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HIGH SCHOOL ON LOVE … (18+) … Part 1



My name is Alexandra Smith,second born of the Smith family.Tall but have all those curves and shapes thou slim too but light in complextion.I come from the family of three offspring.
I have a twin named Micheal Smith and a junior brother Smith Smith

I am a mermaid or should i say a human mermaid,i don’t know where i get my powers from but i once heard my late mother once told me i that i was born like that,i turn to mermaid when am inside water and i always have a super power in water more than been on land.
I have a special hand bead i always use that will make me not to turn to mermaid even when am inside water….I talk alot but hate fake friends thou am 18years old.

I am a wolf funny enough am not in any pack don’t know where i get my power from but my late mom once told me i was born like that.I turn to wolf anytime i want not only at night.
I am tall,light and get the hottest body i can also dance well(pops).Same age as Andra.

I am a marchel i use my power anytime,anyhow even without anybody giving a notice i do not like my elder bro that have to change his face and teeth and not like my elder sis that have to be in water my power works like a magician.Am a silent type i don’t like talking or even smiling.
Handsome and thinking of going into model when am up to it i don’t want to have anything to do with the Smith company.AGE:15 years old.

I am Brown Smith one of the richest being herr in my country and father of three powerful offsprings.I lost my wife 10years ago my last born was 5years old then.
Apart from my three children i have another adopted son.

Am chris adopted child in the Smith family but you will never know am adopted because i get equal care with the Smith childrens.According to Mr smith i was frop on the street by my parent therr he saw me and brought me home.AGE:19years old.

Editor’s Note: This story seems to be filled with writing errors, but could still have a good storyline

“Can’t believe daddy wants us to change our school because of that b***h” Andra shout as she sits down on Smith bed.

“Funny,but i think he has a point” Chris reply.

“I hate trash “Micheal yelled out as he throw away Smith pillow.

Smith who as been on his phone but also listening to their conversation raise up his right thumb and the pillow jump back to bed and he continue pressing his phone.

“Smith what are you saying about this”Chris ask facing him.

” Am cool with it as long as it does not involve all teachers asking if you are i new student and have to introduce yourself to everyone of them “he reply without taking his face off his phone.

” Dump head,you will introduce yourself “Andra said.

Smith raise up his head and shake it before concentrate on his phone without saying anything.

“Uuhnnnnnn” that was the sound as Michael change into face wolf and walk out.

Andra just follow without saying a word.Chris want to start a conversation with Smith but Smith give him a face of

“Am not interested” Chris get up too and get out.

“Ouch…finally my room is not a conversation room anyway i have noise” Smith said as he lock the door from the back.


The family of Smith where on dinning eating including there father Smith brown who notice the children are not interest in the food especially andra.

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“What is it this time kids” he said as he drink his water.

“Daddy “Michael and Chris shout at the same time making Smith stand up carry his food and set to go to his room.

” Smith what is that”Mr brown asked.

“Too much noise daddy” he said as he climb the stairs quickly before his father ask another question.

“So what are you saying” Mr brown said facing them.

“Daddy we don’t want to change our school” Andrea said with a plead face.

“Yes daddy,think of it is annoying” Chris said as Michael give a Trump up.

“Hmm….well that is my decision for now kids just accept it i have so many reasons why i want you to change your school and the most important reason is i want you to be under protection and also a very well environment,and trust me you will all like your new school because it as everything swimming pool for you Andrea, dancing team for you Michael and well design football pitch for Chris and Smith so no going back”he said

“But we have all those in our school” Michael quickly reply.

“But now as good and international as this new school” Mr brown reply.

“But daddy non of us want to use our talent in the future” Chris said.

“No more words,have make my decision and tomorrow morning am going back to my business so you guys might not see me after school tomorrow” Mr Smith said.

“Not even to ask how our first day our new school is ” Smith said as he walk in flash zoom.

“Like there is no means of communication and technology again” Mr Smith reply.

“That hurts daddy” Andrea said with a sore face.

“Am sorry princesses,but no more word i want to eat in peace” Mr Smith said as he continue eating his food.



“Daddy i will miss you” Chris said as he hug Mr Smith follow by Andrea and Michael.

“I will miss you guys too,but it looks like you where born with this your uniform” he said as Andrea giggles.

“But you don’t have to wear school uniform i register you for special class.

” Daddy it our first day,let get to know the school better first” Michael reply.

“Okay,but where is Smith” he said

“He is inside the car already dad you know he hate stuff like this” andra reply immediately.

“Alright “Mr Smith said as the children open the door enter the car and the driver start the engine.



We get out of the car and looking at this school actually is cool,big,huge and beautiful.I love it already there are few students looking at us as some girls were chatting some screaming.Smith want to raise up his hand but i quickly look at him and he put them back into his pocket.

I want to turn those girls to deaf and dumb but sis andra save their ass…mehn. Will I be able to cope here too much of noise we are human being like them just that we are cool and hot more than them,then why all this crazy noise all about.

Lot of scream

Lol i smile to my self as we all work to the main office for our class tips.The school is cool thou.

As we walk to the main office with lot of girls and noise following us goshhh…..Smith hate noise i look at him and he already have his headphones on his ears(lol)smart being.When we get to the PP office we get our things.
Michael,andra and me are in the same class (special class) we were told there are only 5people in the class already but we can use the general class anytime too.Smith is in the second block and he is the only one that register for special class there(GREAT)he did not like noise.



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