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HIGH SCHOOL ON LOVE … (18+) … Part 2



We get out of the office as i start the conversation first.

“So are we using the special class or the normal class” ask no one in particular.

“Special class” Smith said as he climb the stairs down to his class.

“Let use the special class we are new there will be so annoying thing in the common class” Chris said.

“Okay” i said as i lead the way.

Getting to the class the door is made of glass we just enter without knocking and we see the five students sitting down facing the projector even we there is noting going on there.Wow looks like they are all serious student four guys and a girl(cool) now we are two girlie.There are three sits at the back i sit down in middle and micheal and chris sit down beside me.


New students just enter without knocking or even greeting….so annoying….am going to make there life hell then since they lack normal behavior.

Am Chris christon and my dad is the owner of this school am the hottest here all the girls here want to get a date with me including the all mighty Miss ellie.I turn to face them since they sat at my back and Wow they are all cute but not as hot as me they are even putting on school uniform into special class(Lol).

“Hey,did u guys lack greetings” i said facing them.

The girl in the middle get up go to the front of the class bow and said “My name is Alexander Smith and sitting right there is my twin brother Michael Smith and on the left is our elder bro Chris Smith hope we are all welcome” she said with a cute face.

“Wow,you are welcome my name is Jon Chen Li you can call me Jon if you find it floop,am a breads of china” my best friends said.

“And who says they are welcome”i said as Jon turn to me i can see as ellie smark too.

” Well you don’t need to welcome us we are not here for friendship thou we are just classmates “Andra said as she walk back to her sit and Michael and Chris smile.

Ellie get up and also introduce herself” My name is Ellie Gloss am the queen of Lil High school”she said as she took a handshake with andra and walk back to her sit.

Others also introduce there self.

“So Mr Kelly looks like you are the only one that don’t want us to be friends” Chris said….gosh his voice is nice more than mine.

“We also hate being friends with annoying people” Michael reply his voice was hot more than mine too.

I get up and leave the class so annoying.


Gosh the girl is beautiful more than me Tall,light her curves is even out even in school uniform i have to be close to Kelly well before this girl start anything stupid.kelly most not be friend with him.

I stand up too and get out of the class to find Kelly.


Wow…new students that Michael is hot.i stand up and go to there sit for more friendship.

“Hi” i said facing them.

“Hello” they reply me facing me.

“So i want to know you better” i said.

“Like what and what” Michael reply l love him already.

“Do you guys like traveling” i said

“Yes” Andrea talk for the first time.

“I also do but not in hot time,what did you like doing” i said

“Playing ball “Chris said.

” dancing”Michael said.

“Swimming” Andrea said.

“Wow,well that mean i and andra are in the same team,let me tell you more about our team.

” Swimming team is the hottest in the whole school because is always full of competition as there are many good swimmers in the school but Ellie is the boss and nobody gave ever break the records,am the second to Ellie thou have try several time to fall her down but not successful “i said

” Well andra is here to be the boss “Michael said….what a confident.

” Michael nobody is perfect she might be better than me”Andra said.

“Lol,she can’t be” Chris reply.

“Then let wait till Friday(sport day),but i will be happy if you Greek the record because Ellie think she have it all” i said.

“But she is friendly” Michael said.Ohhhj no is Michael falling for her already.

“No,she just use that as face cover she is wicked you will know her more soon” i said.

“I already read it in her face that she is wicked” andra said i get a supporter.

“So guys we will start our first lesson soon in the next 30min so enjoy your day one in school” i said as i wink at Michael and go back to my sit.


What is that wink for i taught

“New crush already” Chris said tapping me.

“Michael the girls lovers” andra said smiling and facing me.

“She did not confess that she love me just a wink guys is normal” i said defending myself.

“Normal” Chris said.



I get to my class cool nobody is here(Love it)….looking at the class from the system they where all making noise i turn the volume class i will on it when teacher enter the class



Those guys are so annoying did they know who i am goshh.I notice someone at my back i turn and it was ellie.

“Cool down kelly they are not hot like you or get a stand like you” she said.

“And did i say they are hot more than me” i said as i sat down on the grass.

“No kelly you are the hottest,and if you don’t want them you can expel them like you did to others” she said.

“Are you saying this because the new girl is pretty more than you” i said and i see her face widden.

“No,am hot more than her” she said.

“Suite your self you spoil my mood the more” i said as i walk out.


Did Kelly just said the girl is pretty more than me…ohhh no i have to stay close to Kelly to avoid this girl talking to him.

“Gosh i hate you already Andrea prepare for my worst” i said ad i smile wickedly.



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