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(Not for the poor)
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Written by Authoress princess mara✍️

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As the name implies, high school badass, what came into your mind after seeing that?, just follow this story till the end and know what I am talking about, let me just give you a glimpse.

Have you heard of a school we’re is full with stubborn and arrogant students, where 90 percent of the students are rude and arrogant, A school that is not meant for the poor, if you came to the school through scholarship and your poor, sorry cause there is gonna be hell for you, Only rich kids attends cause commoners are seen as an inferior, only attend at your own risk.

BARON HIGH SCHOOL is the best school in Korea that supports, dancing, singing and other various activities.
We have different type of students in the school, student’s with different talents, students with Creativity, They might be rude, arrogant or have insolence characters but I tell you, you will hardly see anybody in that school not brilliant, Almost all the students in the school are brilliant and bright, that’s why the school is filled with competitors.
There are dancers, singers, ballerina, architect, I can’t mention all, they are all found in the school Named BARON.

Let’s go to the Important Students in the school.

Well in BARON HIGH SCHOOL, there are four main singers, four most popular students with their angelic and Melodious voices, they call themselves BOLD, each letter represents the name of each member,(The most hottest in the School).

Baron- Well he’s the most handsome , his hair always dyed gold, he’s the main singer and He’s proud and arrogant, he never laughs nor smile, he keeps a hard face as rock, except to yummy his junior sister he loves the most…his dad is the owner of Baron (his name was used as the name of the school) , his six years old sister (yummy) is with her mum(Mrs Miller), why his dad stays on his own cause of some issues, he loves his mom and sis so much…he’s also an actor, he is fearless, bold, confident and strong, he is been adorned by everyone in the school, only his looks can melt a girl’s heart, and before I forget he is the richest in his crew.

O- Ovi, is the most funny one among them, he jokes at every slightest chance he gets,but he got a nice voice with that killer looks, he likes smiling a lot, too bad his parents are dead died in a car and he has become the sole inheritor of their company since then…he’s very rich!, He lives in a big mansion with Diego since he can’t stay alone.

L_ Lara, she’s the only girl in the group, she is nice but always straight forward, beautiful with brown long hair, she also stays on her own glass mansion.

D_ Diego He is the most quite boy in the crew, but he can sing with his voice that can melt a heart, he is handsome and always generous, he is parents is among the richest in Korea.

there is also a female singing group who calls themselves DDS, they’re also rich, they live together in a mansion.

Dara_ the leader of the group, main singer, rude, heartless, wicked and egotistical, selfish, once she knows what she wants, she goes for it, even if it means killing.

She has a crush on Baron though her feelings hasn’t been known to him, Dara can be manipulative and selfish… Always on make up and white dyed hair.

D_ Demmy is Dara’s advocate, always supporting Daea no matter what bad plan she had, in any decisions she makes, she talks a lot and can ruin you with her mouth but she is cute.

S_ Sonia is the most gentle and cool, she has the most amazing voice and the most beautiful with her brown eyes.

They’re all twenty of age they’re all in their senior year, they have their different private classes.

Angela Carl is a beautiful nineteen years old poor, cruel, commoner who doesn’t take shit from anyone, , her dad’s works with Baron’s father but not without too much stress, cause he is always over worked though he gets paid monthly without delay but not without too much stress and time.

She always hear about Baron High and the Bold crew and the DDS but how can she go there when her father is just a driver.

She has a friend, her name is Debby, she’s nineteen, Debby is an orphan who lives with her wicked aunt Miss Lane, a wicked and selfish aunt, …they both sell diet to drivers by the roadside, Debby is a talkative who doesn’t get tired of talking but they both have good voices, that can’t be shown to the World, not when they are stricken with poverty.

What happens when they had good results after their previous education and can’t go to high school cos of financial stability?

What happens when they almost got hit by Mrs Miller(Baron’s mum) car while Hawking diet?

What happens when she felt their pain of been a hawker and told them to bring their results?

What happens when she decided to enroll them to Baron after been satisfied with their results?

Will they accept the proposal?

What will they face in Baron High?

Will Debby’s aunt allow her to go?

You can’t miss this full package ??!!


You will be addicted to it??


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.