POV

Wow! yesterday night was fantastic and splendid, it was awesome and good with the way James f*ck my brains out oh! gosh, it was just great, right now I am on my way to school in my car with my driver driving the car, I sat at the back thinking about what happened at the party yesterday.

I really love the way James f*cked me last night, his d*ck, his rough thrust , his tasty c*m .

Thinking of last night event started sending tingling sensation down my p*ssy making me to get w*t instantly. I am h*rny right now. God I need a d*ck in me now. But being in the car there was no way I can get f*ck.

So I lifted my skirt a little bit up and slid my panties to one side and insert a finger in my p*ssy.

I started fingering my c*nt slowly, my body was feeling the pleasure I was controlling myself not to moan so that the driver will not notice what I was doing at the back. I started playing with my b**bs while pleasuring myself.

“Ahhh” A moan escape my mouth and my driver turn, I knew he heard the sound.

“Ma, are you okay?” My driver asked.

“Ye.s yes. I am okay” I said in a stuttering tone. As I said that he focus back on his driving.

I kept fingering myself hard , the ecstasy increase and the pleasure was too great for me that I didn’t care if the driver sees me or not I don’t give a damn about that, all I need now is to satisfy my urge. I felt my c*m getting close so I keep up the pace of fingering my p*ssy hard and faster making some slopping sounds, I felt my body jerk as my org*sm hit me so hard that I moan out.

“Ahhhh” I moaned catching my breath, I guess the driver knew or sees nothing I did at the back.

“Ma, are you sure you are okay?” My driver asked again

“Stop asking me questions bastard and drive”I said sternly

“Sorry ma” He apologized.

I thought I will be better if I get myself off but I am wrong, the h*rniness is still there , I am still damn h*rny. I need a real d*ck now to do that work, don’t call me a sl*t I just love s*x a lot and my body control me a lot. but the question is who will f* k me now, I need to a get a guy, but I am on the road. Gosh!,

Just then an idea came in my head

My driver is young and quite cute even tho I don’t give a damn about him. Let me try this guy out and see how he is at it. so I asked him to stop the car and park.

“Stop the car and park” I said.

“Okay ma” he replies and halted the car.

I open the door and went to the front door , I open it and went in .

“I want you do something for me now” I said

“What is it?” He asked.

I looked at him lustfully before answering him.

“I need you to f*ck me now” I said and saw shocked written over him, I know he didn’t expect me to say that. But well I said it now, my love for d*ck is out of this world,, reason I cheated on Daniel,, it was his fault

“But ma, we are on the road” He said.

“No one will suspect a thing, now take out your d*ck” I said in a commanding tune.

“But ma” He tried to protest but I shut him up, I know the bastard is only pretending who will not want to f*ck a pretty lady like me.

“Take that d*ck out now” I shouted.

He went down to his trouser and unzip it and bring out his d*ck, Oh my! It was huge and long but not as big and long as compare to James’s d*ck. But I like his d*ck anyway

“Stroke it” I said and he obey immediately and started stroking his huge manhood, that arouse me the more.

“Ahh” A moan escape the bastard’s mouth.

He stroked it for a while before, I took control of his d*ck and started stroking it fast.

“Ohhh” He moaned holding one of the car seat.

I rub my tongue on his d*ck cap and his body jerk up as the feeling hit him.

He started moaning. I took his d*ck in my mouth and gave him an intense mouth action, the bastard was moaning so quite loud, after s*cking him for some time his d*ck twitch and I knew he was close to c*m.

“I am close” He said, moaning but I didn’t remove his d*ck from my mouth rather I s*ck it more faster until he groan and explode his c*m into my mouth, I swallow all of it licking my lips.

The bastard was catching his breath but luckily his d*ck was hard so I started stroking him till it got hard again. I raised up my skirt pull down my panties and mount of his d*ck and started riding him, soon the car was filled with our moaning and smacking sound. I bounced hard on his d*ck.

“Ahhhh shit, harder baby, f*ck my p*ssy hard” I moan

“Ahhhh. yeah your p*ssy is great” He moan.

After going for different styles we reached cl*max. wow!! I love his stamina.

He f*ck me really good. I wore back my panties and he put back his d*ck into his trouser.

“Hope you enjoy that?” I asked.

“Yes ma” He replied with satisfaction over him.

“I really like the way you f*ck me, from now on you are at my service, but keep this to yourself understand” I said

“Yes ma” He said.

” Good boy, now start the car let’s go” I said and he ignited the car and we headed to school, I was in a bright mood that day.

We arrived at school…but what I saw change my mood,, Daniel coming out of his car together with that black b*tch.

I wish it was me coming out of that car with him, she doesn’t deserve to be around him, people like me are more worthy but I don’t know why Daniel hate me a lot but no problem I must have him again even it means doing something bad. I heard students murmuring about it, out of no where black b*tch walk up to a girl , they had a little chat and before we know it she gave the girl a very hard slap across her face. who does she think she is. I expected Daniel to say something but he said nothing rather he asked her to follow him

?Daniel’s POV

I arrived at school with Monalisa, we were going inside the school when all of a sudden she left me and went over to a girl and in the next minute she slap the girl. I knew something was wrong everybody was expecting me to do something but to their dismay I did nothing, I only asked her to follow me and she did.

?Who does she think she is?

? She slap her and Daniel did nothing.

I heard students murmuring but one thing they don’t know about Monalisa is, she can’t have an issue with you unless you step on her toes, such a no nonsense girl.

? Monalisa’s POV

Everybody was shock at what I did to the b*tch, she held her cheeks in pain with little tears dropping down her eyes.

“Next time you will learn how to talk to people b*tch”

All eyes were on me. I saw Daniel walked over to the scene.. I expected him to scold me but he didn’t do that rather he asked me to follow him.

I know he is going to scold me but luckily not in the students presence at least he respect me.

Students were murmuring out awful words at me until we left the place going to the class. She will learn her lesson, I may be poor but don’t step on my toes. I don’t take shit from anybody that is who I am.



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