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6. Drive your elbow (rather than the fist) into each punch

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a jab, right hand, left hook, uppercut, head or body shot. Try to drive your elbow and snap your elbow into the punch. This simple tip makes it easy for your arm to have good punching form with your elbow supporting your wrist and transferring maximum power. Too many people worry about the fist position and launching the fist…but the fist is weakly supported and doesn’t transfer much energy unless the rest of the arm supports it.

7. Never cover your eyes or let your opponent go out of your vision

Avoid ducking your head under him or into his waist in a way where you can’t see his head. If you guys are too close and swinging wildly, try to grab him in order to find him. Some guys use the mentality of always being able to see his chest, this is ok, too.

8. Lean on your opponent

This tactics works well to wear him out and let him waste energy throwing punches with no leverage. He’ll also be wasting energy trying to regain his balance. Of course, you can’t just make it a sumo wrestling contest, you have to actually throw punches here and there when you do this. This tactic works best if you are bigger, taller, have stronger legs, or need a rest.

9. Watch for the opponent’s strong hand

Most fighters are one-handed or have one dominant hand that does all the damage. Pay attention only to that side and you will find that it’s almost impossible for him to hurt you. Quite often your opponent will stop using EITHER of his hands, when you take away his opportunities to use the strong hand.

10. Feint to the head, and then go to the body. (ALSO VICE VERSA)

“Apart from that you also have other ways of using hand to fight, this is what you do”, he continued.

Eye gouge.

Elbow strikes to the back of the neck. Any elbow strike can do some damage

The Long Knee.

Up Knee.

Throat punch.

Stomps to the groin or knees.

Ax stomp to the wherever.

•Nutcracker choke.

“With all these you can defeat your opponent easily, Now let’s go again” He said to Angela who is paying attention to what he is saying.

They started another round of training again, with Angela getting the upper hand using the tactics he told her.

“Wow this it, it is so amazing, you did well, let’s call it a day for today”, He said and she bowed why he left with his own spare key, then she left too breathing heavily and exhausted.

“Am tired, ohh God”, She muttered and hurried to the bathroom cause she has to hawk today.

After bathing, she wore a hoodie and baggy trousers making her look more boyish and she immediately ran out with her already fried diet, she went to Debby’s house.

Immediately she entered, she heard different voices and cries, she ran inside immediately and saw her aunty flogging her mercelessy with her diet beside her.

“Don’t make good sales today again you will hear from me and this is the last time I will be seeing this your so-called friend here again, fools”, She yelled and walked out on Angela whose fist is already tightened ready to pounce on her but Debby begged her with her eyes.

“Let’s just go, this is not a new thing anymore”, Debby muttered why Angela hugged her and console her why they both walked out with their diet.

“Try standing out for yourself for ones and I think you will also be joining my training soon cause your too weak”, Angela said gritting her teeth.

“I will die, I can’t be a tomboy like you and I can’t do those trainings you do”,Debby muttered.

“You must, that’s just it and an thinking something but let just leave that now and hurry to sell”, Angela said and Debby nodded why they both goth to the road side.

ROAD SIDE*********

They started their sales for today, it seems today they won’t sell much cause not much people are buying not until a lady called them at the road side and they both ran not minding the vehicles moving just to meet the lady but unfortunately a car crossed them and but their legs causing in their diets to fall.

“WHAT THE F**CK!!!!!”,They both yelled as tears streamed down Debby’s cheeks but not Angela, she has learnt no to cry anymore cause the people she cried on has already gone.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.