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? Episode eight?

ROAD SIDE*******

“WHAT THE F**CK!!!!!”,They both yelled as tears streamed down Debby’s cheeks but not Angela, she has learnt no to cry anymore cause the people she cried on has already gone.

“Oops…, What did you just do, am screwed”,Mrs Miller muttered and yelled at her driver and she told him to parked her car somewhere so other cars can move on and she came down telling her chauffeur and guards to wait inside before going to meet Angela and Debby who stared blankly in a devastated state.

“Ma you just destroyed my life time savings, this is the only thing I use to help my self”,Angela blurted obviously angry but trying to calm herself down.

“My aunt is gonna kill me, am dead, I can’t leave here like this”, Debby yelled in tears and anguish.

“Umm…., You both should just come to the car, let’s settle this”, Mrs Miller said already pained and emotional with what they said, she regret why her driver hit them and she was also shocked seeing this young girls Hawking, are they not supposed to be in school, she asked her self inwardly.

They squirled happily knowing fully well the woman is Rich and she will help them, so they nodded and trailed behind her at the back to her car who is parked in a corner.

“That car, that’s the new model, ohh God have buttered my bread today, I wish all days are like this”, Angela muttered to only Debby’s hearing as she smiled inwardly why Debby giggled as she pointed at the car.

“Aswear, this woman is gonna be our destiny helper, am sensing it cause she looked pained when we told her that that’s our life saving and my aunt will hurt me”, Debby whispered.

“Sure”, Angela said and they entered the car, a chauffeur was at the front why two guards where at the back seat, obviously it was the driver that hit them, Angela glared at him why Debby chuckled.
Mrs Miller told her guards to sit at the front seat since the car is very large and the front seat can contain two or more person’s to tell you how big the car is, and they obeyed her going to the front seat why Debby, Angela and Mrs Miller sat at the back seat.

“So you girls were saying something,so firstly am sorry this happened to you, thank God you weren’t injured, Once again I say sorry about that, So am gonna be paying for that, are you okay now”, Mrs Miller said ruffling her hair thinking of way to ask them about their education so it won’t sound as an insult or mockery, she don’t want them to feel bad.

“Thanks ma, we really appreciate and we think that’s okay”, They both days in unison happily.

“Can I ask a question for the both of you, hope you won’t feel bad”, She said gathering courage to ask them.

“Yes you can, anything”, They said together and chuckled waiting for the question Impatiently.

“Okay thanks for the opportunity, Are you girls not supposed to be in school, why Hawking, is anything wrong”, She said trying to not make them feel bad and they stared blankly at her, the place was silent like a grave yard not even a sound from anyone until Mrs Miller broke it.

“Umm….., Sorry for asking that, don’t know you are gonna be angry, Thanks to my curiosity”, Mrs Miller said stuttering.

“Don’t worry ma, we aren’t angry, we are just sad of the kind of life we are brought in to, but I think fate is gonna decide”, Debby said and Mrs Miller was touched wanting to hear their story.

“Yes ma….., We are not angry, just that life is not fair, it is always a cheat, But we don’t have a say since we are just Poor orphan who hawk diet to help our lives, worst this life is just a torture”, Angela said and that’s when Mrs Miller noticed her boyished look and chuckled, wondering why she dressed like that and also her hair style, she didn’t help but wonder why and she knows she is gonna ask cause her curiosity is taking over her though she was already emotional not even hearing their story yet.

“Do you mind sharing you story….., I …. Can.. be of help…., You know”, Mrs Miller said obviously stuttering.

“We don’t mind”, Angela muttered trying to trust her , she seem to be someone you can trust.

“We are both orphan, My mom, dad and brother is dead, died a cruel death, leaving me to suffer, though their death is not an ordinary death, they were asassained, Why best friend here Debby is also an Orphan, who didn’t see her parents and knows what they look like, came into the world and met a Cruel and wicked aunt who squandered all her money from her business, that’s how unfortunate we both are, we both strive but couldn’t complete our education, we are dropt out, supposed to be in final year but couldn’t complete our Education, so we left school to fend for ourselves”, Angela said and Mrs Miller was in tears already.

“What!!!, you girls suffered Alot, that’s a bad one, So can I be of help to you, really want to help you both, want to see you girls make it in life not Hawking”, Mrs Miller said with pity in her voice.

“Yes we don’t mind you helping us ma”, Angela quickly replied why Debby just kept quiet cause she remembered her aunt.

“One more question to please my curiosity, can I ask??”, Mrs Miller said impatiently.

“Yeah go on ma”, Angela replied, it seems it was her doing the talking only why Debby kept quiet in thought.

“Why are you dressed like a boy, you wanna be a tomboy but your friend here dress like a girl, you are too beautiful to do that, don’t ruin that your beauty just be a girl you are”, Mrs Miller said and stared at Angela whose face is dropped, She starred at her beauty and she marvelled even with her boyish looks, Boys will still trip for her cause she is too pretty and has curves, big boobs and endowed ass.

“Ma…, Been a tomboy wasn’t something, I just woked up in the morning and decide, it was my condition that made me do it, I feel girls are so weak using my friend as an example, She is too weak and soft for my liking to the extent of her aunt using her in making money, is that not foolishness, But been a boy will make people scared of me and one major reason that made me do this is to Revenge my Family death, wanna kill those that killed them, So i decided to turn to a boy and go in to trainings and know how to fight and make use of gun”, Angela muttered why Debby glared at her.

“Wow!!!, You think been a girl won’t make you do that, jeez ….., Don’t be naive, you can also be a girl and go for you training’s”, Mrs Miller muttered hoping to convince her but It seems Angela’s mind is already Dormant no going back.

“Ma…, Sorry to say. …., I can’t, until am don’t with my mission then I can turn back to been a girl”, Angela said not convinced enough and Mrs Miller was happy at least she won’t dress like a boy forever.

“Ok…., If you say so but I know you both are special”, She said and that made them smile.

“Thanks ma”, They both replied.

“Ok. ….., I will enroll you in to My son school, though it was mine then I handed it over to him, but too bad he doesn’t need it cause of some reasons, So what you both will do for me is to come with your previous school results, let me go through it and enroll you, this is my address, you can come to my house and I will Tell you other necessary things after seeing your results, is that okay???”, Mrs Miller asked.

“Umm……that…….”, They were stuttering not knowing what to reply.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.